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These books are (relatively) short and concise, yet are comprehensive.

Very useful for

crammers and bar reviewers.
Outline Reviewer in Political Law, Antonio B. Nachura (2006), 686 pages
Everyone's Labor Code, C.A. Azucena (2006), 379 pages/649 pages with appendices
Reviewer on Commercial Law, Jose Sundiang and Timoteo Aquino (2006), 433 pages
Tax Digest, Crescencio Co Untian Jr. (2005), 215 pages
Remedial Law Reviewer, Ed Vincent S. Albano and Ed Vincent A. Albano (2004), 1384
Notes and Cases on the Revised Penal Code (Books I & II) and Special Penal Laws,
Leonor Boado (2004), 927 pages
Pointers in Criminal Law, Justice Edilberto Sandoval (2004), 195 pages