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Dedication to delivery

VALCO Group France. MALBRANQUE and SNRI (Brand names were SERSEG and MM). extension and optimization. TM .… In FRANCE : 58 NUCLEAR REACTORS.… In CHINA : DAYA BAY and LING AO. Globe and Check valves worldwide for the thermal Power Stations.… In KINGDOM SAUDI ARABIA : SHOIBA. Our valves have been delivered to most of nuclear plants and thermal power stations. through its two companies. through its two companies. VALCO France has developed new solutions and has been selected to deliver valves solutions for the conventional island of the Nuclear Power Plant Flamanville 3. for both conventional island as well as some parts of the nuclear island. have supplied Gate.… In SOUTH AFRICA : KOEBERG. obsolescence (replacement of obsolete device).… For most of these plants VALCO Group France provides long term services such as maintenance. MALBRANQUE and SNRI (then companies of the group SEREG Schlumberger). have been deeply involved in the development of valves for the nuclear power plants. Following the development of the new generation of reactors EPR. MEDUPI & KUSILE. VALCO Group France. on all the continents: In BELGIUM : TIHANGE and DOEL.VALCO GROUP FRANCE : INVOLVED FROM THE BEGINING INTO THE THERMAL AND NUCLEAR POWER PROGRAM For more than 100 years. Since 1970 when EDF and the French government launched the nuclear program.


T) TM Steam Turbine isolations.T) Range of Temperatures: from -196°C (Cryogenic) up to 575°C .T) Air lines Compressors safeties (N. on the networks lines of fire (N.T) Fuel oil and Air lines for Diesel Emergency Generators (N) Air lines for valves control (nuclear island) (N) Air Samplings on the cooling system of the alternator (N. GLOBE AND CHECK Thermal Power (T) Nuclear Power Conventional Island (N) Main Applications: Steam lines in the turbine environment (N.LINE OF PRODUCTS GATE.

Limit switches.All type of Materials Standard body materials for all ranges: A216 WCB (with double cert. Backseat (Surface): stellited gr6 or F6 Stem: 13% Cr (for valves with WCB and WC6 body). European Norm (EN) generally used in feed water lines A217 WC6 and WC9 (for steam lines). All type of Options: Pneumatic. A216 WCC). hydraulic or electric actuators. for valves with WC9 or C12A body). position indicators.5 / EN for diameter < 24” ASME B16. A276 gr431. EN A217 C12A (for high temperature or if rating > WC9). EN Seat. EN Pressure seal gasket: graphite with stainless steel anti-extrusion protection Packing: preformed exfoliated graphite ring with top and bottom braided graphite inconel reinforced anti-extrusion ring with corrosion inhibitor All type of Connections Flanged according to: ASME B16.… Dedication to delivery . A638 gr660 (HT. By pass of Equalization. Wedge or disc.47 / EN for diameter > 24” Butt welded or socket welded according to standard.

TEST CAPABILITIES Test benches at ambient temperature water tests air tests helium tests nitrogen tests pressure test pool (pneumatic) at cryogenic temperature Down to -196°C NDE Facilities Dye penetrant Ultrasonic testing X-rays Magnetic particle examination Positive material identification Thickness measurements Hardness testing CUSTOMER’S CERTIFICATION EDF COGEMA ALSTOM AREVA COMURHEX … TM .

ASME B16. B16.ISO 10434. SP55. B16.34.10. EN as per client’s request MSS SP25.5. MESC SHELL… Dedication to delivery .QUALITY CERTIFICATION ISO 9001 – 2000 CE MARKING FIRE SAFE DESIGN BS6755 PART 2 DNV (MSA R-3637) KOREAN REGISTER LLOYD’S REGISTER BUREAU VERITAS TÜV Construction standards API 600 . B16.25 ASME Section VIII. B31.1. SP61. SP82 As per customer’s specifications: CST EDF. Section IX ASTM. EN 12516.

