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Cabrera, Al Joshua Rei. B.


After the death of Jean Valjean, Because of their love, Cossette and Marius got engaged and
finally got on civil marriage because they don’t have enough money to have a church wedding due
to the current crisis in Paris which the stability of the place and the cooperations of the families, in
adittion they had only enough money to for themeselves to enjoy to have a fruitful marriage life,
also he has spent a lot of expenses for his recovery in the hospital, After they got married they
decided to take a vacation as a husband and wife in Philippines because they have always dreamed
of enjoying quality time together with no interference from his obligations in Paris. They planed to
go to visit the only distant relative of Jean Valjean to inform what is currently happening on Paris
and also to realive for his fast recovery. On their journey to the Philippines they had a great time
not just for themeselves to enjoy but to reminisce what they had gone through and realized how
powerful love is in their lives and the lives of the people around them. Marius just wept when he
realized that he never in his widest dreams that he never knew that he will live and overcome death
on the battlefield of the revolution in paris, and the reward of his courage was his beatiful wife not
only her intellegence , but also his simplycity towards people. They cried both and thanked God in
their lives.
Upon arriving at the place of their distant relatives, they had a hard time in finding the the
exact address of Vic, because at the time the only information that they know is the name of the
town the their friend is living, so in order for them to properly pursue their traget, they went the
townhall to find the directory. As they went to townhall they didn’t expect the number of people
flocking the townhall making it busy. They looked for a person and asked why there is too much
people in the townhall, then they found out the town’s mayor was assinated hired by a Spaniard.
They were shocked upon realizing that the man that were searching for is dead, the man
himself is Mr. Vicente Reyes, all of their efforts and expectations where vain, they were in sorrow on
the information that they have found, they lost all their and became pesimistic about their life upon
losting their only answer in living a new life. Upon concluding, they tried to find the family of Mr.
Vic Reyes to have some information.
At the time they got at Mr. Reyes’s Funeral, they decided to go to his family they the agony
and grief that they are feeling and also to introduced themeselves as friends of the late mayor. They
greet each other and shared the bad experiences that they suffered in paris. They also shared what
is their purpose on finding hin and deciding to have vacation in the Philippines

they were fortunate enough to meet the french owner and they ask some tips on how the bussiness revolves or how its being managed . For Mr. Marius was so amazed on the cockfight that he bought a rooster and have fight on the stadium on the very same day. At first Marius and Cosette refused to accept the money but the owner insists on giving the amount of money to the couple. Because he want to help his fellow countrymen that are trying to settle in the philippines. Cosette was so angry that he slapped Marius so hard that the palm of her hand got red. they began to know each other more. The french owner also gave money to Marius and Cosette so they would start their own bussiness in manila. they have helped each other hand-in-hand. they also want to established their own bussiness.They shared that they want to have a relieve on what they had experience on Paris and planning to settle in the Philippines they discover that the Philippines is more peaceful and stable coutry to live that Paris knowing the fact there is a war going and crisis arising. Marius lose all of the money in the match. The Family of Mr. All of the crowd laugh and make a mockery of the rooster of Marius. they always find quality time to have bonding as a couple and ate to the said restaurant. Every week after attending the mass . The couple agreed and accepted the money that the owner is willing to gave. The event on the stadium is helding a cock derby. he later tell the reason why he lose his money. Cosette decided to forgive . On that time. He bet all of the money that he got form the owner of the restaurant. He decided to visit the stadium and there he saw a cockcfight. As weeks past.father. The rooster fought the opponent but still lose the match. Reyes’s family to carry on upon their lives for the couple to have some information in deciding to live in the Philippines The enacted as a family by unity and both of them progressed their goals that they want to achieve. They found out the government is well organized and the prices of commodities are far cheaper than in france. When the time came for Marius to fight his rooster. also It is a Christian Country which they can plan their church wedding. he heard roars and cheers from a nearby stadium. They always go a near French Restaurant in Manila which is Crosant Cafe. Reyes opened a help for them in accomidation to Marius and Cosette for several days and to furthermore know the relation between the couple to their late. Later he decided to go back to Cosette. Marius was so frustrated on his decision to bet all of his money in the cockfight that he decided to commit suicide by jumping in the pasig river. the french owner decide to teach his techniques and managemnet style to the couple. While Marius was walking along the street.

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