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1. Qualifications are exam results which prove you have reached a certain level.

2. Im going to get a job as soon as I graduate from university.

3. The qualification you get when you graduate from university is called degree.
4. In Britain, public schools are private, fee-paying schools.
5. In the USA, a public school is a state school.
6. She went to nursery/ kindergarten when she was two.
7. Were not taking exams this year at school, all our work is assessed. (evaluado)
8. Id like you all to write an essay entitled Deception in Hamlet.
9. If you are illiterate, you dont know how to read or write.
10. Your skills are the things that you can do well.

1. The match was a draw, with both sides scoring three goals.
2. The spectators clapped and cheered when Williams came onto the court.
3. The referee/ ref blew the whistle and the game began.
4. Football, cricket and rugby are played on a pitch/ field.
5. Only six of the competitors will get through to the final.
6. Athletics includes events such as the 100 metres, the pole vault and the long jump.

7. Gymnastics includes events such as the beam and activities such as vaulting.
8. I think betting on horse races and boxing matches is a complete waste of money.
9. Basketball, volleyball and tennis are played on a court.
10. The difficult thing about Formula 1 is staying on the track.
11. If you want to get fit, you should do 15 minutes of exercise every day.
12 .Most football fans support one team for life.
13. My brother is such a bad sport fan, he gets so angry when he loses.
14. For me, winning is nice but its not the most important thing. I just like taking part.
15. Mum, is my hockey kit clean? Ive got a match this afternoon.
16. My sister is so competitive. When she plays basketball, she just wants to beat everyone!
17. Im not very keen on team games; I prefer sports where there are only two players.
18. You should join a gym if you want do do regular exercise.
19. The problem with private gyms is that you have to pay a membership fee for the whole
year, which can be quite expensive.
20. Our local authority has built a new public leisure centre- its got everything, swimming
pools, sauna, gym

1. To get a ticket at the station you have to book a seat in advance.

2. I didnt take my luggage with me.
3. A package holiday is a holiday where your flights and accommodation are organized for you
by a travel agent.
4. The travel agent showed me some photographs of hotels.
5. The brochure says that the beach is only five minutes from the hotel.

6. There are resorts all along south coast.

7. My brother wants to go travelling so he bought a round-the-world ticket.
8. Lets go on an adventure holiday.
9. When you go to another country you usually need a passport.
10. The cost of flying is getting cheaper and cheaper as more a more people use budget
11. Many children learn a lot by going away to summer camp with their friends.
12. Camping is great because you can put up your tent wherever you want.
13. I live in a flat in the city, so I like to go on holidays where you are out in the open air all
14. You should have seen the hotel! We were in the lap of luxury, living like kings!
15. Food cooked on a campfire taste so natural, just like a barbecue.
16. This hotel has a lot of useful facilities, like a swimming pool, sauna or gym.
17. We had all the latest electrical mod cons in our hotel room: tv, computer and Internet.
18. I forgot to bring my sleeping bag- Im going to be really cold tonight in the tent!
18. On a self-catering holiday, you stay in rooms and cook you own meals.
20. The hotel was full board so we had all our meals and drinks included in the price.

1. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready.

2. We use a knife to slice bread, cheese and vegetables.
3. We roast meat, and sometimes vegetables in the oven.
4. My mum likes to bake her own bread and cakes.

5. Follow the recipe if youre not sure to make the dish.

6. You forgot to peel the potatoes before you cooked them!
7. When we fry food, like chips, we cook it in hot oil.
8. I am going to have a steak because its the chefs speciality.
9. Herbs are plants, such as oregano, whose leaves we use for their taste.
10. Spices add flavor to food and they usually come from seeds.
11. Chinese people use chopsticks to eat their food.
12. Takeaways can be collected from a restaurant or delivered to your front door.
13. American fast food chains like Mac Burgers have spread all over the world.
14. A person who makes food but who hasnt been specially trained is usually called a cook.
15. Some places are self-service and dont have waiters. You get your food from the counter.
16. If you get a taste for something, you try it and start to like it.
17. The waiter told us that each dish on the menu was served with chips and vegetables.
18. A stew is usually meat and vegetables in a sauce, cooked in a pot for quite a long time.
19. Raw food is food which hasnt been cooked.
20. If you like a type of food a lot, you might describe it as tasty.

