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What is ColdFusion Who uses ColdFusion Why would we want to use it / Features What I didn't cover The next version Resources

What is ColdFusion?
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Server side scripting language (CFML) The Adobe ColdFusion CFML engine The ColdFusion server is written in Java The language is tag based Runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, OSX

Who Uses ColdFusion?
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Everyone Some local companies include
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Union Pacific Werner Trucking Mutual of Omaha NP Dodge DTN National Equity

Swanson Russell & associates Grace University Omaha Schools Sergeants Pet Care Elisa Ilana

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Where did it come from?
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Originally created by Allaire in 1995 Allaire was bought by Macromedia in 2001 Macromedia was bought by Adobe in 2005 First version was extremely basic, but the later versions are very powerful Version 6 (2002) was a complete rewrite – from 6.0 onward ColdFusion was written completely in Java. Now on version 7.02. Ver. 8 is due mid 2007.

Why Use ColdFusion?

Rapid Application Development

Why Use ColdFusion?
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Rapid Application Development Built in features
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Charting Engine Indexing and Searching PDF Generation Reporting Tool XML and XSLT Can talk to LDAP, POP, HTTP(s), FTP Task scheduling

Why Use ColdFusion?

Built in features (cont.)
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GUI widgets such as a data grid Exception handling Session management Detailed debugging Remote Development Service Access to Java classes and methods IDE Support Can talk to any database that has a JDBC driver

ColdFusion Markup Language
<cfif expression>
<b>do stuff here</b>

<i>else do this</i>


function isUpperCase(character) { if (Asc(character) gte 65 and Asc(character) lte 90) return true; return false; }


<cfscript> // use Java to get hostname from an IP
function GetHostAddress(host) { var iaddrClass = ''; var address = ''; iaddrClass = CreateObject("java", ""); address = iaddrClass.getByName(host); return address.getHostAddress(); }


Queries are easy and clean
<cfquery name=”getUser” datasource=”MyDSN”> SELECT fname, lname FROM users WHERE userid = #URL.userid# </cfquery> <cfoutput> Hello #getUser.fname# #getUser.lname# ! </cfoutput>

Use cfqueryparam to prevent SQL injection
<cfquery name=”getUser” datasource=”MyDSN”> SELECT fname, lname FROM users WHERE userid = <cfqueryparam value=”#URL.userid#” cfsqltype=”CF_SQL_INTEGER”> </cfquery> <cfoutput> Hello #getUser.fname# #getUser.lname# ! </cfoutput>

<cfquery name="qryScores" datasource="MyDSN"> SELECT Student_ID, FinalTotal FROM Scores </cfquery> <cfchart format="jpg" show3d=”Yes” chartheight="400" chartwidth="600"> <cfchartseries query="qryScores" itemcolumn="Student_ID" valuecolumn="FinalScore" type="bar"> </cfchart>

Charting - Result

Searching Capabilities

A version of the Verity K2 indexing/searching server is bundled with ColdFusion

scalable search engine based on a TCP/IP clientserver architecture Supports clustering Can populate from database File based indexing (spydering)

– – –


Verity – populating a collection
<cfquery name="qryContent" datasource="MyDSN"> SELECT id, articleContent, articleTitle FROM articles </cfquery> <cfindex collection="articleSearch" action="refresh" query="qryContent" type="custom" body="articleContent" title="articleTitle" key="id">

Verity – searching a collection
<cfsearch name = "searchResults" collection = "articleSearch" type = "criteria" criteria = "#Form.searchstring#" > <cfoutput query="searchResults"> Result #currentRow# <a href="getArticle.cfm?articleID=#key#">#title#</a> </cfoutput>

PDF Generation
<cfdocument src="" format="pdf" />

PDF Generation
<cfdocument format="pdf" filename=”/tmp/myPdf.pdf”> <b>html here!</b> <img src=”and_images_too.jpg”> </cfdocument>

XML Support
<!--- fetch an RSS feed ---> <cfhttp url="" method="GET" /> <!--- make an XML object out of the returned text ---> <cfset xmlDoc = XmlParse(cfhttp.fileContent)> <!--- and take a look at it ---> <cfdump var="#xmlDoc#">

