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Paid Internship Award to AHRM Members

Board Approved August 11, 2010

AHRM Paid Internship Award
AHRM will offer a financial award of up to $1,800.00 in matching support to one paid internship
during a one semester period to the AHRM member whose Work Plan and Job Description (forms
provided) offers the best value to a current college student preparing for a career in Human
Resources, and ROI to the company.
The $1,800.00 will be applied towards a match of Gross Payroll paid to the intern during the
employment period, and will be paid the AHRM members company at the completion of the
Internships provide win-win opportunities for interns, businesses and professional career
development. Our AHRM Chapter supports the purposes of SHRM, which includes, facilitating
the development and guiding the direction of the human resource profession. Our Workforce
Readiness responsibilities include serving as an advocate, a resource for chapter members and
providing leadership on education issues.
Offering a Paid Internship Award to AHRM members supports our general purpose and our
specific Workforce Readiness responsibilities. This award would supplement other tangible
benefits to AHRM members and may attract new members. By offering this award we provide
leadership to our HR profession and assists in the development of West Michigan college students
who are interested in the HR profession. Finally this award contributes to a major concern in
Michigan losing too many of our college graduates to other regions across the country. We can
help stop the brain-drain.
The number of unpaid internships has climbed in recent years. As a result, the Labor Department is
cracking down on firms that fail to pay interns properly. (Taken from: The Unpaid Intern, Legal or
Not, by Steve Greenhouse, New York Times, April 2, 2010.) Within this challenging economic
climate, the ability to offer paid internships is compromised. Therefore, providing a financial
incentive for employers to offer internships and pay them properly is more compelling than ever
locally, in Michigan and across the country.
Finally, paid internships attract students with a greater variety of backgrounds and income levels;
too often lower income students cannot afford unpaid internships due to their financial constraints.
How does award benefit AHRM?
Award supports our Core Leadership Areas of Workforce Readiness and Diversity.
Provides opportunity for members to receive monetary incentive to contribute to HR
professional development of a local student and to our local community.
Possibly attracts new members to join and thus be eligible for monetary award.
How do AHRM Members (HR Leader) Benefit?

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Employers are always in need of new talent.

Having an intern reduces costs to HR departments because they are usually paid less than a
Interns are a breath of fresh air when given opportunities to use their newfound knowledge
to enhance companys operations and tasks. For example, student interns often implement
the newest technology to complete tasks more easily and efficiently.
Internships are an effective recruitment strategy.

How does a Student Intern Benefit?

College students gain real world experiences.
Relevant work experience is often deemed essential for getting employed after graduation
especially in during the current high unemployment job market.
Networking is one of the major benefits for an intern. Through networking, meaningful
relationships can be built with professionals and within businesses related to their fields of
After graduation, interns will include business intern employers when searching for job
Proposed Selection Process:
Announce competition for award to AHRM members via newsletter, website & at monthly
meeting. (All current members (regular and affiliate) are eligible; AHRM Board members
are not eligible for award.)
Have members download Work Plan and Job Description forms from AHRM website in
order to apply for Paid Internship Award. (See documents attached.)
Establish deadline. (Approximately 30 days after announcement?)
Form subcommittee to review plans submitted & to recommend selection to entire Board.
(See proposed selection criteria below.)
Winner selected and offered assistance in identifying prospective interns. (see below).
Proposed Internship Award Selection Criteria:
Company selected must be represented by an AHRM Member in good standing, and have
between 1 500 active employees.
Quality of proposed work experiences as related to HR function(s); consider both breadth
and depth of proposed opportunities.
Quality of goals of internship.
Potential availability of qualifications among local college students.
Potential incentive/desirability of internship experience by students.
Possible Follow-up Assistance for Award recipient:
AHRM will work in partnership with the West Michigan Strategic Alliance to provide
assistance to the AHRM member/company in the selection and placement of the intern.
Award recipient announced to AHRM membership and contacted for follow-up assistance,
which could include:
o Winner provided contact information to assist them with selecting an intern,
including providing contact information of local Student SHRM chapter leaders and

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advisors (GVSU, Davenport, Calvin), and HR Business faculty at Aquinas &

When Intern is selected, provide contract for Award Winner (AHRM member) to ensure that
monetary award is used for Paid internship along with a record of payments to intern;
include clause that any balance not paid Intern will be returned to AHRM.
Evaluate Award Idea at end of semester with both Award Winner and Student Intern:
o Exit interview (phone) of AHRM member recipient and intern
o Determine if AHRM member fulfilled commitment to provide a high quality
o Identify changes needed if/when next Paid Internship Award is announced

Proposed Timeline:
Description forms (see attached) available on AHRM website for interested members to
Deadline for submission
Subcommittee reviews submissions and Board selects AHRM member as winner
Assist winner in locating intern candidates, including contacting HR faculty & Student
SHRM chapter advisors and leaders re: internship opportunity; advertise in newsletter
Verify intern selection; process contract and provide monetary award to winner/AHRM
Follow-up, evaluate and get feedback re: Award from winner and intern
Determine next steps or whether to continue award in future years
*Recommendation of $1800 based on rate of $7.50/hour, 15 hours per week for 16 weeks.
Current Cycle Timeline:
Application Deadline: November 26th, 2010
Award Date: December 8, 2010 AHRM December Social
Information to cover with AHRM winner to assist them with selecting intern:
What are the interns expectations for the internship?
Resources needed to complete assigned work independently
Detailed review of the work to be assigned
Review organization vision and department missions
Initiative to work beyond the basic requirements of the job
Availability of the supervisor/leader to answer questions when needed
Applying higher level knowledge and skills to work performed

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Company Name:
Company Address:
Supervisor Name(s):
Phone Number(s):
Phone Number:
Description of
Internship Job Title:
Description of
Goal(s) of Internship
(specific projects,
tasks, and possible
learning outcomes):
Proposed Form of Wages:
Hourly Wage
Assistance with housing
Proposed Total Amount for Paid Internship:
(Maximum AHRM award of $1800 is based on $7.50/hour, 15 hours per week for 16 weeks
Intern can work more, but award maximum still applies.)
Desired start date:
Desired end date:
Desired # of hours per week:
Work space available:
Telephone with voicemail
Network log in
Work station
Email account, (if needed)

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Proposed Total

Internship is not to exceed16 weeks and should be between 12 &

15 hours per week, but can be increased based on
employer/intern mutual agreement.
Length of Internship:
Start Date:
End Date:
Total hours/ week requested:
Major(s) Field of Study Requested:
GPA Desired:
Job Description:

Application Procedure
Please forward resume to:
Company name:
Company address:
Fax: Email address:
Company Website:

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