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BMW E46 M3 AFE Magnum Force CAI stage 1

Installation Guide

2014 ver 1.0

Author: Stefan Yotz

skip to step 12.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . Lastly. allowing anyone who can turn a wrench to be successful. A cold air intake is a tremendously economical way of both improving stock performance and how your car 2014 ver 1. AFEpower. Goal: Work through the CAI S1 kit installation and make it simple and easy.. It’s temping. the MF intake system scoop and MF torque booster tube. I won’t repeat all of the posted statistics as you can refer to them here. At peak it adds 11 horse power and 10 pounds of torque which is a dramatic increase you can both hear and feel. you can complete a significant upgrade to your car that you are going to both hear and feel. do yourself a favor as you get in and out of your car multiple times: DO NOT put tools in your pocket. The Advanced Flow Engineering cold air intake stage 1 is a substantial change from the OEM airbox design and filter. but one wrong move and you can punch a screwdriver through your seat. Adding real horsepower to a car as well designed as the BMW M3 can be a challenge. DON’T DO IT.Before you start: The BMW e46 M3 is an incredible work of automotive art and mechanical design. don’t force anything and don’t rush. but this product actually does it. Assumptions: The example used for this DIY is a 2004 BMW M3 convertible though other models will be identical or very similar. For an hour of time. which you should purchase anyway. Disclaimer: This process worked for me beautifully but that doesn’t mean it will automatically do so for you. The product selector through the AFE website will ensure you get the right CAI for your vehicle. If you do not have these two accessories. but will focus on how it feels and sounds like to have this CAI installed. Work slowly and carefully. This is an excellent place to upgrade your car as the return on investment is very high both in direct value and in the time to do the work and Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) is a fantastic place to start. This install includes two optional accessories in addition to the CAI S1 kit. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for help if you run into a roadblock..

0 Author: Stefan Yotz .2L 54-10461 ¼ 2014 ver 1. nothing like the blues while doing car work) Patience Contacts: Advanced Flow Engineering E46 Fanatics Forum E46 Fanatics Engine and Performance Forum AFEpower.Parts and Tools: Must have: Magnum FORCE Stage-1 PRO 5R Intake System.2L (Blk) 54-10469-B 10mm ratcheting wrench 10mm deep socket Shop work gloves Magnetic screw bowl Lots of light and space Forum information – E46 Fanatics Engine and Performance Forum Music (I recommend BB King. BMW M3 (E46) 01-07 L6-3. nut driver 10mm socket or wrench 13mm socket or wrench ratchet and extension 4mm allen wrench Torx bit T-20 Standard (flat) screw driver Philips (+) screw driver Needle nose pliers Nice to have: Magnum FORCE Intake System Scoop. BMW 3-Series/ M3 (E46) 01-06 L6 54-10468 Magnum FORCE Torque Booster Tube. BMW M3 (E46) 01-07 L6-3.

so clean up the engine space a bit! AFEpower. It will cut down on mess on you and the new parts going into your car.. take this opportunity to wipe down the surfaces and clean up a bit. Starting fully stock. Plus. If you have some old towels or shop rags around.Intake Scoop and Force Tube Installation *Assumptions: Installation order will be intake 2014 ver 1. 1. let’s look at what we have one we pop the hood.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . The picture is of a completely stock M3 and OEM air filter system.. force tube and then the CAI kit but could be done in any order you desire. you know you will want to show the CAI S1 off.

0 Author: Stefan Yotz . AFEpower. 3. Use a flat bladed screwdriver or needle nose pliers. Remove two screws indicated below and set in a safe place.2. gently pull or pry (4) pressure pins securing the intake and set the intake 2014 ver 1. Don’t pull the center pin of the pins out completely.

0 Author: Stefan Yotz . AFEpower. Secure the scoop with the two screws you set aside.4. with the frame post through the center hole of the scoop. 2014 ver 1. Gently pull the shroud forward and slide the scoop behind and down into place.

com 2014 ver 1. Second. Doing so can cause the bar to crack or break when you lower the car. There are no alignment or suspension concerns removing the strut bar while on the ground. I wanted to show all options even though the CAI S1 will be installed next. Congratulations as the scoop is done! Consider marking the progress with an AFE Power sticker! Let’s move onto the Torque Booster Tube but two things to note before we start.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . Set the intake back into position and secure with the (4) pressure pins you set aside. this install will show the factory airbox in stages as this tube can be used with that as well. First. DO NOT remove the strut bar with the car off the ground or on jacks. AFEpower.6.

