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Chaerul Krisnansyah Jenie

Jl. Raflesia No.8, Perumahan Jasmine Garden
Bogor – West Java
(+62251) 8400512, - +6287882249193 -
Birthday / Place
1997 – 2002

2005 – Oct 2006

: Male
: February 10th 1979 / Bogor
: 35
University of Trisakti, Jakarta
Bachelor of Economics, Majoring in Accounting
GPA : 3.007
Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Magister Manajemen, Majoring in Finance
GPA: 3.02

Working Experiences
May 2002 – September 2002

PT. Tropicana Slim Indonesia
Supervisor Promotion Division
 Collaborated with a team of five on promoting
products, and performing exhibition in malls such as
Taman Anggrek Mall, Puri Indah Mall, Citraland Mall.
 Planning for any upcoming promotion activities as
well as adjusting it to the budget plan.
 Analyzing problems and success factor for the
finished promotion activities.

February 2003 – October 2004 Deloitte. – Hans Tuanakotta Mustofa Halim ( Certified
Public Accountant Service Firm )
Semi Senior Auditor
 Perform audit procedures in all balance sheet and
Income statement accounts
 Perform tax calculation audit
 Perform reporting Audited financial statement
 Managing the task of other junior auditor. Companies
which I audited during my service in the company are:
1. PT GE Service Indonesia for the year ended
2002 and 2003
2. PT GE Lokomotif Indonesia, for the year ended
2003 and 2004 ( the liquidation of PT GE
Locomotif Indonesia )
3. PT GE Technology Indonesia, for the year
ended 2002
4. PT Loka Mampang Indah Realty and affiliates,
Consolidated Financial report for the year
ended 2002 and 2004 ( auditing financial report
including the calculation of service charges )

Consolidated Financial Report for the year ended 2003 and interim 2004 6. for the year ended 2002. PT Semen Andalas Indonesia. Review actual cost performance with budget as well as conducting cost analysis to support strategic and managerial decisions. such as mergers and acquisition 6. 5.5. April 2008 – November 2009 PT. Interim 2004 8. PT Dyno Noble Indonesia. . variances. Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk. and relevant commercial matters. Analyze Account Receivable and Account payable in relation for the projected funding that should be drop to the business units. and channel. Matahari Kahuripan Indonesia Financial Analyst  Responsible for : 1. PT Superior Coach and affiliates. Team up with commercial division in providing feasibility studies for a new proposed project. 3. agree and implement standard profitability report by SKU. for the year ended 2003 7. Consolidation of cash flow report 2. sales area. Variance and achievement analysis between monthly cash flow plan and cash flow realization analysis 3. Provide templates for financial analyzing activities and distribute it to business units. 2003. propose. 4. Provide advice and assistance regarding plans. Provide monthly and quarterly gross profit analysis and review the needs. Commercial Analyst  Responsible for : 1. PT Seksun Engineering. and interim 2004 May 2007 – March 2008 PT. Provide half year and annual financial highlights include presentation for the Board of Director. 4. 2. Provide variance analysis and control over the commercial budget on a timely basis. forecasts. budgets. Provide feasibility studies for financial decision purposes.

The Sales Pull Project. & recommendation over the HRD. Control over claims which are processed through deductions of AR. 6. Control over the actual expenses of HR Division. This report provide deductions of AR in a quarterly basis & to see whether it is align with our monthly accruals. 3. 2. The result of this report also can be use as a basic calculation for price setting for the next year. propose. Provide monthly Accruals calculation for gross to net activities. Finance Director. August 2010 – May 2012 PT. 5. Provide Quarterly Report for deductions of claims. This report . 4.December 2009 – August 2010 PT. this project aim is to create a pull position towards our distributors. Finance Director. Provide Quarterly P&L for national key accounts and local key accounts. or allowance/advances. agree and implement standard reporting. Team leader for Activity Based Costing Project for 2009. Economic Impact Assessment Project. & President Director as well as making sure that all actual expenses are recorded in the correct account and cost centre. 3 months average and outstanding claims which haven’t been processed yet. The calculation are based on the monthly trading terms activities. payment of Account Payable. 4. so the company could lower their A&P. Provide Quarterly Management Report. This project aim is to calculate the impact of our business towards Indonesia’s economy. Financial Analyst  Responsible for : 1. Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk. Also some basic quarterly analysis. 7. & PD budget in a timely basis. This will be use as a bargaining material should the government try to create a regulation that could have a bad impact to our industry. Provide monthly inventory movement analysis and review the needs. Provide analysis. This report contain the quarterly company’s in every department regarding sales & expenses. & other incentives to push our distributors to sell our products. maintenance. Mead Johnson Nutritional Indonesia (MJNI) Commercial Analyst  Responsible for : 1. 3. Discount. 2. Basically this project aim is to distribute the company fixed cost to their products.

