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Amisy Farming Machine supplys all kinds of farming machine from
Treshing Machine to Tillage Machine.
Amisy Corn Harvesting Machine:
Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester
Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester
Trailed Corn Harvester
Self-propelled Corn Harvester
1. Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction
This corn harvester is a kind of small harvester mainly used for harvesting corn cob
and maize cob with or with out husk, which can be selectable. And it is very
convenient for corn harvesting farm work. It is the unique corn harvester in China
and only our factory has the techniques that is entitled to manufacture it. We have
lots of patents and certificates to prove its high quality.

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Features
1. The harvester can reap two rows of corn and is a combine harvester, realizing
corncob picking, (stripping), conveying, assembling, uploading and straw smashing.
2. Corn picking and straw crushing can be done simultaneously, so no corn staw
being flattened by wheels.
3. It is a post-open type corn harvester with multi-functions; the first choice for small
corn plot harvesting.
4. Low labor intensity due to its fully hydraulic process of header lifting and corn
5. Reasonable structure with small turn radium, wide visual field for the driver,
flexible operation.
6. Great adaptability, high durability, low power consumption, high efficiency, good
performance, safe operation, easy maintenance and small investment.
7. This machine has won a leading position in domestic and abroad corn harvesting
machinery field and can satisfy the requirements of different users.

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Safe Operation
1. Make a survey of roads and fields before operation to sign the dangerous areas
and barriers.
2. Maintain the harvester after shutting off the power; the header should be lifted
and should be supported for stability by the safety stand or the heel block.
3. When discharging the corn, no putting in the corncob storage bin with hands or
other tools.
4. The header should be lifted to the highest and locked when do the transfer to
other fields; no carrying products by the header.
5. Check if the driver seat is firm and safe.

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Structure
It is composed of a header, a driving mechanism, a conveying and lifting mechanism
and a corncob storage bin. And there are 2 types of this machine, one with stripping
system and one with no stripping system.

Available row
Row spacing
Cutting width
Working Productivity
Oil consumption
Grain tank
Maximum Unloading grain height
Unloading grain
Minimum ground clearance
Cutting platform lift and down
Stubble height
Raceme loss rate
Grain broken rate
Straw shredding qualification rate
Shelling rate
Total loss rate
Dimension (L×W×H)

4*2 Wheel tyre Self-propelled whole-feeding
48 kw 65hp
2 rows
450-750 mm
1350 mm
3-5 mu/h 0.2-0.34 Hectare/h
≦30 kg/ Hectare
1.8 m3
1.4 m
Hydraulic, unloading in side
≦80 mm
5300 x 1650 x 2850 mm




2 sets/40ft HQ

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Technical Data

2. Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction
Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction
This is a professional corn harvester used for harvesting corn/maize cobs without
husk (it is equipped with stripping system). It is independently developed by our
company, employing advanced European technology that has been granted national

patent, learning advanced home technology as well as combining our own
development experience.

Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Highlights
1. It is a combine corn harvester with reaping 3 rows corn, finishing corncob picking,
stripping, conveying, assembling, uploading and corn straw crushing synchronously.
2. Self-propelled machine, hydraulic step-less speed adjustment.
3. Cutter bar hydraulic control lifting, good adaptability of harvesting height and row
4. Huge grain tank, hydraulic control turning, high efficiency and time-saving.

5. Compact structure, high agility, low harvesting loss rate with few
6. Corn stalk can be returned back to the field as customer required.
7. Equipped with reversing radar, improving the driving safety.
8. Suitable for large area/land corn harvesting with large capacity.

How Does a Corn Combine Harvester Work?
Modern corn combine harvester performs corncob picking, stripping, conveying,
assembling, uploading, corn straw crushing and more as it is driven through the
fields. And the harvester is working as following: separating cobs from the stalks,
cleaning the cob, ransporting cobs into the hopper and discharging the hopper of the

Three-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Specification
Working rows
Total loss rate
Broken rate
Roughage content
Dimension (L×W×H)
Oil consumption

self-propelled corn combine harvester + peeling
≤30Kg/ hm2

Ground clearance


Maximum unloading height


Grain tank

2.5 m3

3.Introduction to Trailed corn Harvester
The Trailed corn harvester is a new-type special machine meticulously developed by
our company. It refers to the machines that suspend the harvester on the tractor to
be integrally formed with the tractor. The machine is featured by low losing rate,

high efficiency etc., thus it has won a leading position in both domestic and abroad
corn harvest machinery field and could satisfy various requirements of different

Trailed Corn Harvester Features
1. Multifunction: With a knapsack structure, it can complete the whole process of
picking corncob, conveying and gathering corncob into boxes, hydraulically and
automatically unloading grain and other functions at a time.
2. Strong Adaption: It can harvest corn with different plant row spacing of various
and different corn ear height.
3. Labor Saving: It releases people from busy physical labor, saves people the
problem of hard work in the hot sun.
4. No land limit. The flexible design makes the small corn harvester move freely in
hilly and mountainous farmland.

