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Your cup of tea is something you are good at or interested in (for examples types of
people: Shes totally my cup of tea/ do u want to watch football? No its not really my
cup of tea)
Bring home the bacon is a sentence told to someone who earns lots of money (ex: see
ya, honey! Bring home the bacon!)
Thats bananas/Thats nuts means thats crazy!
The big cheese is the boss, the manager (ex: Ive a meeting with the big cheese
To be in a pickle (cetriolini sottaceto) means to be in a difficult situation, you have a
difficult decision to make
To have a lot on someone plate : lots of responsibilities, lots of work (ex: my wife left
me, my dog died and I lost my job! I have a lot on my plate at the moment!)
Apple polisher (noun) is a person who always does everything for the teacher,
To butter someone up (verb) like an apple polisher a person who makes good things
for someone (your teacher, your boss, someone in power who can give you
Seems/smells fishy (when you dont trust in a situation) (puzza sotto il naso)
To have a bun (sweet round bread) in the oven means to be pregnant
Cheesy describes something of low quality or bad joke
To spill the beans means to give secret information to someone, to tell the secret
Bite off more than you can chew (to have something more than I can like job or
A hard/bitter pill to swallow (the situation is difficult but I have to accept it)
Walk on eggshells (around someone) (guscio duovo): to be careful