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Question 66

Cc best practice ca giai on Perform unit testing bao gm

A.Test each feature once

B.Unit tests should be fully automated and non-interactive

C.Keep unit tests small and fast

D.Keep tests independent

Question 67
What's is "Decision coverage" ?
A. Each branch in the logic visited by a test

B. Each path through the logic is visited by a test

C. Each statement in the program will be visited by test

Question 68
Internal and unit testing can be automated with the help of .. Tools.
A. testing

B. coverage

C. scaffolding

D. none

Question 68
Bc Equivalence partitioning ca Black Box Test bao gm nhng vic
no sau y
A.Anticipate that errors are most likely to exist at the boundaries
between partitions
B.Divide the input of a program into classes of data from which test

cases can be derived. This might help you to reduce number of test
cases that must be developed.
C.Behavior of software is equivalent for any value within particular
D.A limited number of representative test cases should be chosen
from each partition

Question 69
The System test performed by
A. project manager

B. Customer

C. Tester

D. Developers

Question 69
What types of errors are missed by black box and testing and can be

uncovered by white box testing?

A. performance errors

B. behavioral errors

C. subtle logic errors

D. input errors

Question 70
A main focus of reviews and other static test is ..
A.To help remove the need of testing altogether carry out testing as early as possible

C.finding and fixing defects cheaply

D.preventing defects from appearing at later stages of this project

Question 71

The exact scope of a unit is left to interpretation. Supporting test code ,

sometimes called ., may be necessary to support an individual
A. Scaffolding

B. All of above

C. Conjucture

D. RemUnit

Question 72
Choose valid test types :
A.Load test

B.Performance test

C.regression test

D.Security test

Question 73
The Acceptance test perform by
A. Developers

B. Tester

C. Customer

D. project manager

Question 74
Which of the following is appropriate as a description of boundary value
A. A method where boundary values are identified for the data

entered into the system and used as test data

B. A method where equivalence class border values are used as test
C. A method of analysis for identifying input values that do not
produce errors but are on the borderline
D. A method of testing where boundary values that can be entered
into the system are analyzed

Question 75
Khi vit white box test case, ch cn vit y s lng test case tha
path coverage th s test case tha iu kin branch coverage

Question 76
Khi vit white box test case, ch cn vit y s lng test case tha
statement coverage th s test case tha iu kin branch


Question 77
Technical review are more .. That is, they aim to remove defects as
soon as possible.
A. Descriptive

B. Objective

C. Preventive

D. Subjective

Question 78
Please select the test case design techniques that used to create unit test
A.Condition testing

B.Internal boundary value testing

C.Branch Testing

D.State transition testing

Question 79
Unit test is implemented by Development team to
A.Detect defects and issues early

B.Reduce the Quality Effort & Correction Cost

C.Create related documents: Unit Test cases, Unit Test Reports,

D.Ensure quality of software unit

Question 80
It is a review where the author lead team through a manual or a
simulated execution of the product using predefined scenarios

A. checklist

B. inspection

C. technical reviews

D. walkthrough

Question 81
White Box Test phi m bo hon thnh cc yu cu no sau y?
A.Decision (branch) coverage

B.Path coverage

C.Boundary value coverage

D.Statement coverage

Question 81
Which of the following is an appropriate statement in regard to a module
unit test?
A. The module design documents have already been verified. If a
problem is found in the test results, an error exists in the test case or the
B. Generally, test cases are created and executed by dedicated
testing staff, not programmers who have done the coding.
C. Verification should be performed, in principle, using test cases
which cover all the logic paths at least once while reviewing the module
design documents.
D. The module interface falls outside the scope of the unit test
because the module interface cannot be tested using a single module.

Question 82
Which of the following is the appropriate description concerning
standardization in programming?

A. Its purpose is to define rules about common items that are

independent of programming languages.
B. Defining programming conventions is effective for preventing
errors that programmers tend to make.
C. Its original purpose is not to limit an individual programming
style, but to easily achieve the effect of optimization provided by a
D. It is effective for clarifying the standard execution time of a
program to promote the creation of efficient programs.