How Trailed Combine Harvester Works
As one improved corn harvesting machine, it’s distinct from any other kind of
harvesters. Consisting of two parts including cutter and the tractor. The cutter can
be mounted on most types of tractors (small size). It works with the process of
picking cobs, transporting cobs into the container,cobs peeling, corn straws grinding
and peeled cobs assembly. Compared with self-propelled corn harvester, the tailed
ones are easier to operate and with lower consume of fuel.

Backpack Corn Harvester Structure Characteristics
1. Mini Machine body: The machine body is relatively small, so there is no
restrictions to the planting spacing and no need to clear the way. Thus it can be
widely applied to harvest corn in plain regions, hilly regions and corn interplanting

2. Hydraulic Header: The machine has good generality to larger upper and lower
slopes and adaptation to different crops because of the header that is driven by
hydraulic power.
3. Hydraulic Discharging Device: The corncobs bin is also powered by hydraulic
pressure. The capacity is large, so there is no need for frequent discharging which
would contribute to high efficiency.
4. Synchronization: The Turning type elevator rises and falls synchronously with
cutting platform which would avoid the bluntness of the spike. At the same time, it
would strengthen the adaptability to uneven height of corn ear. Compared with the
self-propelled corn combine harvester, the knapsack one is relatively mini, so it can
be used for the small plots. The knapsack model could use the existing tractor. The
investment is small and is easy to recover. It should be the best choice with the
excellent work mobility and maneuverability.

Backpack Corn Harvester Technical Data


Matched Power


≥13.23 kw

450-750mm 5880×1550×2600 mm 920kg


≥36.8 kw
≥56.8 kw

550-900mm 6400×1850×2900 mm 1750kg
450-700mm 7200×2200×3150 mm 1800kg

Line Spacing

Overall Dimensions Total Weight

Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction

Hot sale Corn Combine Harvester
Another big news for farmers! With years of experience, we have introduced the
2013 hot sale product---corn combine harvester, featured by compact structure,

reliable performance and flexible operation, this corn harvesting equipment has
gained good feedback from customers. It incorporates a self-propelled structure to
finish the whole corn processing, get the corn cobs from the plants at a time. With
large capacity side tumbling corncob bin, the corn combine harvester has brought
boon to farmers.

Combine Corn Harvester Structure and Function
This self-propelled corn harvester is driven by tractor and suitable for large farmland
working. Consisting of chassis, cutter, transmission device, hanging device and
stripper, etc. It can realize the function of picking, stripping, conveying, assembling,
unloading and straw crushing.

Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester Highlights
1. The Corn harvester is an integral and multifunctional combine harvester which can
accomplish the whole process of stripping, conveying, peeling, storage and straw
crushing efficiently at a time.
2. The corn combine harvester is equipped with a secondary recovery equipment to
enhance the comprehensive work efficiency. Also, it has adopted the newly designed
gearbox which can facilitate the choice of appropriate working speed and improve
work efficiency.
3. The luxurious cab is equipped with digital instruments and meters and an auto
gear shifting mechanism which make driving more comfortable.

Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester Structure Advantages
1. The header equipped with a transmission box and a novel stripping mechanism
enjoys high harvesting reliability and efficiency. Also the open-type header enclosure
gives convenience for auxiliary work in maintenance, regulation and repair.
2. The spiral crusher is with intersectional moving cutting and fixed cutting, so it
would produce short crushed straws and leave lower stubbles.
3. The advanced stem-drawing of roll type stripping mechanism has high efficiency
as well as small damage to corncob and kernels.
4. The peeling device adopts the alternate configuration of rubber rolls, iron rolls,
spiral equal-height rolls and other advanced technology to simplify the whole
structure and achieve high work efficiency.
5. The enhanced adjustable rear axle and hidden rolling ladder give it good
adaptability and high reliability.
6. The novel grain bin structure and enlarged fuel tank are good to prolong the work
time. In addition, the grain bin is hydraulically driven to turn and discharge corn
automatically.The corn combine harvest is the 2013 hot sale product. It releases
farmers from busy corn harvesting, saves manpower and material resources as well
as brings enormous benefits to people. Do not hesitate to take action again, or you
will miss a golden opportunity to make fortune.

How to Choose Suitable Corn Harvester
1. ROI(Return on Investment)There are mainly 3 types of combine harvesters,
self-propelled, backpacked and trailed harvester. Self-propelled corn harvester is
commonly for commercial design with huge size and high price. Trailed type corn
harvester is of long unit, suitable for vast farm land. The backpacked one can be
matched with different motors with high flexibility.
2. Tractor Suitability. If you have got a tractor, you should consider the matchable
type of corn harvesters.
3. How to deal with the corn straws. If you want to crush the straws and use them
for fertilizer, you should choose combine corn harvester, while considering the
straws for other applications, you can choose semi-automatic corn harvester.

Self-propelled Corn Harvester Technical Data

Matched Power

Total Weight

Line Spacing






Overall Dimensions


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