8. Remove the two 13mm nuts on the right side of the strut bar and set all aside in a safe place. 2014 ver 1. Remove the two 13mm nuts on the left side of the strut bar.0 Author: Stefan Yotz .7.

so I didn’t. and slide into place on the plenum and intake box. Set it aside as you won’t need it again. Loosen both clamps on the factory intake tube and remove it.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . 2014 ver 1. Put both of the new supplied hose clamps onto the tube. (note) Keep both clamps loose to make the S1 install next easier.9. Note: In some cases you can remove the (note) vacuum line from the plenum for more space but I didn’t need to. 10.

0 Author: Stefan Yotz . Put the strut bar back into place and secure both left and right sides with the 13mm 2014 ver 1. Tighten until snug. AFEpower.11. Well done! The torque booster tube is installed and ready for the stage 1 cold air intake.

Remove by squeezing at the indicated arrows. 13.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . BE CAREFUL and I treated mine like it was blown glass.Cold Air Intake S1 Installation 12. AFEpower. Use t-20 torx bit to remove the MAF from the intake box and set aside CAREFULLY! MAF units are notoriously 2014 ver 1. and tuck out of the way. Remove the factory wiring harness from the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.

14. 15.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . setting both aside as you wont need them 2014 ver 1. Remove the front snorkel and loosen the two indicated clamps to release the airbox top. Remove the airbox top and existing airfilter. AFEpower.

Use 10mm socket and remove the (2) bottom bolts. 17. You will not need it 2014 ver 1. Remove the plastic cover from the headlight controller by gently lifting and freeing plastic tabs. AFEpower. Remove the lower half of the airbox from the car and set aside.0 Author: Stefan Yotz .16. I also removed the top nut for more space. Less grime here means less potential grime into the new filter. Remove the rubber mount from the tab. Use this opportunity wipe down the area clean for the new CAI S1.

Secure the aluminum adaptor to the heat shield the (4) M6 x 10mm button head screws provided. AFEpower. using the 4mm allen wrench. Replace headlight controller cover. Tighten top nut if you removed 2014 ver 1. (Note 2) Use 10mm socket and M6 nut and washer to secure the heatshield frame. (Note 1) Use provided nylon spacer on lower tab here.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . 19. Install heatshield and intake into place. secure using 10mm socket with the two bolts you removed.

com 2014 ver 1. not towards the back. Note for install orientation: The opening in the MAF points towards the front of the car. and tighten all clamps using nut driver or standard screw driver.20. Install the aFe filter. and reconnect the wiring harness.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . AFEpower. 21. Install the MAF sensor into the aluminum adaptor using the (2) provided M4 screws.

0 Author: Stefan Yotz . That said taking the work slowly and patiently. I found installing the lowest right screw first helped bring the rest into alignment the 2014 ver 1. check everything again and tighten anything that may have worked loose. 23. Install the aluminum cover with (4) M6 x 12mm button head screws using 4mm allen wrench. Double check all functionality again: check all clamps are snug.22. Congratulations again and enjoy the benefits of the aFe CAI stage 1 system! AFEpower. it isn’t that hard and you saved yourself a healthy amount of money from having a third party or vendor do the install. Look for any “extra” parts left over and if not. the headlight module cover is in place and its rubber socket covers sealed. Button up the car and take it out for a first drive! Congratulations! All in all this isn’t a terribly hard project but just something to take slowly and carefully to ensure everything is done properly. you are done! Clean up and put your tools away. After a few hours of drive time.

Written by Stefan Yotz 5/2014 Unlimited and unrestricted usage granted to all There is no warrantee or guarantee to this guide and is provided in all good faith and best 2014 ver 1.0 Author: Stefan Yotz . Huge thanks to: Advanced Flow Engineering Paul Hardley – Vice President Product Management Ryan Takashima – Director of Marketing & Global Sourcing E46 Fanatics Forum E46 Fanatics Engine and Performance Forum AFEpower.