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Realism of market datas

validity of assumptions:



The annual projected demand for the

Population characteristics may

industry was obtained by multiplying the

have to be specified as to age,

market acceptability, which is 83.43 to

gender, geographic distribution,

target population, and to the frequency of

social background, and income

agreement. Based from the obtained

class for more meaningful

demand, it was distributed again to every

consumer demand analysis.

product in order to determine its demand.

The demand for the product is computed by
multiplying the projected annual demand of
industry to the percentage of each product
based on the survey.

The relationship between some

determinants such as income and
prices and the demand for a
consumer good can often be
described mathematically (e.g.
demand and income can be

reflected in terms of income

elasticity of demand).


Computation of projected supply for product

In addition, the group shouldve

is the same in past supply per product. It

substantiated the growth rate and

changed only in the target population based

past supply to make their feasibility

on the annual growth rate of 2.94%

study more accurate and


Market Share

Out of the total available market, which is

The 5% estimate increase in

4.72%, Kalye Ocho made their capacity to

market share per year should be

supply based on their resources. They have

substantiated with supporting

1 counter, 1 POS, 4 burners, and each


product requires 12 minutes of preparation.

The store hours are just based on mall
hours. And they got 220 persons as their
capacity to supply per day and annually it is
80,300, which is 15.46% of the total

available market as shown in the graph.

Therefore market share is computed by
dividing the capacity to supply to the
available market.
They all increase by 5% every year because
of the promotional tactics provided by the

Appropriateness of
market survey design:
of the survey

The proponents conducted survey among

No recommendation.

398 respondents to get their opinion

regarding street foods business.


It was used so that the proponents would be No recommendation.

relevance to

able to know the respondents perception


and preference regarding to their proposed


Cross-section of

No information with respect to cross-section

The study shouldve included this


of respondents.

part to their feasibility study to

identify and classify the different
class of respondents to their

Representativeness The proponents conducted survey among

of sample

The group used the Slovens

398 respondents to get their opinion

formula to determine the number

regarding street foods business. These 398

of respondents from Paraaque to

respondents were from the present total

determine the sample size. Thus,

population of Paranaque City and the

the study has employed one of the

proponents used the Slovens formula. The

correct methods to estimate the

survey was distributed among all the

sample size. In addition, the

teenagers residents of Paranaque City. It

researchers used random sampling,

was used so that the proponents would be

which gives every respondent

able to know the respondents perception

equal chance of being chosen.

and preference regarding to their proposed

Thus, we do not have


recommendations for this aspect.

The group used the Slovens Formula to

determine the needed number of
respondents .
The researchers used the random sampling
to gather information from the target

Inferences from

Since the researchers determined already

survey result

the computation for the industry, past

No recommendation.

demand for every streetfood that the

respondents usually eat are computed to
the percentage of each products answered
by the respondents multiplied to the annual
past demand of industry.

Soundness of marketing
program and strategy
Rationality of pricing

The project used cost plus strategy in order

The group should consider setting


to set the price of our products. The

their prices at a level that is

computation would be:

appropriate considering that

Purchase Cost + Operating Cost+ markup=Selling Price

Filipinos see street food as cheap

thrills. They shouldve included the

price that customers are willing to

spend for the products in the
Competitive edge of

Kalye Ocho wants to emphasize the

The group should consider more

importance of aesthetics, appearance and

environment-friendly takeout

food preparation enable to attract


customers as well as to achieve customers

delight through safe and quality products.
For takeout products it will be packed in a
L.O plastic with disposable spoon and fork.


The products will be cooked in its traditional

No recommendation.

way in able to maintain the original taste of


these foods.
The project used cost plus strategy in order

The group shouldve considered

to set the price of our products. The

adopting a target pricing policy due

computation would be:

to presence of tough competition in

Purchase Cost + Operating Cost+ markup=Selling Price

the food court. Target costing

recognizes that a business doesn't
have total control over pricing;
price is limited by what the market
will pay. It also encourages -requires, even -- businesses to
operate efficiently.