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Fall is Here! Halloween is Coming!

RSCA organizes many events throughout the year,
and one highlight is our Halloween Parade. We
invite you to bring your kids, in their Halloween
costumes, to Marlin Park on Saturday, October
29th from 1:00 - 2:00pm. We'll have treats for the
little ones, so bring a goodie bag or bucket! (And
PARENTS, don't forget your cameras for photo
opportunities with the Good Witch.) Photos from 2015:

Calendar of RSCA Events
Halloween Parade @ Marlin Park

Saturday, October 29 th , 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Santa in the Shores @ RWS Library

Sunday, December 11 th , 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Light Up the Shores Contest

Entries due by 12/17, (stay tuned for details)

...and coming in 2017:

RSCA Annual Meeting @ RWS Library
Wednesday, February 8 th , 7:00pm

EGGstravaganza @ Marlin Park
(stay tuned for details)

Sounds of the Shores @ Marlin Park
Summer 2017

You can always find more information about these and
other community events on our web site at

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October 2016

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274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173
2016 Officers
Sue Nix
Jim Cvengros
Lynn Kathleen Adams
Bob Slusser
Harris Rogers

Board of Directors Members
Nina Boire
Carol Ford
Shannon Guzzetta
Don Long

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• END NOTES: JOIN RSCA...................Page 18
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Mike Mancusi
Connie Munevar
Clemencia Rodriguez
Andrew Young

RSCA’s Board of Directors meet at the
Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of
each month, 7:00 p.m. Our next Board Meeting will be:

October 13, 2016

Jim Cvengros
Carol Ford
Sue Nix
For CC&R copies & information, email <>

Deadline for space reservation is normally the end of the first
week of each month for the following month’s issue.
Email <>
for a precise schedule.
PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association
e PILOT is the official monthly publication
of the Redwood Shores Community Association

Circulation: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses
Opinions published in e PILOT are solely those of the
authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so
officially & expressly designated.



Growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, fall reminded us
that winter was right around the corner and that meant we
worked around the house, inside and out, getting ready for
the holidays and the winter storm season. With the weather
getting colder and the days getting shorter, it was also a time
of year to keep in mind a number of safety tips. I would
encourage you to read through these as a household.
Evaluate how you are doing in these different areas and talk
about ways to improve.
Service Your Furnace: When was the last time you had your
furnace inspected? A specialist should inspect the furnace to
make sure everything is in working order and that there are
no dangerous leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide releases.
Use Caution with Space Heaters: While a good space
heater can be used effectively to warm up a chilly room, you
need to make sure it is in good working condition, equipped
with an auto-off feature, vented properly, and used correctly
by everyone in your home.
Exercise Candle Caution: We routinely used candles for a
warm glow or during frequent power outages. However,
knowing how quickly fires can start from unattended
candles or candles placed too close to flammable surfaces,
we used them with extreme caution.
Change Smoke Alarm Batteries: As you set your clocks
back, take that opportunity to change the batteries in your
smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly.
Also use this time to make sure your family knows what to
do in case of a fire. What are the planned escape routes for
each room? Where will you safely meet outside? Have you
had a home fire drill?
Clean Roofs & Rain Gutters: Hire someone to clean off
your roof, clear your gutters and downspouts, and inspect
them for damage that could lead to unwanted leaks and dry
rot on your home.
Drive Safely: Added school traffic, wet roads, darker skies,
and poor visibility are just a few added hazards that are
present when driving in the fall. Have you checked your tires,
brakes, vehicle lights, and other safety features lately?
Autumn Home Maintenance Safety Tips: As you’re
cleaning up around the house, make sure you’re exercising
caution with ladders and tools.
In September’s PILOT article, I announced a new plan to
encourage open-dialoue in the community. e next

October 22nd from 9 am – 12 noon
Conversations at the Park – Red Morton Park


Here is this month’s question and answer:
Q) What happens now that the West Bay Sanitary District
voted to veto the project to replace the sewer main running
through Redwood Shores? (Submitted by Caroline D.)
A) Although I do not have specifics on a solution at this
time, we at Silicon Valley Clean Water are committed to
making sure that our
community is safe and
we will continue to work
with our commission
and our communities to
find a solution for the
critical infrastructure
improvements necessary
to ensure long-term
protection of the ecosystem in our Bay and
our neighborhoods. I
encourage you to stay
involved as future
developments on this
Mayor John Seybert
important issue are
City of Redwood City
If you’d like to submit a question to “ASK THE MAYOR”,
email your question to <> and
include “ASK THE MAYOR” on the subject line. I will select
one question from all those I receive and answer it the
following month. If your question is chosen, you’ll win a prize!