1. TV companies broadcast their programmes across the country.

2 They interrupted the programme for an important news bulletin about an earthquake.
3. Ive make my own website for people interested in collecting stamps.
4. I dont spend too much time online because my mum only lets me use the internet at the

5. You can receive hundreds of tv channels if you have a satellite dish.

6. I always get all the news from my local radio station.
7. Im quite interested in current affairs and watch news every day.
8. Journalists can make mistakes, so dont believe everything you read in the press.
9. You cant go into the studio when they are on the air.
10. Where a sports match has spectators and radios has listeners, television has viewers.

1. Many factories still allow pollutants, such as toxic waste, to flow into our rivers.
2. We should put our old newspapers and bottles in recycling bins.
3. Organisations like Friends of the Earth are often referred to as green organizations.
4. Scientists are concerned about the size of the hole in the ozone layer.
5. People who live in towns and cities live in an urban environment.
6. People who live in the countryside live in a rural environment.
7. Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago.
8. Global warming is the theory that the worlds average temperature is increasing.
9. Ecology is the relationship between plants, animals, people and their environment.
10. Exhaust fumes from cars are responsible for much of the air pollution in cities.
11. Its very peaceful in the country(side), but there arent as many facilities as in the town.
12. I dont want to work in a factory like my father did. Its much better being out in the
fresh air.
13. I love living in the city! Urban living is much more exciting than country life.
14. We should go back to the natural way of doing things. Modern life is too stressful.

15. If we are not careful, pollution will destroy our environment.

16. Are cars that take diesel more environmentally-friendly than petrol cars?
17. This new newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
18. Too many factories dispose of their waste by pumping it into rivers and the sea.
19. CFCs are the chemicals responsible for much of the damage of ozone layer.
20. Individuals cant solve the worlds environmental problems on their own; governments and
industry must change too.

1. A lorry is a large vehicle for delivering goods and can have as many as 18 wheels.
2. Diesel trains replaced steam trains because they are faster and cleaner.
3. Some people commute from their homes into the centre of London every day to work.
4. People who dont own cars have to rely on public transport in order to get to work.
5. The fare into the centre of town on the bus has gone up again.
6. The ship sank but its cargo was recovered.
7. We should wait until rush hour is over and the roads are quieter.
8. Drivers shouldnt be at the wheel if they have had a drink.
9. We were stuck in a traffic jam for two hours.
10. Horses have to get used to having a saddle on their back.

1. If you want to be trendy, then you have to know whats in fashion right now.
2. I always wanted to be a model but Im not tall enough.

3. An actor might wear a costume, but businessmen wear suits.

4. I want a t-shirt with the label on the outside so everybody can see the name of the
5. It can become really expensive to wear designer clothes all the time.
6. The latest craze from America is trainers that play music!
7. Short hair is really in this year, so Im having mine cut.
8. A top is anything we wear on the top half of our body, like a t-shirt.
9. Clothes fit you when they are the right size.
10. Something suits you when it looks good on you because of the type of colour of it.

1. If you go window shopping, you look at whats in the shops by you dont buy anything.
2. Please pay for our items at the nearest checkout as the store is closing soon.
3. A line of people waiting for the same reason is called queue.
4. On 400 euros for a brand-new computer? Thats a real bargain!
5. On average, British children receive 12 euros pocket money each week from their parents.
6. You should return broken or damaged goods to the shop or manufacturer.
7. In January, shops often reduce their prices. This is called the sales.
8. I need to find a cashpoint to get some money out with my card.
8. A person who spends too much money impulsively is a shopaholic.
10.The MP3 player didnt work properly, so we asked for a full refund of the money we paid
for it.

1. Media organizations broadcast programmes on the radio or television.

2. According to the tv listings/ guide, theres a good film on Channel Five at ten oclock.
3. I dont believe in censorship. I think that people should write whatever they want.
4. In recent years, reality TV shows like Big Brother have become incredibly popular.
5. Have you seen that new commercial / ad/ advert/ advertisement for pizza, with the funny
6. An organization for the deaf has asked that all films on TV have subtitles.
7. A celebrity is a person who is famous, such as a singer or actor.
8. Dubbing is when the original voices of a film are replaced by new ones in another language.
9. Documentaries are an example of what TV does best: informative and factual programmes
with a mission to educate.
10. Stay with us, and after the break well bring you more pictures of that skateboarding cat!

