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BSNL Residential complex, Palaspalli, Bhubaneswar -20 | | +91-9740433436

Looking for a dynamic and challenging career that will offer me the best opportunity for further
development of my knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirement of the organization, under the guidelines
of management where excellence and quality is a way of life.
Data Science, Data Analytics, Econometric Modeling, Machine learning, Signal Processing , Responsive
Website Development
Programming/Scripting Languages: Assembly, embedded C, C/C++,R, SAS, Python, SQL, MongoDB,
Java, HTML/CSS , JS/JQ, Spring Framework 3.1.1, Struts 2,Hibernate, Servlet, JSP
Big Data - Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Map Reduce, Spark
Machine Learning Classifiers, Regression,
Analysis, Neural Networks

Decision Trees, Boosting, Predictive Analysis, Text

Visualization/ Reporting Tableau, D3.js,DC.js, Crossfilter.js, JfreeChart, POI, IText

Performance Engineering - JMX, Business Transaction Measures Compuware APM DynaTrace V 6.1,
Zabbix Monitoring, APM and Capacity Management
IDEs/Misc: Eclipse Luna, R Studio, MS Visual Studio, SQL developer, Postgres, Git/TFS/SVN/IBM
Rational Clearcase, Putty, Jira. Tomcat/Apache
Operating System: DOS, Windows XP/Vista/7,Ubuntu(Desktop Edition), AIX

Currently working as a System Engineer in TCS from December 26/2013 - till date.

Utilize Microsoft Excel/ R to manipulate, cleanse and process large datasets to fuel growth.

Incorporate analysis of raw data in order to draw conclusions and draw recommendations that
influences direction of business.

Utilize data mining in order to forecast performance.

Design and implement statistical/predictive models and cutting edge algorithms in Machine

Project 3 :

Modeling techniques for Operational Analytics


A leading Insurance company of Europe

Overview: Developing metrics to identify how specific business operations work on a daily
basis. Optimizing the production and distribution channels by finding the abnormalities.
Understanding the sentiment of the users from their contact points.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Data Analytics Jun16 to Present
Tools/Languages Used: Python Classification Models, Data Visualization

Team Size : 3

Tracking Employer Milestones pattern analysis

Creating a model for contact pattern analysis

Creating a model for Web services usage (Online Service Channel) analysis

Sentiment Analysis for chat/call services.

Project 2 :

Modeling techniques for Automatic prediction of Infrastructure utilization


A leading Insurance company of Europe

Overview: As part of ITIL compliance, the requirement was to setup capacity and workload
management in client environment. DynaTrace and Zabbix agents were installed in
all critical application for performance management and Non-Functionality Testing.
Workload Management Tool has been setup to fetch all load details for each
applications. For future infrastructure prediction correlation of workload and
infrastructure models has been developed.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Data Analytics Jan16 to Jun'16
Tools/Languages Used: R Regression Models, Time Series, Data Visualization
Team Size : 3

Finding Correlation between Workload and Infrastructure Utilization.

Creating a model for predicting workload using time series.

Creating a model for predicting infrastructure using predictive workload.

Capacity & Workload Management -Aug15 to Dec'15
Tools/Languages Used: Java, Spring, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Compuware
APM DynaTrace, Zabbix, JSP, JS/JQ, Data Visualization, Report Generation
Team Size: 3

Developing a Web application for Collecting and Visualizing Infrastructure and

Workload data for all critical business applications

Analyzing Performance and implementing monitoring solutions for complex multienvironment enterprise systems and applications

Project 1 :

Mastercraft Application Performance Management - May14 to Jul15


A leading IT Service company of India


As part of ITIL compliance, the requirement was to setup performance management

in client environment. A Product that monitors the performance of Applications and
Business SLA's. It integrates a series of existing tools dealing with monitoring,
configuration management, knowledge management, automation by which
context specific information is captured and made available to the support
teams thus making root cause analysis and resolution more efficient.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Developer May14 to Jul15
Tools/Languages Used: Java, Struts, Zabbix, JSP, JS/JQ, ext-JS
Team Size: 3

Implement monitoring solutions for complex multi-environment enterprise systems

and applications

Building monitoring codes for application performance monitoring , message queue

monitoring ,SLA monitoring.

2016 - 2017 (on going)
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Tamil Nadu
B Tech Electronics & Communication 2009 - 2013 (Aggregate%: 88.40)
SOA University, Odisha
12th Science

2008 - 2009 (Aggregate%: 84.6)


2006 - 2007 (Aggregate%: 81)


Deebyadeep Parida, Ankit Samal, Miri Ranjan Satapathy, Mihir Mohanty, "On the Use of MFCC
Feature Vector Clustering for Efficient Text Dependent Speaker Recognition" , Springer International
Publishing , 10.1007/978-3-319-02931-3_34, FICTA 2013


Underwent summer training as a part of curriculum in B.Tech at INDIAN RAILWAYS, East Coast
Railway, BBSR, Odisha for a period of one month.
Advanced Embedded System design Complete extensive, real time and complete application oriented
training in embedded systems from NI INNOVATIONS PVT LTD., BBSR. It provides a life cycle view
for designing multi objective, multi discipline embedded systems.


Recognition from Client for Development of Automation of Workload Management FEB 2016
Star of the Month award on month of NOV 2015 for outstanding contribution to the organisation
Distinctive performance in 7th and 8th national cyber Olympiad in the year 2007 and 2008.
Secured 27th Place in Regional mathematics Olympiad (Orissa) in the year 2007, certificate awarded by
Chief Minister of Odisha.
Date of Birth

: 27th December 1991

Fathers Name

: Sukanta Kumar Parida.


: Male


: Indian

Language Known

: English, Hindi, Oriya; (Speak, Read, Write)

Hobbies and Interests

: Reading blogs, Swimming, Badminton


I hereby declare that the above information given by me is correct and true to the best of my
knowledge. If I were placed in your esteemed concern I will discharge my duties with sincerity and to your
full satisfaction.

Yours sincerely