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Continuing Academic Success
Talena Sprouse
April 20, 2015
Marilyn West

2 Continuing Academic Success Academic success is a continuous unlimited learning process. Writing Process Writing skills are fundamental for both academic and professional environments. This thesis highlights academic success and how the previous statements learned throughout each passing week will impact this learners' present/future education and career outcome. express a  professional posture and facilitate learning. It is this learner's hope integrity. The method consists of determining the purpose of the journey. researching and analyzing scholarly material have more  successful and less challenging experiences in college. one educational goal at the forefront of this learner is to master the writing process. contribute to improve grades. as well as having clarity and focus in their work.  This skills can be used in a professional environment as well. educational goals set for self. discovering one's learning styles. For example. Integrity and ethics are interchangeable in words and writing. According to Burright (2009). For instance. and ethics comes naturally and not something that a person has to struggle to accomplish. which is vital to advancement in education and career choice. yet serves the same purpose in a person's life outside and inside the classroom or workplace.  Effective writing skills can set students ahead of others. The University of Phoenix (UOP) provides learners resources inside and outside that can be used to help students reach their learning and career goals for successful outcomes. and how academic success can enhance or determine career choice. Writing skills can increase a student’s  capacity to effectively get their points across. while writing a report . students that improve  their abilities in formulating arguments. One important aspect of any educational journey and job career is integrity. Learning to write efficiently and use critical thinking skills will be challenging and rewarding.

 Thus. my learning style is visual. concise. with less frustrations and more accomplishments. After I have learned more about my learning style. In my case. having knowledge of  different learning styles allows students to manage their time wisely and have self­discipline. clear  and be sure to get the main points across. Many classes require intensive writing as a way to  prepare students for the professional world.  Ethical Lens Inventory . My learning drastically improved after I found out how to better use my time.  Learning Style Understanding learning styles allow students to learn in their own way and effectively. such as highlighting my textbook and using videos as a reference guide for  learning. It also improved my  confidence as a student. I have started to use coping methods in order to effectively study  and use my time. having quality writing skills can help not only  while in an academic environment but also contribute in the future professional environment.3 or doing a business strategy plan. it becomes an easier  experience overall.  being able to learn more in less time. It  also diminishes frustration in the learning process as students are able to better understand the  material in class and do better in exams. When students know their learning styles. According to Surjorno (2015). it is essential to keep the writing professional. I can  now concentrate longer and be able to understand the material easier.

and are more likely to succeed. .4 Ethics can help with the decision-making process of critical thinking. Having clear goals helps to keep you focused and organized and directs your energy towards the more important goals. Hirsh. para. People in this lens focus on the right now decisions that will help them achieve their goals. Setting goals can help accomplish tasks easier. 9). You can reduce your stress levels and anxiety by setting clear goals (Morisano. First is referred to as the Right/Responsibilities Lens. Hirsh. Peterson. Pihl. and make decisions based on their consequences. Pihl. which focuses on principals that apply to everyone and are fully aware of their decisions and how it affects others. Educational and Career Goals Studies have demonstrated that goal setting has positive effects on students. I can solve problems ethically and have a better understanding of what process I should follow to accomplish the decision-making process. Second would be the Results Lens. Our personal values will put us in a certain ethical lens. “As a student experiences successful goal attainment. My personal ethical lens is Rights/Responsibilities Lens. The third lens is the Relationship Lens. self-efficacy increases. which refers to people who believe positions of responsibility should be held up to a certain standard and have a good character for their own benefit. The final lens is the Reputation lens. which will help us determine what values are important and allow us to view different ethical problems. this in turn enhances goal commitment and mobilizes the self-regulation of cognitive and motivational resources to facilitate subsequent achievement” (Morisano. 2010. By knowing my personal lens. 2010). Peterson. there are four different types of ethical lens. & Shore. & Shore. Ethics are a personal value that helps us choose between right and wrong. According to University of Phoenix Ethics Game (2011). which seeks fairness and justice in the community and believes everyone should be treated the same.

 it can be difficult for students to stay  motivated. which is my long term goal. Other goals can be achieving great writing skills and  keeping academic honesty.5 Having educational and career goals is a great way to keep students motivated and  focused. In order to achieve my goals. Another useful tool is the ability to connect with other  . students are  able to access employers and increase their skills on how to prepare for an interview and build a  strong résumé. such as learning how to organize. I plan to have a degree in order to  be able to open my soul food chain restaurant. Besides. In order to do that. for example. Short term goals can be planning to do well in a test. format and  cite papers. Long term goals can be to  earn a degree and have a successful career. The University also offers an app that allows students to access several tools on the  go. which offers several  tools for students to improve their writing skills. In my case. which makes learning convenient. University of Phoenix offers several  options for students to continue their academic success. universities are able to motivate students to remain in college by having diverse tools to facilitate learning. a student needs to have a study schedule and use university resources. University Resources Universities have several tools available for students in order to facilitate their continued  academic success. By  following my goals and schedule I will be able to be a successful student and achieve a degree. the campus offers a Center for Writing Excellence. Besides. I keep an organized schedule which includes writing practice and study sessions. especially for first­generation students. According to Petty (2014). According to Petty (2014). setting up specific long and short term goals can help maintaining a concise  schedule. My short term goals  include doing well in my current classes and improving my writing skills. Using the career services.

 which will help them build organized schedules and keep motivated. Quality writing skills can increase student performance and give them an edge  compared to other students and professionals. students can set academic and  professional goals. Besides. the difficult challenge of achieving a degree can be  easier and become a joyful growing experience for students. With these different sets of skills.6 students and alumni to get advice. I personally  use the University calendar to keep my schedule updated and organize my study times. Finally. in  order to achieve continued academic success. discuss career goals and make new connections. students can comprehend their learning style to increase their confidence and more effectively  use their time. as well as keeping an organized  schedule to achieve their goals and make connections that will help them succeed.  . it is fundamental to keep academic integrity and  honesty.    Conclusion T hus. The university offers several different resources  that can help students achieve those quality writing skills. in order to achieve continued academic success.

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