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18th March 2008

Mr Ravi Naik
Home Minister of Goa

Mr Minister,
It saddens me to note, that in your press conference yesterday, you have still avoided the
issue of the nexus between the drug mafia, senior police officers and yourself.
You have chosen to announce the issue, as being one of me not providing a safe
environment for Scarlett. A safe environment ,which was your responsibility along with
your Director General of Police.
Your consistent threats to implicate me, have been received by me verbally through your
minions in the last three weeks. I do acknowledge that.
I was told not to pursue Scarletts case as being anything but Death due to drowning, or
else you would implicate me with the might and power of the state behind you.
I decided to stand for the truth and wrote a letter to the Honble Prime Minister of India,
expressing my complete lack of faith in you and your director general of police.
You have done your best to cover up the murder of Scarlett and to browbeat me to leave
the country quickly and quietly.
Mr Minister, what you dont know, is that I love my daughter and would happily die
trying to find justice against those who killed her, however high and mighty they are.
Your attempts to make me run away, will not find success.
You have threatened to either imprison me on trumped up charges, or throw me out of
this beautiful country.
You have in your press conference yesterday, announced these options as well as tried to
justify them.
While your prejudgment against me is certainly without evidence, it is clearly a license to
your men in uniform to harass me.

May God forgive you and help me find justice.

Fiona Mackeown