Events & Programs for Shores Seniors

Last month, the RSCA met with the Senior Affairs
Commission (a group appointed by RWC to act as liaison
and advocate for aging residents). e Commission helps
with healthcare, housing, and transportation needs of the
senior population, as well as promoting group activities,
classes, and events.
e Veterans Memorial Senior Center in downtown
Redwood City offers a wide array of services and programs,
and transportation is available to and from the Senior
Center. However, the RSCA recognizes that approximately
13% of Shores residents (or 1,500 people) are age 65 and
older, and we want to hear what programs or services YOU
need or would like to see offered closer to home here in the
Shores. Please share your ideas by sending an email to

October 2016

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October 2016


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Four Renovation Surprises
to Watch Out For
Making the decision to renovate your home is easy, but the
renovation itself can be a whole different story. We’ve all
heard accounts from friends about renovation schedules
running dreadfully behind, and it’s true, some circumstances
are impossible to avoid. ere are always going to be some
surprises, but here are four common ones to watch out for:
1. What’s under that wall?
When you remove an interior wall to open up a room, you
might be surprised to find that there is no finished floor
under said wall. You may have to redo or refinish the entire
room’s floor to correct the sliver of concrete that has been
exposed, which takes time and costs more money.
2. Will your plates fit?
Imagine the scenario: You’ve just installed a beautiful, brand
new set of standard 12” depth wall cabinets in your kitchen.
ey look great, but you might be surprised to discover they
only have a clearance of about 10.5”. Which means your
11” Pottery Barn dinner plates won’t fit. If you have large
plates, consider installing a section of 13” cabinets, or store
your big plates elsewhere.

appliances. is is likely not a problem in Redwood Shores
homes. But in older homes with fewer built-in circuits, this
may require that you upgrade or replace your main electrical
panel, which can be an unexpected expense.
4. Where will the trash go?
e popular sinks of today are deeper than they were twenty
or thirty years ago. After you install your new 10” deep sink,
you might be surprised that your garbage can no longer fits
underneath it. So consider the depth of the sink, the garbage
disposal below it, and ultimately where you want to put your
trash can. If you love the look of a farmhouse sink, you may
need to put your garbage elsewhere..

(Liza Riguerra is an interior designer who
lives in the Shores.)

Did you Know...

... that EVERY residence in the Shores
is covered by Covenants, Codes &
Restrictions (CC&Rs)?
Whether you live in one of our many
Home Owners Associations (HOAs)
or in the original sections of the
Shores, there are CC&Rs on ALL Shores homes!
3. Have enough circuits for that second oven?
When you remodel your kitchen, you may want to add
appliances you didn’t have before, such as a second steam
oven or a beverage cooler. What you may not know is that
you’ll need to add a circuit for each of these new major

Page 8

October 2016


You should have received a copy of the CC&Rs when
you purchased your home. But if you live west of Shell
and NOT in an HOA, that might have been some time
ago. If you need a new copy, email <>.


October 2016

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i t ’ S E LEMEntARy

Hello Redwood Shores Community! We have lots of news
to share with you this month.
Slowing Enrollment Growth (Finally!)
Enrollment continued to “settle” through the first month of
school, and our total enrollment (excluding our preschool
program) is down to 4,200 students as of mid-September.
While this is an increase of 129 students from last year, it is
only three-quarters of the growth projected by our
demographers. So it appears that our growth finally may be
slowing down. Here at the district office, we see this as a
positive development, given the challenges of continued
expansion at our existing school campuses.
Staff Turnover
Staff turnover was significant this past summer. Our total
staff is approximately 300, and we hired 48 new employees
during the spring and summer. is appears to be a regional
phenomenon with many teachers leaving the Bay Area. In
my conversations with other superintendents, a number of
school districts on the peninsula are experiencing unusually
high employee turnover. We are excited about the quality
and experience of our new staff, and we will be working on
ways to improve staff retention.

