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EMTP-RV with USB dongle – Installation manual

1- You can access the EMTP-RV download page from using the login and
password you received by mail.
2- Download “EMTP-RV 3.X.X with ScopeView”
3- Unzip EMTP-RV_ and double-click on the first file EMTP-RV_ 3XX_Setup.exe
4- The bellow interface will appear. Click Next and follow the instructions.

5- Once the EMTPworks setup is completed run ScopeView_R201Xa_Setup.exe and follow the instructions to install
6- After all the setups are completed, plug the USB dongle to your computer. A red light must appear on it.
6bis - . If there is no red light on the USB dongle, you need to update the drivers.
 To install them, right-click on “Computer” or “This PC” shortcut and select “Properties”. Go to “Manage
Devices” and right-click on the device “HASP”

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com Page 2/6 06/08/2015 .emtp.www.

com Page 3/6 06/08/2015 . Click on OK. the red light must appear. The software will propose you to open the EMTP Activation Utility. please contact the EMTP support.The « Activation Utility 1.0 » window pops up. 8. 7.1. If not. click on “Request license file” www. EMTP will not find any license file. Choose “Update Driver Software” and choose the automatic search.emtp. Go to the menu “Start” on your computer All programs/EMTPWorks 3. and click in the program EMTPWorks.Once the setup is completed.

If not. the license file will be automatically installed on your computer. 10- Once you are done. you have two options : 10. If your request is valid.2 . You can put “license request” for the object. The Host ID is not important. b. the license file will be sent to you by email. d. Go to Step 11-. an email will be sent with further details.1 .Automatic activation (internet connection is required): This is the easiest way to request and install your EMTP license file: a. Attach this file to an email and send it to activation@emtp.emtp. Click on “Automatic activation”. 10. If your request is valid. Select a folder on your computer to save the file that will contain your request Page 4/6 06/08/2015 .Email activation (see Figure 1): a. b. e. Copy and paste the Access Code you received by email.9.Full-fill the form with your contact and license information. c. Go to Step 12-. www. An error message will provide details for an invalid request. Click on “Email activation”.

emtp.You are using Automatic Page 5/6 06/08/2015 .  EMTP-RV should now proceed normally.You are using Email activation : (see Figure 2)  Save on your computer the “License file” enclosed in the email you received. 12.Figure 1 : Email activation process 11. www.  Select the “License file” created in step a. click on “Import license file”. The license file is automatically installed on your computer. and validate.  In EMTP Activation Utility. Offices USA: +1 727 412 8202 POWERSYS is the worldwide commercializer of EMTP-RV Page 6/6 06/08/2015 .Figure 2 : Import License file procedure Offices France (worldwide sales except USA) : +33 (0) 442 610 229 sales@emtp.You can now run EMTPWorks ! Do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support if you require some assistance: EMTP-RV Technical support support@emtp.powersys-solutions.