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Government of Goa GOA MEDICAL COLLEGE Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Bambolim - Goa. MEMORANDUM OF AUTOPSY 34[eno es 1.0.1 Lieoo EM. ue artes? on ep Nat Ad ici elt ue Wore. pont. Ga... at ie fen sient {Mee AL PAR ace | 4. = Name of the Police Station,. PEA WM... Autopsy conducted pete ENN a! 2 2 are naff: . Need 2B Rog 09:42. 2M0P : tu te Pe Neanod Genel ee ser vo: SN Douche. | 3 - The corpge sent by | ved chp. 5 i 4 = The corpse brought [by Ls Ne | 5. - The corpse identified by date, hour ani ute of Beginning of Ending of autopsy autopsy 8.12209 |J0-1 9.2402 Ob 70 acractp.en 7 > Helevant facis from hosp. records of the case :- NEL Hosp. Ne MRD NO, ssesecsesecieee th Or A. : the oe Abra cte Lo port from the Police hy ny Feu wie “ to tS Touow otis. Dé fer Aaf noe TF OTRO rea > OF, SHLVANG DIAS SAPECO % «4, MiOe DeFed. (Bom. \ 77; WHC, NO, AB TH i rue