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Before executing customizing task you desire, point it and

go to Edit-Display IMG Activity. Then mark activity.
Go to T.Code se16 and type in CUS_IMGACH table.
Paste IMG Activity and run.
You will see Tcode that belongs to IMG Activity.
SAP SD Tips by: Javier
The most frequently used transaction codes are as follows:
1. VS00 - Master data
2. VC00 - Sales Support
3. VA00 - Sales
4. VL00 - Shipping
5. VT00 - Transportation
6. VF00 - Billing
Others as follows:
At Configuration:
1. VOV8 - Define Sales documents type (header)
2. OVAZ - Assigning Sales area to sales documents type
3. OVAU - Order reasons
4. VOV4 - Assign Item categoreies(Item cat determination)
5. VOV6 - Scedule line categories
6. OVAL - To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type
7. OVLK - Define delivery types
8. V/06 - Pricing
9. V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure
10.OVKP - Pricing proc determination
11.V/07 - Access sequence
1. Customer Master Creation-VD01 and XD01 (for full inclu
company code)
VD02 - Change Customer
VD03 - Display Customer

Contract change · VA21 .Change Order · VA03 .Change Inquiry VA13 .Display Order · VA02 .Change billing document · VF11 .Cancel Billing document · VF04 .Display Vendor invoices by line Delivery · VL02N . VA11 .Display Quotation Billing · VF02 .Customer Account Changes VD06 .Billing due list · FBL5N .Flag for Deletion Customer XD01 .Collective processing of delivery 7. VB11.Create Order · VA02 .Delivery due list .Create Quotation · VA22 .Display Customer 2.VD04 .Display Customer invoices by line · FBL1N . Create Other material ----MM00 3.Change Quotation · VA23 .Scheduling agreement change · VA42 . VL04 .To create material determination condition record 4.Change delivery document · VL04 .Display Inquiry Sales & Distribution Sales order / Quote / Sched Agreement / Contract · VA01 . CO09.Create Customer XD02 .Material availability Overview 5.List of sales orders · VA32 .Modify Customer XD03 .Create Inquiry VA12 .Sales order change · VA05 .Create outbound delivery with ref sales order 6. VL01 .

List of blocked SD documents · VD52 .Material Determination Roll out Roll out is kind of implementation in the sense that.Change shipment · VT70 .· VKM5 .List of outbound deliveries for goods issue · VL06P . VKM4 . if an implementation is already done for a country the same settings would be setup for the new country for which the roll out is being carried out. working only on the small differences between the companies: eg: printouts. Some minor settings specific to that new country are anyway setup again.Output for shipments General · VKM3.. A roll-out project takes the main customizing/programs done for a company an adapts it to the new company. logos.Cancel goods issue · VT02N . company code. Incase of India additionally you will have to do CIN Settings. The rollout project usually means upgradation from previous . Major part of the already carried out settings are implemented for the new country based on the previously carried out implementation.List of deliveries · VL06G .List of sales documents · VKM1 ..List of outbound deliveries for picking · VL09 .

Then from clients side User Acceptance Testing will be there.Then we will have Power User Training with all the documents we have to prepare. Then we will have Integration Test 1 & 2. This is Called Rollout Project.You prepare the FS for all the output forms and sometimes you may migrate the old output programs. Then once that BBP is signed by the client then you prepare the Config plan document which will combine the organisation structure of all the modules and once it is signed by the client then you start your configuration in development client. Client had already implemented and using SAP. Once we get the sign off then we plan for data migration activities.It could be at Locally or Globally. In Simple the Roolout Project is like.The same is moved to quality client later.Most of the times the business processes remains the same and organisation structure also remain the same.Then you will unit testing after all the configuration is over for all the relevant business cycles. My rollout project started with Business Blue Print or template as it is called.But my rollout was more like a implementation with lot of new requirements. In the New Plant they want to Use / Implement system to newer version of sap.You can tell it is a copy paste job from previous system to new system. The Difference between Implementation and Rollout Project is . Ex:.Client is having 6 Plant and purchased / Established New Plant.

The client will be givng the codes and discriptions etc. Means you are doing a new Addition or Extension to the Existing One. We could advise a Code ( Four Digit Code) and Discription to the client. But In Rollout Project you no need to do all these things.Implementation: As a Funtional Consultant.. we have to study the Business of the client and have to do from the Scrath and even if you are creating any New Sales Organisation. .