Sandpiper Facilities Expansion & Environmental Study
We are continuing to plan for an expansion next year at
Sandpiper School, which will introduce two classes of
students in grades 6, 7, and 8. is will allow for more
Redwood Shores students to attend school in the Shores, and
reduce the number of commuters from the Shores to Ralston
Middle School. In late September or early October, the City
of Redwood City is expected to publish the Initial Study
regarding any potential environmental impacts of this project,
including traffic. We do not expect any significant impacts.
When the environmental report is available for public review
and comment, the City will post the Initial Study on its
website. Additionally, I will work with the RSCA to notify
the Shores community, we will
post a link to the report on our
homepage at, and the
City of Redwood City will mail
notices to all property owners
within 500 feet of the project. We
are committed to a fair and open
public review process, and you
may call me at 650-620-2703 with
any questions. ank you!
-- Michael Milliken, Ph.D., BRSSD Superintendent --

Strong Test Scores
Last month, we received the scores of our students’ state tests
in English and math from April 2016. Our proficiency rates
in grades 3 through 8 were 79% and 74% in English and
math respectively, a 4-point increase in both subjects over
2015. While pass rates in the 70’s don’t appear impressive
initially, the new tests are truly rigorous, and our proficiency
rates exceeded the county average by 20 points. Moreover,
our low-income students made 13 and 7-point increases in
English and math over the previous year, and our group of
previously identified English Learner students who are now
fluent in English grew noticeably in size and academic
proficiency—348 students up from 325 in 2015, with
growth of 7 and 5 points in English and math. In sum, our
students are achieving at high levels, and our schools are
making progress closing the achievement gap that exists for
students based on family income and home language.

Since I began my new role as principal this summer, I have
been impressed by Redwood Shores Elementary's skilled team
of educators, supportive family community, and strong school
culture. Students and adults alike embody the school's core
values: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.
I also appreciate the many forms of support our school receives
from the Shores community. Families enliven the campus with
their presence, volunteer power, and commitment to
education. Members of our PTA and Executive Board work
together to develop a culture of school-family partnership, host
events, organize volunteers, and provide enrichment for our
students. We are also fortunate to receive School Force
donations that help make our programs exceptional.
I am passionate about providing a
safe and respectful environment for
diverse young learners and a
supportive environment for teachers
and students alike. It is our privilege
to foster a top-notch experience for
the children of Redwood Shores. I
look forward to forging relationships
with community members and can
be reached at 650-806-8060 or
Annie Cahoon, Principal, Redwood Shores Elementary

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Anna Ow
RH centerfold


e PILOT October 2016

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October 2016


RWS Library Seeks Input on Programs


e Redwood Shores Library is actively seeking input on
possible new programs and events that Shores residents would
like to see hosted at our library. Please share your ideas by
sending an email to <> or attend an evening
brainstorm session at the library on Wednesday, October 26th.

Heart Walk Around Redwood Shores

e American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk Redwood City event will take place on ursday, October 20th
from 11:30am - 1:00pm. Participants are instructed to park at
the Belmont CalTrain Station and take a participant shuttle to
the start line at Marine View Park (beside Oracle). e Heart
Walk offers a 3 mile or a 1 mile course in Redwood Shores. For
course maps or additional details, go to

OktobeRun Returns to the Shores

For the 6th year, runners taking on OktobeRun will be
coursing through Redwood Shores on Saturday, October 29th
in an attempt to improve their personal best times, while
enjoying a beautiful fall day on the San Francisco Bay Trail.
e race has become a well-regarded event drawing
participants from around the Bay Area and across the country.
Runners love the mostly flat, incredibly scenic course.
OktobeRun is a fundraiser to support enrichment programs
funded by the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)
for Redwood City public schools. OktobeRun promises to be
a good day for runners, the RCEF, and Redwood Shores. To
learn more or sign up for the race, visit

October 2016

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What’s Happening
Behind Those Walls?

by Harvey Radin
As you're driving, walking, jogging or bicycling around
Redwood Shores and you see the office buildings here, do
you wonder what's going on inside? No doubt about it, there
must be a lot of commerce and enterprise underway in those
buildings, when you consider the products and services that
are being developed right here in our Shores community.
Hey! When you think about state of the art, we've got it.
We're right there with the others in Silicon Valley, Santa
Clara and San Jose. Among the many businesses in the
Shores, there's a company, for example, specializing in
account aggregation for the banking industry. Another firm
is focusing on financial planning and analytics.
ere's a major interactive entertainment software business
here creating games and videos with lots of action and fun.
You know... the games and videos featuring athletes in all
kinds of sports like football, basketball and hockey. And
there's a former NFL coach, that legendary guy named
Madden, featured in many of the products produced by this
Shores-based company. Also here in our community, there's
a mobile game maker creating a host of games like Dream
City: Metropolis and Dragon Story. And there's a provider
of global mobile connectivity and a company specializing
in a cloud-based management solution.
We have data application security going on here, as well as
companies that are developing digital security and global
equities research products. And a company that's providing
the combination of tools and services for creating,
distributing and monetizing online TV.
One of the world's largest tech companies is here creating
computer hardware systems and enterprise software
products. ere's a sleek America's cup yacht out in front
of this company's headquarters in Redwood Shores.
Pretty impressive, that lots of state-of-the-art products and
services are being developed right here. We'll be talking
more about local commerce and enterprise in future articles,
because we're just scratching the surface.
So, as you're enjoying the tranquil nature of our community
along Bay Trails, lagoons and sloughs, consider all the totally
cool work underway by the people who are in business here.
(After a career in corporate
communication, Harvey Radin wrote
books and articles about public opinion
and PR. His articles have been published
in Business Insider, American Banker
and regional news media. e Radins
have lived in the Shores since 1984.)

