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Anul colar 2016-2017

Disciplina - Limba englez
Clasa a VIII-a, L2
Numele i prenumele elevului:
Data susinerii testului:
Pentru rezolvarea corect a tuturor cerinelor din Partea I i din Partea a
II-a se acord 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acord 10 puncte.
Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 50 de minute.
PARTEA I_____________________________________________________60p
1. Choose the correct form (5x2p=10p)

He do/does/is doing his homework every day.

We are cleaning/clean/is cleaning our rooms now.
They met/meet/will meet an old friend last week.
Matthews havent come/hasnt come/didnt come yet.
Sarah left/will leave/has left tomorrow.

2. Complete the sentences with who , which or where (5x2p=10p)


The street. I live is very noisy.

This is Alison, .works in the same company as my sister.
Theres a shop near here .. I buy magazines.
People . smoke can get a lot of disease.
I live in Cleja, a beautiful village in the east of Romania.

3. Find the Past Tense and Past Participle forms of these verbs (10x1p=10p):
1) begin___________________6) see ______________________________
2) go _____________________ 7) eat ______________________________
3) write____________________8)come ____________________________
4) do _____________________9) make ____________________________
5) buy____________________ 10) drink ___________________________

4.Ask questions to which the underlined words are the answers: (10x2p=20p)
A woman was murdered at the Park Hotel last night. A maid discovered her
body. She found it in the laundry room. The police are looking for the woman's
husband. They think he did it. He left the hotel at 1:35 in the morning. He took all
his wife's jewellery and $ 1,000 from their hotel safety- deposit box. The woman's
name was Carol Webster. She was only 32 years old and had two small children!
5.Choose the correct adjective: (5x2p=10p)
1. She is very fat/ thin .She must be ill!
2.This homework was terribly difficult/ easy.It took me 2 hours to do it!
3. Janice is very healthy/ ill. She runs 2 miles a day.
4. Lee is very sad/ happy because his cat died.
5. I won $ 1,000.I was very lucky/ unfortunate.
PARTEA II_____________________________________________________30p
Write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her about your summer holiday.
You should include information about the places you visited, the weather, the
activities, the location, food and people you met. Do not use more than 100
Start and end your letter in an appropriate way.




Anul scolar 2016-2017
Limba englez
Clasa a VIII- a L2
puncteaz oricare alte formulri/ modalitti de rezolvare corect a

se acord punctaje intermediare, altele dect cele precizate explicit prin

acord 10 puncte din oficiu. Nota final se calculeaz prin mprtirea
punctajului total acordat
pentru test la 10.
PARTEA I (60 de puncte)
1. 10 x 2p=20 points
1) does; 2) are cleaning; 3) met; 4)hasnt come ; 5) will leave;
2. 5 x 2p= 10 points
1) where ;2) who; 3)where;4)who; 5) which;
3. 10 x 1 p= 10 points
1) began-begun; 2) went-gone; 3) wrote-written; 4) did-done; 5) bought-bought; 6)
saw-seen; 7)ate-eaten;8)came-come;9) made-made; 10) drank-drunk;
4. 10 x 2p=20 points
1) Who was murdered at the Park Hotel?
2) When was the woman murdered?
3) What did a maid discover?
4)where was the woman found?
5) who think he did it?
6) what time did he leave?
7)What did he take?
8)What was the womans name?
9)how old was she?
10)How many children did she have?
4. 5 x 2p=10 points
1)thin; 2)difficult; 3)healthy; 4)sad; 5)lucky;

PARTEA a II-a (30 de puncte)

4 points for appropriately beginning and ending the letter:
- 2 points the beginning: Dear + the friends name/ Hello
- 2 points the ending: Best wishes + the senders name
6 points for correct grammar structures and connectors
5 points for the use of appropriate vocabulary
10 points for covering the aspects demanded by the task
3 points for a balanced structure (greeting/introduction, content)
2 points for the general impression