Covert Advertising is a unique advertising method through which branded product or brand name is placed in movies, television shows or even sports, which is visible to consumers without any distraction. For e.g. Mahindra FLIGHT, AIR INDIA, AIRTEL being used in “3 IDIOTS” is an e.g. of covert advertising in movie. Similarly, KITKAT being shown in Dance India Dance is eg in reality show. SECTION A 1. Do you watch reality TV shows? (Please tick mark) Yes No

2. Please Rank the following different types of reality shows in order of your preference on a 7 point scale? Where 1= like the most & 7 = like the least a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Singing Dancing Dating Game reality shows Reality Chat shows Hidden camera/ Drama type Other__________________________

3. Name the reality show you regularly watch. ______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ 4. Which of the following reality shows you have watched? (Multiple ticks allowed) Dance India Dance Rakhi ka Swayamvar Dance Premier League Splitsvilla Music ka Mahamukabla MTV Roadies Perfect bride Big Boss Pati Patni aur Woh National Bingo Night Tere Mere Beech Mein Dus Ka Dum Any Other____________________________________________________________________________________ _ 5. Have you noticed any of the following product brands in these reality shows? (Multiple ticks allowed) LUX Harpic Pond’s Dettol Fem Bleach Kohinoor Rice Munch Mountain Dew Maggi noodles Neutrogena Nokia Garnier fructis Vodafone Kitkat Tata Docomo Vediocon washing machine

Red Label Tea Mr. Muscle Power cleaner Any

Kishan jam Spraymint

other_________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ 6. Please mention the name of the product brand/ brands you have noticed the most number of times? _______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Do you know that this is one form of advertising method on television? No 8. Do you know that this form of advertising is known as Covert Advertising? Yes No 9. From where did you come to know about covert advertising? (Please tick any one) a) Self awareness b) Friends c) Family d) just now while filling the questionnaire e) Other Source_____________________ 10. Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following statements on a 5 point scale. where 1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree STATEMENTS 1 strong ly disagr ee 2 disagr ee 3 neutr al 4 agre e 5 strong ly agree Yes

Covert Advt. is a good alternative to traditional advertising. Needless focus on brands in reality shows should be avoided Covert advertisements generates curiosity about the product being advertised This form of advertising irritates me Brands make television programs more realistic It is an unethical form of advertising I generally notice Covert Adv. in reality shows

I hardly ever remember brands shown during the program, once program is over. If the brand is familiar to me I remember it even later I discuss about such ads with others Brands should not be allowed to appear within T.V. programs It is a good way to know about ongoing/in fashion brands I never think of purchasing brands just because they appeared in Reality T.V. shows

11. Will you purchase any product after watching Covert Advertising in reality shows? (Tick any one) a) Definitely will not buy b) c) d) e) Probably will not buy Neutral Probably will buy Definitely will buy

12. Please rank the following factors on a 5 point ranking scale that might affect your purchase behavior in order of your preference. Where 1= most important & 5= least important STATEMENTS The reality show’s popularity Celebrities using the products in such shows Creativity/ New idea for message delivery The strong image of product brand itself The repeated exposure of the brand in such shows Ranking

13. Have you purchased any product after watching Covert Advertising in reality shows? Yes No 14. If yes, then which category of product have you purchased? b) Foods & Beverages c) Automobiles d) Electronic Goods

a) FMCG e) Others

15. Please name the product brands you have purchased. ______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________ 16. Mark your opinion towards the idea of movie promotion in reality shows.

a) Excellent b) Good c) Neutral d) Bad e) Very Bad 17. According to you which of the following factors should be highlighted to promote the movie through Covert Advertising in reality shows? (Rank on 5 point scale, Where 1= most important & 5= least important) a) Movie Concept b) Movie Stars c) Music of the movie d) New technology used in movie e) Any other_______________________

SECTION- B DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION:• • • • • • Name of the Respondent (optional)____________________________________________________ Gender: Male Female Age group: Between 18-25 26-35 36-45 40 & Above Education level: SSC HSC Graduate Post Graduate Family size: < 3 members 3-5 members > 5 members Occupation: Student Professional Business person SelfEmployed Housewife Income:< Rs.20,000 > Rs60,000 Rs.20,000- 40,000 Rs.40,000-60,000