1. A glass of water spilled near my computer but I cleaned it up quickly.

2. I think Mr Bean can be amusing, but I wouldnt say that he is very funny.
3. Have you noticed how Fiona is always looking at herself in the mirror? Shes very vain!
4. My brother is so irritating, he always does things to make me cross.
5. Make sure you put the shopping bags down carefully so that you dont break the eggs.
6. We sometimes dont realize when our teacher comes into class, she walks in so quietly.

7. I would love to be a model, but I dont think Im good-looking enough.

8. My boyfriend is very considerate, he always remembers our anniversary.
9. During the interview, his hands were shaking and he was talking so nervously that we could
hardly understand him.
10. If you want a good laugh, go and se Scary Movie 4- I thought it was hilarious.

1. The journey was terrible, but at least the sun was shining when we got there.
2. A trip is a short visit which involves a journey. It could be a business trip or a school trip.
3. We were exhausted by the time we arrived at our destination.
4. When you get to the airport, the first thing to do is check in with your airline.
5. If you need anything during the flight, just ask the flight attendant.
6. Only people who are flying are allowed into the departure lounge.
7. In the summer, Europes airports are full of young travelers carrying huge backpacks.
8. In New York, the subway is the most efficient way to move around the city. The equivalent
in London in the underground.
9. When you board a plane, you must switch off you mobile phone.
10. A motel is a fairly cheap hotel. Most guests are people travelling by car.

1. In Greece, the winters are quite mild and not too cold.
2. The pollution in this city is terrible when we have a heatwave.
3. I think Ill wear a scarf because its a little chilly.
4. When the weather is wet and hot, it feels very humid.
5. Dont forget your raincoat/mac if youre going out in this rain.
6. I prefer wearing bikini to an all-in-one swimsuit.
7. Wellingtons/Wellies are boots make of rubber which are worn outdoors, often by farmers.
8. I know its raining, but its only a shower, itll stop in a minute.
9. The forecast said that the rain should clear up by this afternoon.
10. Well be going to the beach, so dont forget your suncream, of youll get sunburn.

1. There are many domestic uses of technology, such as home entertainment and cooking.
2. Industrial robots are used in car factories to do routine jobs.
3. The latest generation of home computers are capable of providing high-speed internet
4. One of the ways we put information into a computer is by typing on a keyboard.
5. Many parents got a microwave oven, but they never use it.
6. Computer hardware is the machine and all the parts inside.
7. Computer software is the programmes and games that run on computers.
8. Double-click the left button on your mouse to select the icon.
9. Id love cable tv so that I could see all the latest films, but its really expensive.
10. Some people suffer from technophobia and feel very threatened by new technology.

11. you can by perfectly good second-hand cameras for half the price of new ones.
12. All second-hand items sold on this website come with a full guarantee for three months.
13. I think the make of the product is as important as the price. My favourite brand is
14. I cant open that file you sent me by email. Our software is just not compatible.
15. Im thinking of getting a flat-screen tv. I hear theyre much better for watching films on.
16. Most laptop computers and mobile phones have got a rechargeable battery inside.
17. Ill send you a text message to let you know we have arrived.
18. This mobile has got a lot of extras. Its got a came, GPS and MP3.
19. Have you tried buying things on the internet? You can find some real bargains and save a
lot of money.
20. I love my digital camera- now, I dont have to take my holiday snaps to be developed.

1. Every applicant for the job has to write a letter to the company.
2. Your telephone manner is how well you communicate with people on the phone.
3. Adam has a really friendly personality if you give him a chance.
4. Its not easy to get on with people who dont have a sense of humour.
5. Vicky seems unfriendly until you get to know her better.
6. You shouldnt give up your old job until you have a firm offer of a new one.
7. A neat and tidy appearance is important for interviews.
8. Successful people go to work with a business-like attitude.
9. Having a properly organized CV is the first step to impressing an employer.