Providing supporting data and analysis for incoming payments. and Department Expenses and report it to the global head office through the monthly flash report. 8. 10. Provide recommendation for accounting recording. sales value. discounts. Control over Distributor Promo Allowance vs the claims as well as quarterly review over the rate of allowance vs the actual utilization. AR Aging management. Control over the recording of actual department expense. Also prepare for all of the objectives and tactics mapping from the legacy system to the new SAP system. 7. return over sales. 6. and training of the new commercial budget structure and start to end process. Provide training for all related employee for future use of SAP. Perform monthly data input for actual sales. A&P. foreign exchange rate. . variance analysis and other commercial activities through monthly managerial report. 5. Provide monthly analysis regarding sales volume. 11. Provide analysis over the Sales. A&P. Maintain the job description of commercial analyst 2. & return. 9. Lead Finance for Indonesia market for order to cash. Monthly Discount by Account Report. deductions. Mead Johnson Nutritional Indonesia (MJNI) Commercial Manager  Responsible for : 1. Lead for Vistex (System to maintain promo activity budget and claims) Indonesia. VS other accounts and other indicators. implementation.provide the information regarding how profitable are our key accounts compared to their last year sales performance. (Vistex) 12. May 2012 – Present PT. gross margin. and department expenses. This procedure is required to make sure that the actual expenses are recorded in the correct account and cost centre. Provide the calculation and analysis of days of inventory to make sure it is below the company’s threshold. this report provides control over our accounts in several area to see whether the discounts are align with the company discount strategies. Making sure that the Global SAP system aligns with the Indonesia’s market scenario. Went deep dive for order to cash cycle through intensive trainings and system testings.

Develop any necessary SOP regarding commercial activities. Control & Analysis over Trade Sales budget in a monthly basis to make sure the cost ratio is align with the budget. 13. Direct sales. Analysis over monthly price settings in relation with the planned commercial activities. sales target. 4. Budget dynamic forecast. 14. Direct DC project. Budget Forecast based on the latest commercial policy. this is a monthly meeting where the main goal is to have alignment between sales. Provide analysis for any favourability or favourability. . 12. this project compares the cost or benefit between supplying direct to the DC and distributor. during promo and after promo from an investment point of view. 11. claim received. Sales promo evaluation. budget. & latest cost. Monthly distributor alignment meeting regarding commercial activities issues and product return time table. Analysis over budget. 8. Analysis over the price increase impact to the promo budget and the utilization of the incremental margin obtained from the increase. this report shows the sales off take before promo. . 5.Certificate of process owner with clean audit result . Achievements .Certified Management Accountant . Sales promo alignment.3. 9. marketing.Certificate of achievement as a leader for Order to Cash Finance and Vistex (SAP Module to control & maintain the Commercial Activities) . 6.Certificate for completing the Order to Cash SAP train the trainer. 7. 10.& Sales achievement 15. Responsible for budget proposal analysis (Yearly & Monthly) and provide key points of recommendation and way out. and finance. & sales target alignment meeting. Regional Commercial SAP system meeting to provide tips and market system enhancement and to discuss unsolved system issue for order to cash process and Vistex system design.2015 winner of Mead Johnson audit program Course : . accruals.

Skills Languages: Conversational and written English Computers :  Microsoft office tools  Audit System 2  BPCS  SAP .