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Global Warming

Im Novita Triswi Handayani, Class of Acceleration B, Student number of 15.

Today I would like to show you something familiar because so many people talk
about this nowadays. Im not sure, is it belongs to explanation or hortatory one, but I think
the main point is not the kind of that text, but the way to deliver the information. Then, what I
want to show you is about Global Warming.
What I want to say is What gets us into trouble is not what we dont know. It is what
we know for sure, that just aint so.This is actually important point because there is another
side assumption that a lot of people have in their minds right now, about global warming that
just aint so. The assumption is like this,The earth is so big, we cant possibly have any
lessing harmfull impact on the earth environment. Maybe that was true, one time. But its
not anymore. And one of the reason that makes it not true anymore is the most vurnerable
part of our earth ecological system. That is the atmosphere.
It is vurnerable because it is so thin. If you have a big globe with a layer of varnish,
the thickness of the varnish relatively to that globe is similarly as same as the thickness of the
atmosphere layer compared to the earth it self. It is so thin enough that we are capable of
changing its composition. And that is the basic side of Global Warming.
I would like to tell you about how the global warming occurs in our earth. Firstly, sun
radiation comes in, in forms of light wave, and heats up the earth. Some of that radiation is
absorbed by our earth and warms it. And then it re-radiated back into space in forms of Infra
Red radiation. Some of the outgoing InfraRed radiation is trapped by the layer of atmosphere
and held into the atmosphere. Its actually a good thing, because the trapped InfraRed
radiation keeps the temperature of the earth relatively constan and liveable. But the problem
is the thin layer of the atmosphere is being thicken by global-warming pollutions that being
pulled in our earth. And the impact of the thicken atmosphere is more outgoing infrared that
trapped by the atmosphere. And so, the atmosphere heats up worldwide. That is global
warming. And that is a traditional explanation. I think this next video will explain better than
my previous explanation.
(Play the video)
Like you have seen and heard from this video, the man said Fortunately, our
handsome politicians have the cheapest solution to solve global warming. This ridicule
actually tells us that Global Warming is not a political issue. It is a moral issue.
Next, I want to show you the graphic of the earth situation data. I want to highlight
the relevancy between Carbon Dioxyde with the temperature of our earth. Like you can see,
The increasing of CO2 is equivalent with the increasing of global temperature. Basic on the
Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change information, in 650.000 years, the CO2 level has
never gone above 300 ppm. But look at this, right now, the CO2 level is more than 350 ppm.
And now, we are beginning to see the impact in the real world. This is the Kilimanjaro
mount in 1970 and in 2005. You can see the significant different on the top of this mountain.

Ten years later, maybe we will never see the snow of Kilimanjaro again. This is the Lillian
Glacier National Park in USA. Still in USA, this is the famous glacier around the world. You
can see the different. This park is so beautifull, but, when you go there, everyday that you
will see is something like this (playing shortvideo)
I believe this is the moral issue. This is our time to sees this issue. This is our time to
raise again, to save our future. We are not hopeless. The climate crisis can be solved We have
to do a lot things, not just one. Here we go.
1. If we use more efficient electricity appliances, we can save this much of the Global
Warming Pollution
2. The other end-use efficiency this much
3. Using harmless vehicle this much
4. Other transport efficiency this much
5. Renewable technology this much
6. Carbon Capture and Sequestration.
And pretty soon, we are below our 1970 emission.
We have the ability to do these. The earth is our only home and that is our ability to
live in Planet earth, to have a future of civilization. The solution is all in our hands. We just
have to have determination. I hope people around the world will find the strenght to change.
Lets encourage everyone you know to do this action. Lets heal the world. Thats all. Thank
you so much for the time you have given to me. Im sorry to all the mistakes that I have done.
I hope this presentation is usefull for us. Have a nice day and Good morning.