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Al Joshua Rei Cabrera


Last Saturday, we held discussions all about Les Miserables and Enemy Of the People. Based on
what I understand, it’s about honesty and truth, for example, in the Les Miserables, like Jan Valjean, He
revealed his true identity on the courty in saving a person from being convicted due to false identity
because he promise to himself that he will live a honest life, Also in the Enemy Of the People, he revealed
the information on the townspeople about the contamination in the public health bath which would help
the income of the town and protect the people to suffer the diseases that they would contract from the
As a student and a citizen of this country, I realized that honesty is a very big duty or obligation
specially for those who governs and leads this country because without honesty, it only results of
corruption and lack of unity, I disseminates the equity of the people on the country. Progress will never be
properly implemented because hand in hand honesty and truth can bring the best out of the government
and probably motivate the people to bring cooperation among each other

In perception a lot of people don’t believe that honesty is the proper way for the countries future
due to believing that there is no hope in changing the countries current situation on corruption and the
corruption is like a disease that can easily spread and inquired if you are in power and authority. In the
other asides, the government is afraid to reveal the truth on their positions because it would endangered
their position and power, other government officials who knows the truth and implies it as a leader has a
barrier on telling the truth because he/she is afraid of leading them to be demise on the politics that will
affect their lives/