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Cabrera, Al Joshua Rei B.

According to the novel, the first scenario was in France, before the french revolution. It
beggins where Ms. Lucie Manette and Jarvis Lorry are on the way to meet Dr. Manette who is in St.
Antoine, a sabburb in the city of Paris, they went to the winestore of the Defarge. Eventually arrived in
the destination of their objective, they were met by Mr. Defarge whom was a former servant of Dr.
Manette. The Couple Mr. And Mrs. Defarge took care of Dr. Manette after his realese. Uppon arriving,
Lucie Manette was accompanied by the couple along with Mr. Lorry to go the place where Dr. Manette
was accomidated. At first when they saw each other, Dr. Manette didn’t recognize Ms. Lucie Manette due
to the fact that when he is imprisoned , Lucie is just a child. They were shock finding out that Dr. Manette
has mental illness because of the long imprisonment. While he is imprison he developed an obsession of
making shoes, to endure his hardships in the imprisonment.
Eventually after some moments, Dr. Manette recognized his daughter because of their similarities
with his wife, with her long golden hair likewise in then hair that he have in his sleeve during his
imprisonment. They were in tears and so glad to see each other that can’t contain their happiness. They
finally decided to go back to England together to continue the recovery of Dr. Manatte. When they were
about the go on board to ship in England, Charles Darnay manage to see them on their situation, he took
pity on the frail condition of Dr. Manatte and helped them climb aboard the ship and they all went to
In the Second Book of the Novel, the scenarion was in England, it happened after five years
leaving Paris, Charles Darnay was accused of being a spy of the french government, being framed by
Roger Clive and John Barsad. They framed Charles Darnay as a spy who gave secret information to the
french about british forces in the united states. Josh Barnad told the trial court that he can identify or
distinguish Charles Darnay from a distance in any place. Then the defense counsel questioned the claims
of John Barsad, they questioned his claims by asking him if he can really distinguish Charles Darnay to
Sidney Carton who is one of the lawyers of Charles darnay whos has identical features with charles
Darnay. Josh barsad went on to have a hard time identifying and tell apart from Charles Darnay to Sidney

Gaspard made a note on the knife. Lucie eventually knew that Sidney Carton was in love with her from the confession. Since Dr. the illness of Dr. Stryver who has big ambitions married a rich widow with children and he realized his ambitions were unpleasant. In the 14th of July. Who sneaked under the horse carriage. Sydney Carton became a close friend of the family A letter arrived from the former servant of Charles Darney. Manatte was suprised of his real identity. the consequence was he went back to his mental illness of the obsession of making shoes. the father of the child which is Gaspad was shock of the accident. in the street of paris. eventually he recovered before the couple returned on the vacation and thus. Mannatte but he told to stop reaveling the whole truth. the horse carriage of Marquis St. While in England. Charlse Darnay tried to have the approval of Dr. So he made a promise to himself to sacriface for lucie. Marquis St. Manettes on the hand of his daugther. They accidentally struck a child playing in the street. When he arrived in France he was arrested for bein an Aristrocrat and . Madame defarge throw the coin that was given by Marquis St. They arrived at the mansion. Manatte was kept secret from Lucie. The horse carriage went on. Jarvis Lorry eventually found a home and was a close of the Darney’s and Mr. Evermonde. Later that night. he was surprised about the news of the ongoing in France and he was shocked for the force imprisonment of Gabele. Evermonde angry. in the year 1789. He decided to go back to France to free Gabele. On te marriage. On which he was publicly executed. Evermonde told his driver to make it fast. On which he met his nephew Charles Darnay who arrived from england. they had a daugther named after Lucie Manatte. several months after he was arrested and was sentenced to death by hanging. Evermonde was killed by Gaspard on is sleep. The horse carriage eventually arrived at the destination. Which made Marquis St.Charles Darnay was eventually acquitted due to the failure of the accusers to identify charles darnay in a proper way. But Sidney Carton knew that his efforts are futile. the people of France raided the Bastille of France which the Defarge’s are also part of the revolution. Jarvis Lorris and Miss Pross decided to destroy his shoe making tools to stop him from going back to his illness. Evermonde towards the horse carriage. In england. Lucie and Charles began to have a family. A coin was thrown by Marquis St. Manatte and they found out that he was imprisoned here for almost 16 years. And went to the room of St. Evermonde which is his compensation on the death of the child. Gaspard was comforted by defarge of his loss. Charles Darnay told the truth of is real identity to Dr. They discovered and enter the prison cell of Dr. Meanwhile in France.

Dr.denounced for his connection and was force to be prisoned in Paris.The Family of Charles Darney found out the situation of Charles so they tried to go to Jarvis Lorry to help them free him. The court found Charles Darney guilty and was sentenced to death withinin 24 hours. Charles was put in trial in court of France. on the next day he was put on trial again. The people know Dr. After checking the evidence. he visited the prison of Charles Darney. Charles Darney.A Year and months after. Defarge got the information from John Barsard when he visited the wine shop. it describes on how Dr. In the Trial court. he tried to tell it to the authorities but the Evermonde’s improsoned him. he was sentenced to be guillotined. It was latered found out in the book that John Barsard was a long lost brother of Miss Pross but he decided not to go near to his sister but Sydney Carton found out the real identty of John and tried to forced him to cooperate with him or else he will tell the government that he is a English spy. Manatte was suprised for the inclusion of the name in the trial. Manatte because he was considered as a hero for his 16 years of imprisonment. Evermonde and he showed and letter of Dr. Fearing that he might get arrested . he cooperated to him. Manette was used in the trial which because of the book that he used when he was in prison due to the actions of the Evermonde’s. Manatte that was found in the cell on the raid of the Bastile. He disabled him by the use of sleeping drugs so he switch places and sacrifice himself for Charles Darney. in the letter. In the same day. Sidney Carton manage to hear the evil plan of the Defarge’s . Manette found out the crime of the Evermonde’s which he abused a girl and he knewed the crime. On the wineshop of the Defarge’s. Sydney Carton was guillotined for is love to Lucie Manette. Monsieur Defarge who told the court the he is the nephew of St. . Lucie Manatte and Dr. Manatte decided to go to the people and make a plea for te freedom of Charles Darney. The reason why the court charged him guilty was beacause it is proven that Charles was a family of the Evermonde’s. his pleads was succesful and cause the freedom of Charles Datney but later on he was caught again on new charges. The charges were brought by he Defarge’s and the name of Dr. to kill the family of Charles and later he found out that Madame Defarge was the only surviving family member of the victim of the Evermonde’s. Charles Darney was put in the horse carage of his family with cartons paper so he cannot be caught by the police. Sydney Carton told the family of Charles to flea as soon as possible. And the Darney Family continue their lives after the execution away from France.

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