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Lots of my customers tell me “I could easily be organized, but my kids just mess it up.” Kids and their belongings are organizational challenges. The key is to get them to participate in keeping their play areas tidy, and picking up after themselves. This not only helps you by keeping your home looking nice, but it teaches them the necessary skills to become organized adults. De velop simple dail y routines for your kids. For example, have them return their homework to their backpacks nightly.

Getting and Keeping Your Kids Organized
Every customer I work with thinks their home must be the worse I’ve ever seen. They think that no one could live in a messier house, and no one else can have more clutter. Everyone lives busy lives, and our homes are filled with more stuff than ever before. Our homes reflect our busy schedules, and our lack of free time. The way to get organized isn’t to spend a week working on it non-stop, its working on it each and every day and making small SCHOOL PAPERWORK
School paperwork is one of the largest organizational challenges that families face. Each child brings home a constant stream of corrected papers, artwork, and memos. Assign an area in your family room or kitchen to notable artwork or school work. Clean this area off weekly. If you are short on space (and who isn’t) give each child a magazine file. Have them store their old school or art work in the file until it gets full. WWW.THEJOYFULORGANIZER.COM ~ 203 731 4651 ~

life changes. I will discuss some of the most common concerns that my customers have, and ways to solve them.

Studies have shown that kids who develop and maintain good Re i n f o r ce t h e i r g o o d organizational habits do better in behavior through the use of a s c h o o l . Te a c h i n g y o u r k i d s chore chart, and give them organizational skills is an rewards when applicable. important aspect of getting them ready for college, and ultimately adulthood. Remember, kids behavior and mimic adults so make sure you are attitude. setting a good example with your

Then have them sort through it to determine what is meaningful to them. Give them a separate file for permissions slips, and items that need your attention. Check the file nightly, and make sure they do the same.


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