Other connectivity tags

<cfldap> <cfpop> <cfhttp> <cfftp> <cfmail>

Query of a Query
<cfquery name=”qryUsers” datasource=”MyDSN”> SELECT * FROM users </cfquery> <cfquery name=”QoQ” dbtype=”query”> SELECT * FROM qryUsers WHERE state = 'NE' </cfquery>

Query of a Query
<cfset OptData = StockData.getOptions(symbol = 'GE')> <cfquery name=”QoQ” dbtype=”query”> SELECT * FROM OptData WHERE OptExpireDate = '#OptData.OptExpireDate[OptData.RecordCount]#' AND LastPrice < #OptData.StockPrice[OptData.RecordCount]# ORDER BY LastPrice </cfquery>

Session Management

ColdFusion has various variable scopes:

<cfset myVar = “foo”> places myVar into the “variables” scope. Other scopes: Form ● URL ● Request ● CGI ● Cookie

Session Management

Persistent Scopes:
– – –

Session – these variables are placed into memory Client – placed in the client variables database Application – can be seen only by code using the same application Server – Can be seen by all applications on a server

Task Scheduling

CF Administrator Demonstration

Debugging Features


Development in ColdFusion
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Developer edition is free IDEs
– – –

Dreamweaver has CFML syntax support Homesite+ CFEclipse

Development in ColdFusion

MVC Code Frameworks
– – –

Fusebox Model Glue Mach II Transfer Reactor

ORM Frameworks (Object Relational Mapping)
– –

Development in ColdFusion

Dependency Injection
– –

ColdSpring LiteWire CfUnit CFCUnit

Unit Testing
– –

Development in ColdFusion

Remote Development Service

Allows you to connect to a ColdFusion server and open/edit files on that machine Supported in HomeSite and CFEclipse

What I didn't cover
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OO (Components) Application.cfc / .cfm Flash/Flex Integration Gateways Reports Flash Forms

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

<cfimage> - image manipulation
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Sharpen, blur, crop, resize, rotate, etc. Also a full low-level drawing API that allows lines, shapes, text, etc. to be overlaid on existing images.

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Serialize and deserialize JSON Ajax grids using <cfgrid> More Eclipse integration, including a real time log viewer .NET Integration - CreatObject() can invoke .NET objects. Even on non-windows platforms

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

<cfexchangeconnection> - integration with MS Exchange <CFPDF> and <CFPDFForm>

gets PDFmetadata, merge pdfs, extract pages, encrypt, create a thumbnail page, flatten pdfs, protect, execute ddx instruction sets. AJAX proxy allows you to call ColdFusion objects and functions from within JavaScript AJAX data logging window

A lot of AJAX Stuff

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

A lot of AJAX Stuff (cont.)

Easy auto suggest:

Statically: <cfinput type="text" name="breed" autosuggest="Bengal,Birman,British Shorthair,Burmese,Egyptian Mau,Exotic Shorthair,Persian" > Ajaxified: <cfinput type="text" name="breed" autosuggest="cfc:breeds.getList({cfautosuggestvalue})" >

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On demand presentations Scorpio is much faster than CF7

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

– –

<cfthread action=” run | join | sleep | terminate” ...> Can get thread metadata (elapsed time, error, name, output, priority, starttime, status.) View/kill active threads View executing pages, queries, etc. - sorted by time, memory, etc. Can monitor multiple servers on one screen The API used for the server monitoring is public

New Server Monitoring/Administration tool
– –

– –

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

Run PHP/Ruby etc from within CF ????

<cfset who = "Sean" /> <cf_php> <?php echo "Hello ".$_COLDFUSION["who"]."<br />"; $_COLDFUSION["greeting"] = "wibble"; ?> </cf_php> <cfoutput>greeting = #greeting#</cfoutput>

Whats coming in ColdFusion 8

How is this possible? ColdFusion 8 uses Java 6 which provides access to the javax.script package and all the J-language implementations available. Quercus is a Java implementation of PHP and it is implemented as a script engine.


Nebraska ColdFusion Users Group -
– – –

Meets the 4th Tues of every month Many give-a-ways Special Speakers from Adobe and other companies Adobe Max, CF United, CF.Objective

ColdFusion Blog Aggregators
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Mailing Lists

Many conferences around the country

Resources (cont.)

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ColdFusion Weekly - Out Loud - The ColdFusion Podcast - ColdFusion Muse -

Developer Edition is free - ColdFusion 8 Beta Free CF8 Hosting -


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