Question 83
The testing technique that requires devising test cases to demonstrate
that each program function is operational is called
A. black box testing

B. Grey box testing

C. White box testing

Question 84
Cho on code sau :
public bool ValidateEmail(string strEmail) {
//Check null or empty
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(strEmail)) {
return false;
//Check required character
bool blnRequireChar = false;
for (int i = 0; i < strEmail.Length; i++) {
if (strEmail[i].ToString().Equals(""@"")) {
blnRequireChar = true;
//Check incorrect character
for (int i = 0; i < strEmail.Length; i++) {
if (char.IsLetterOrDigit(strEmail[i])) {
} else if(char.Equals('.',strEmail[i]) || char.Equals('@',strEmail[i])) {
} else {
return false;
return true;
on code trn cn t nht bao nhiu test case?
A. 5

B. 6

C. 8

D. 7

Question 85
When software is developed using a test driven-approach, the unit test
may take a place of .. Each unit test can be seen as a design element
specifying classes, method and observable behavior.
A. informal design

B. formal design

C. unique design

D. both A & B

Question 86
. A series of probing question designed to review a predetermined
area or function

A. Minutes

B. Meeting list

C. Checklist

D. Plan list

Question 87
. Developer reviews code for accuracy
A. Design check

B. Requirement check

C. Technical check

D. Desk checking

Question 88

Regardless of whether a review is called an inspection or a

walkthrough, it is a systematic approach to examining source code in
Question 89
To ensure testing robustness and simplify maintenance, test should
never rely on other test nor should they depend on the ordering in wich
test are executed?

Question 90
There are two types of unit test case:
Black box unit test case and White box unit test case


Question 91
Unit Testing Conductor l Testing team

Question 93
Unit Testing is to validate that individual units of software program are
working properly.

Question 94
Unit Test should be conducted for each module (class or function) after
code review has been done


Question 95
Unit Testing Deliverables bao gm
- Tested software units
- Related documents (Unit Test case, Unit Test Report)

Question 96
The goal of unit testing is to isolate each part of the program and show
that the individual parts are correctly?

Question 97

Black box testing attempts to find errors in which of the following

A.performance errors

B.interface errors

C.incorrect or missing functions

Question 98
The unit testing performed by
A. Customer

B. Tester

C. project manager

D. Developers

Question 99

The below function calculate square of number

Public static integer Square (integer intNumber){
If input<0 THEN
Print error message ""Square root error illegal negative input""
ELSE_IF input=0 THEN
Use square function to calculate the answer
RETURN the answer
Print error message The system error
End Try
How many test cases used for branch test ?
A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Question 100
As a consequence, unit testing is traditionally a motivator for
programmers to create . And . Code bodies. This
practice promotes healthy habits in software development.
A. uncoupled, cohesive

B. decohesive, coupled

C. decoupled, cohesive

D. uncoupled, uncohesive

Question 101
Bc Specification derived test ca Black Box Test bao gm nhng vic
no sau y
A.Create test cases for each statements of specification

B.Execute test cases to check test result will output as the


C.Divide the input of a program into classes of data from which test
cases can be derived. This might help you to reduce number of test
cases that must be developed.
D.Test the software at either side of boundary values

Question 102
Which of the following is the appropriate description concerning black
box testing?
A. Attention is focused on the internal structures of programs, and
verification is made as to whether necessary portions are executed.
B. If branch instructions and modules increase in number, the
amount of test data also leaps upward.
C. The test case coverage is used as criteria for preparing test data.

D. Even if any redundant code exists in a tested program, it cannot

be detected.

Question 103
public bool ValidPassword(string password) {
bool validPassword = false;

// Check valid password length

if(IsValidLength(password, minLength, maxLength)) {
validPassword = true;
// Check valid password mix between lowcase and upcase
return false;
// Check valid password mix between alpha & numeric
return false;
return validPassword;
How many unit test cases you must do to check this function to cover all
A. 4

B. 6

C. 5

D. 3

Question 104
Black Box Test bao gm

A.Condition analysis

B.Boundary value analysis

C.Equivalence partitioning

D.Specification derived tests