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Mobile : +92-3225291249

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

A result oriented professional having 5 years experience in planning and executing
HVAC, Life Support systems and Fire Protection systems; having hands on
experience in managing and delivering small to Large scale projects through strong
management and leadership skills; seeking a challenging role where I can use my
accumulated experience, expertise and exposure to ensure the success of the project.

Zeeshan Ejaz, B.E (Mech. Eng.)

Cell: +92-3225291249


as-built drawings. ASME B16.) Cell: +92-3225291249 Mail: Zeeshan_ejaz@ymail.  Calculations of HVAC system. shop drawings.  Practiced and familiar with ASME IX.E (Mech. B. Fire Pumps etc  Installation of Fire detection systems like: Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm & CO system etc. and drawings. Psychrometric .  Prepare submittals.  Keep a proper documentation for all site activities.Present Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Zeeshan Ejaz.  Engineer In charge of all phases of HVAC projects installation. submittals. ASME B31.3.  Total management on site & attend the project management meetings  Coordination and supervision of testing and commissioning activities.  Installation of fire protection systems like: Fire Sprinklers. CAREER HISTORY: Mechanical Engineer July 2012 . Eng. Pipe Sizing for HVAC and Hydraulic systems.  Coordination of all phases of HVAC projects installation.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KEY COMPETENCIES:  Practiced and familiar with relevant ASHRAE and SMACNA standards. Bill of material.5 etc. Duct sizing. Design of Piping network.  Technical liaison with Consultants and contractors.

and evaluate the work of consultants.  Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the . review.E (Mech.  Identification/Checking of design documents prepared by other sections. B. Fire Protection and over pressurization systems. checking of RARs and Bills.  Plan.  Regular Inspection of Installation of Mechanical equipment at sites.  Organize own work. Zeeshan Ejaz. managing and delivery of multiple projects in due time. My responsibilities included but not limited to  Preparation of Design documents for HVAC.  Maintenance of all types of Mechanical and mainly HVAC machinery installed at sites. and meet critical deadlines.  Planning.  Use tact and discretion in dealing with those contacted in the course of the work. contractors. Pakistan Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is one of the largest Engineering Organization of Pakistan operating different kinds of Engineering Projects all over the country. organize.  Interaction with contractors. Eng.  Prepare and deliver effective oral presentations.) Cell: +92-3225291249 Mail: Zeeshan_ejaz@ymail.PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Mechanical Engineer (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) Islamabad. and others. set priorities.

Zeeshan Ejaz.Major Assignments completed  Installation of 650 TR capacity Chilled water HVAC system  Design and Installation of 4 x 60 TR capacity HVAC system  Coordination and Execution of allied mechanical systems  Maintenance of HVAC systems and coordination of operational requirements of above mentioned HVAC and mechanical systems. Eng.E (Mech. .) Cell: +92-3225291249 Mail: Zeeshan_ejaz@ymail.