Page 14 October 2016 e PILOT

by Monique Seibel
Everyone was immersed in the goings-on in Rio, so what better
theme for the RSTC’s August tournament than the Olympics?
e format was team tennis, and team names were inspired by
Olympic sports. e Swimmers were captained by Karen
Brodersen, the Gymnasts by Kathi Williams, the Equestrians
by Florie Anglin, and the Volleyballers by Jan Porter.
Not all the teams had an equal number of men and women,
so organizing the tournament took a bit of planning. ere
was the occasional odd pairing, where a man had to play in a
women’s doubles set or a woman had to play in a men’s doubles
set. Everyone was a good sport about it, since the goal was
making sure everyone got to play four to five sets. e games
were competitive and fun, and, except for a few sets that ended
in 8-0 and 7-1, the mostly 4-4 scores showed that teams were
well matched in terms of ability. Credit for that goes to Kathy
Miles, who organized the tournament this month.
After tennis came the barbecue, which takes place every
August immediately following the tournament. It was very
relaxed and enjoyable, with attendees sharing stories of their
summer travels. First prize was awarded to the Swimmers
(Karen Brodersen, Barb Urrutia, Gary Durr, Iván Quiñones
and Jim Schwartz), who each received a $10 gift card to Zalles
Racquet Sports in Foster City. e Gymnasts and the
Equestrians tied for second place, each only five points behind
the first place winners.
anks go to tournament director June Walker, and especially
to Kathy Miles, who as the organizer did the draw, came up
with the team names, and assigned players to teams. anks
also to Kathi Williams and Jan and Bob Porter for courtside
refreshments, to Ruth and Phil Waters for the barbecue (ribs,
pulled pork and chicken), and of course to all who brought
pot luck dishes—all kinds of salads, plus madeleines and a
lemony Bundt cake. Gary Durr even provided music. Finally,
thank you to Karen Brodersen for doing the reporting.
Coming up this month will be an open play on October 8
and the tournament on October 15. You must be a member
to play in a tournament. For schedules, information, or to
join, visit Let’s play tennis!


October 2016

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20% OFF for
(Van Available)

(650) 921-2038

Does Your Ad Belong Here?
Classified 30 words ...$45

(+$2.00 each additional word)

Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant

Providing tax preparation and planning,
accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience
Shores Resident

Call Kerman at 650-291-4219

Silvia’s Housecleaning Service
License #22085 - Bonded and Insured

1/8 Page or
Business Card ART ...$95

References available on request

email <>


History Museum Continues Its Free First Fridays Program
on October 7th and November 4th. Craft projects for preschool
kids at 11am and free admission all day (10am - 4pm). For
additional details, visit

Serving the Shores for 21 years

(415) 860-6988

Redwood Shores Handyman

No job too small, can do almost anything.
Redwood Shores Resident

Call Scott 650-464-3276

or email

e Congregational Church of Belmont will present its 34th
annual Chocolate Fest on October 14th and 15th this year.
For details and tickets, go to
Stop by the San Carlos Airport on Saturday October 22nd
from 10am - 3pm for our 4th Annual Airport Day. Details
available at

St. Mark Fun Fest, Saturday, October 22 , 10am - 3pm!
Come join us for games, contests, yummy carnival food, face
painting, photo booth, bingo and more! Something for all
ages. 325 Marine View, Belmont. For more info, contact the
parish at 650-591-5937.
Register and Vote! Visit to make sure
you’re registered to vote, and ready to participate in the 2016
elections. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th!
Give Blood | Save Lives -- Blood Centers of the Pacific will
host another Donation Event at the Redwood Shores Library
on Sunday, November 27th from 12pm to 4pm.

Page 16 October 2016


Excellent service, good references.
Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406

High Quality Licensed Child Care & Preschool in the
Shores. Chinese Immersion and Montessori Program.
Enrichment Curriculum. Nutritious Food.
Convenient Location. Experienced Teachers.


