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How would you like to pay?

You pay people (no preposition)

He didn't even offer to pay me for the
The court ordered Samuels to pay
Heather more than $300,000.
Ray paid some kids to wash the car.

You pay for things in general

Mum paid ______
my driving lessons.
for the beer he'd left
He paid ______
untouched on the bar and headed at an
easy stroll toward the corner table.
for the man's funeral,
The city paid ______
plus $6,000 for pain and suffering.

But you pay the bill/tax/rent

(no preposition)
I forgot to pay the gas bill!
You pay tax at the basic rate.
Is it okay if I pay the rent next week?

You pay (in) cash

You'd get a discount for paying ______

Reagor recently paid _____cash

for a
used car.
I wouldn't be surprised if he paid ______
cash with bills he pulled out of his sock

You pay in dollars/euros etc.

He wanted to be paid ______
Gisele Bundchen demands to be paid
Tuition Fees must be paid _____

You pay by cheque/credit card

Can I pay ______
credit card?
And in cases where automatic payments
are not appropriate, you can always pay
by check or money order,
If you pay ______
make it out to United States Treasury.
You know, if you paid _______ credit card
or check, obviously, that could be traced
back to you immediately.

Summing up
You pay people (no preposition)
You pay for things in general
But you pay the bill/tax/rent
(no preposition)
You pay (in) cash
You pay in dollars/euros etc.
You pay by cheque/credit card

Fill in the gaps with a preposition

when necessary
1. Americans living in Europe but being paid
. dollars feel as if they've taken a big
pay cut.
2. Users and sellers would have to be
persuaded to pay the tax.

3. Anton's mother had been working as the

cleaning lady at his summer house for
almost a year now, and he paid her
dollars, not rubles.
4. Brenna's grandmother paid . the trip
with what would have been Brenna's
college money.

5. He foolishly agreed to pay . Daniel

the outrageous sum of fifteen thousand
dollars to represent him in court.
6. How do we pay the meal?
7. I never paid . the book. I stole it.

8. Owen paid . the bill and drove her

9. I paid my latte and dropped a $5 bill
into the tip cup.
10. I paid her $5 to cut the grass.

11. I paid him to say that.

12. You've already paid the tax during
your working life.
13. I'll pay . the ticket and you pick it up
at the counter at the airport.

14. She paid .the bill, and they left the

restaurant, full but dissatisfied.
15. Last fall, they took the whole family to
Disney World-and paid . cash.
16. People usually pay . credit card.

17. Ruthie always paid . cash, of

course, so there would be no taxes.
18. Sam paid ..the bill and left a tip big
enough to make the bartender grin.
19. The guy paid me $150,000
cash up front.

20. When we paid .. dollars, we paid

good dollars. Those dollars aren't
what they were.
21. Will Simon go away if we pay him
. pounds?
23. Our day jobs just paid the rent.

24. I'll pay .. the ticket, I'll pay .

25. The defendants paid .. cash the
balance of 250.
26. His client has not yet paid us.