10. The successful candidate will be between 18 and 25 years of age and have relevant
experience for this job.

1. Capital punishment is punishment by death.

2. Some people believe that capital punishment acts as a deterrent. This means they think it
stops people committing murder.
3. The serial killer was sentenced to life imprisonment.
4. The police think I committed the burglary! Im going to have to get a lawyer/ solicitor.
5. She was arrested on suspicion of fraud, and later was officially charged with the crime.
6. The court case lasted for three months before the jury found him guilty.
7. Theres lots of evidence that he did it his fingerprints were all over the gun.
8. Having served 15 years in prison, Mason is to be released next week.
9. A court is a place where a criminal trial takes place.
10. My brother has a criminal record because of something he did wrong when he was younger.
11. Ive never been in trouble with the police, and I hope I never will.
12. A witness claimed that she had seen the accused leaving the bank with the money.
13. Old people are increasingly afraid of being victims of violent crime.
14. One of the cars windows had been smashed where someone had tried to break in.
15. The judge read the verdict in a steady voice:Guilty.
16. Because it was Eds first offence, the judge let him off with just a warning.
17. The burglar ran, but the police managed to arrest him before he got too far.
18. The justice system has been criticized recently for a number of serious mistakes.

1. I was paid my wages every Saturday afternoon.

2. The salary is 15,000 euros per year.
3. Most people retire when they are about 65.
4. When you retire you get a pension.
5. 450 workers were made redundant.
6. Im going to get a pay rise /raise next week.
7. John has been promoted t senior manager.
8. People who travel to work are called commuters.
9. Id like to work as a clown.
10. My job was so boring that I quit.
11. People with good qualifications have better career prospects than those with none.
12. This job requires the following skills: computer literacy, typing and fluent French.
13. The person who would be suited to this job is someone who likes working with people.
14. I sent off the application form for that job at the bank, and they want to interview me.
15. Jobs which involve physical work are often described a manual jobs.
16. People who work in offices are sometimes called white collar workers.
17. Adrian was given the sack when it was discovered hed lied about his qualifications.
18. People who work in government departments are called civil servants.
19. When I was at university, I worked part-time in a newsagents.
20. If you say that a certain job or career is your vocation, you believe its the right one for

1. This movies not a studio production: its being filmed on location in the Alps.
2. When people say theyre going to the pictures, they mean they are going to the cinema.
3. That film was so expensive to make, each scene cost over a million dollars.
4. Terry Fisher and Barbara Walker are both film critics, they write film reviews for national
5. Id love to be a stunt man, it must be great fun doing all the dangerous stunts in the movie.
6. A film buff is a person who likes films a lot, and knows a lot about them.
7. Films which combine the genres of romance and comedy are called romcoms.
8. The credits come at the end of a film and tell us the names of the actors.
9. If an actor has a bit part is a film, they only have a very small speaking role.
10. If you are an extra in a movie, you can be seen in the background, but you dont speak.

1. I relied on John and he really let me down, I was so disappointed.

2. When people are upset, they feel sad and perhaps cry.
3. I felt so excited when I got this job, it was like a dream come true.
4. You feel relieved when you stop worrying about something.
5. You feel anxious when you are a little afraid or worrying about something.
6. You should show how grateful you are and say Thank you when you receive a gift.

7. Your purpose is the reason why you do something.

8. The headmaster was furious when he saw the broken window, and shouted at all of us.
9. When he told me about how much money he was earning I felt really envious.
10. She was such a good actress that everyone was very impressed.

1. The council is the local government, usually responsible for roads, schools and local services.
2. Theyre mending the road into town and the traffic is very bad because of the roadworks.
3. I hope the car doesnt break down on the way to work like it did yesterday.
4. We should take the motorway if were going to drive so far.
5. Have you seen the new advertising campaign to discourage drink-driving?
6. A moped is like a motorcycle but it has a smaller engine and is not as fast.
7. You have to stop and pay a toll on some major roads, as a kind of tax.
8. A zebra crossing is a place for people to cross a road safely.
9. Pedestrians are people who travel by walking.
10.Theres been an accident, so theres a diversion ahead. We have to turn left.