(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)

– Lynn Kathleen Adams

October always brings some of our best weather to the SF Bay
Area, as any good Californian knows. e days are usually
bright and sunny, and then our wonderful fog creeps under
the Golden Gate Bridge and brings cooling relief to the many
microclimates adjacent to the Bay. It’s great hiking or cycling
weather, or for visiting with friends and watching your favorite
Saturday college football and Sunday NFL games.
is is a great chili recipe that is easy to make, fragrant while
simmering away, and yummy for a good mid- afternoon lunch
or early evening dinner. And it combines two family favorites
– chili and nachos! What more could you possibly ask for?

4 poblano peppers
2 large jalapeno peppers
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 pounds lean ground beef (no more than 10% fat)
1 large onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon cumin
1 tablespoon coriander
1 tablespoon smoked sweet paprika
2 tablespoons chili powder
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon kosher salt
¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
¼ cup tomato paste
1 12-ounce bottle beer
(Negra Modela or another Mexican Beer is great)
2 cups beef stock
2 14-ounce cans kidney beans, rinsed and drained
1 bag corn tortilla chips
1 16-ounce can spicy refried beans
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 Fresno red chili pepper
½ cup pickled sliced jalapeno peppers
2 green onions, sliced

Place the poblano peppers and jalapeno peppers on a baking
sheet and broil them until the skin is blackened. Place the
charred peppers in a bowl, and cover with plastic wrap until the
peppers are cool enough to handle. Peel, stem and seed the
peppers, and place into the bowl of a food processor and pulse
until the mixture is pureed.
While the peppers are roasting, heat the olive oil in a large Dutch
oven. Add the meat and brown well. Add the onions, garlic, and
cook until the onions are softened. Add the cumin, coriander,
paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, and cook
until fragrant, about one minute. Add the tomato paste and cook
for another minute. Add the beer, and let it bubble a minute or
two to cook off the alcohol. Add the beef stock, kidney beans
and pureed peppers, and cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until the
chili is thickened and the flavors have combined.
Place the chili in a casserole dish (your serving dish of choice)
and top it with the tortilla chips. Dot the tortilla chips with the
refried beans, and add the shredded cheese. Place the chili topped
nachos in a preheated 400°F oven until the beans are warm and
the cheese has melted. Garnish with sliced peppers and green
onions. Serve with one of your favorite ice cold beers and enjoy!
(Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)

October 2016

Page 17


Become a Member!
is month we began our membership drive for 2017.
(Many of you had asked us to move our schedule up to avoid
the November & December holidays season.)
If you haven’t received our Membership letter yet, help us
avoid the holiday rush, too. Simply tear off the form
above, fill it out, and mail it with your check for $45. Yes,
that’s all…just $45 to support over 45 years of RSCA’s
service to the Shores!
We’ve fought many battles to maintain the quality of life
we enjoy here on “our little island.” Incorporated in 1970,
RSCA has been working for over 45 years to make – and
keep – the Shores a GREAT place to work and live.

WHY Become a Member?

• If you read e PILOT (delivered at no cost to you)
each month, you should join RSCA.
• If you believe events like our Halloween Parade,
Summer Concerts in Marlin Park, and other holiday
events contribute to the quality of life and value of
our Shores community, you should join RSCA.
• Especially if you or your children, grandchildren,
nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends of the family
participate in any of our community events, you
should join RSCA.
• If you believe a geographically distinct community
like the Shores needs a dedicated voice and advocate
for our unique issues, you should join RSCA.

Page 18 October 2016


Join RSCA as a Volunteer!

If you are reading this article, most likely you live or work
in Redwood Shores. Redwood Shores is a terrific place.
is area did not become this way without the attention
and devotion of the Redwood Shores Community
Association. For over 45 years, RSCA has been working
hard to elevate, maintain, and enhance the Shores, and
the results have been tremendous. You have an
opportunity to be a part of Redwood Shores’ future.
e Community Association could really use some help.
is is a volunteer organization, and we are looking for
new members interested in getting involved with
Redwood Shores matters and events. Whether it be in
serious matters such as negotiating with the Redwood
City Council on developments that affect the Shores, or
more light-hearted interests such as planning events such
as holiday entertainment or the annual Levee Clean-Up,
becoming involved in RSCA is a rewarding experience.
If you have an interest in becoming part of the Board,
please let us know. We try to keep the time investment to
a minimum – the Board only meets once a month, and
some aspects of RSCA’s involvement do not even require
meeting attendance. Let us know your skills or interests
and we can help you find a way to be involved.
We all want to keep Redwood Shores as one of the most
desirable places to live on the Peninsula. If everyone could
just give a little of your time, we can keep it that way. Can
you help? If so please email <> and let
us know what you are interested in.


October 2016

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(back cover)
Travel Advisors
? ? AUGUST ? ?