VALCO Gate Valves (wedge or parallel slides) Advantages   Full Best in class Range bore   Auto-cleaning Diam Class of the sealing surfaces (parallel slides)   Perfect sealing on line Bolting Bonnet 2’’ to 66’’ 150 .4500   Insensitive Bonnet Flexible Wedge Double Block & Bleed Bolted Bonnet Parallel Slides Pressure Seal Bonnet TM to the thermal changes (parallel slides) .1500 .2500 .600   Bidirectional Pressure Seal 2’’ to 36’’ 600 .300 .900 .

Parallel slides Pressure Seal Bonnet – Flexible wedge Dedication to delivery .  No risk of stem’s rupture because the stem+ guide is maintained inside the body during the stroke   Packing gland according to the CST EDF nuclear standard   Special expertise in Pressure Seal Bonnet Special design of graphite gasket. with anti extrusion rings in stainless steel. to guarantee a perfect sealing in a very long time Bolted Bonnet .

VALCO Globe Valves Advantages   Optimized KV for extremely limited head losses Best in class Range Diam Class Bolting Bonnet 1/4’’ to 30’’ 150 .900 .1500 .4500 Bonnet Regular Globe or needle type Bellow seal Pressure Seal Bonnet Bolted Bonnet TM   Packing gland according to CST EDF nuclear standard   Body/bonnet gasket of forged globe valves according to flange international standards Regular .Pressure Seal Bonnet Regular .600 Pressure Seal 1/4’’ to 30’’ 600 .Bolted Bonnet .300 .2500 .

no rotation Bellow seal Globe valve for Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant Needle type Forged globe valve for EDF Dedication to delivery .  Linear stem.

900 Pressure Seal 2’’ to 36’’ 1500 .2500 4500 Bonnet choice of Turbine Protection Swing Check Valves: . low pressure drop (counterweight) . no shock (rotatif damper for large ND) .Disc free.Fast closure and stopped in security position close (pneumatic actuator)   Tilting disc design to follow the pump flow   With counterweight or with damper to reduce disc slamming and water hammer Swing type Lift type Pressure Seal Bonnet Bolted Bonnet Fire safe Non slam tilting disc   Packing TM in graphite .VALCO Check Valves Advantages Best in class   Large Range Diam Class Bolting Bonnet 2’’ to 48’’ 150 .300 600 .No vibration.

  Anti rotation device: To avoid any damage between the disc and the supporting disc Bolted Bonnet .Lift type Pressure Seal Bonnet -Swing type Dedication to delivery .

such as very high pressure. Class 4500 DN 6’’ driver of large size. high temperatures or particular functions for supercritical coal fired Power plants or nuclear applications. Development of Safety Relief Valve for Power Plants VALCO can design and manufacture specific items for Nuclear Market Special Ball Valves for Special Globe Valve for Pressure relief valve for AREVA Leak free man-hole AREVA. high for nuclear containers Control of the world’s pressure valves into the largest pneumatic press Nuclear Island for Areva forged nuclear equipments TM .VALCO Research and Development: VALCO Group France R&D engineers design regularly special valves with specific constraints.

A dedicated team of Power expert technicians. Their polyvalence and high skills knowledge allow them to perform preventive and curative maintenance for any type of valves and actuators. available 7days/7 all around the world. VALCO VALVES SERVICES is also recognized as an official Training Center.To keep the high performances of your Gate. Globe and Check valves. including butterfly valves and control valves. Coordinated from our Sales offices in SNRI. Our specialists are fully qualified for all interventions on nuclear classified valves QS-IPS. the VVS team can operate and support you in any Power Plant in the world with genuine spare parts. our dedicated Servicing Company VALCO VALVES SERVICES is able to propose a specific Support plan according to your Maintenance policy. Dedication to delivery .

France is made up of 3 brand names (SNRI SAS. Valco Group France produces valves and related products as well as After Sales services for applications world-wide in Marine. Energy & Industry fields. Oil & Gas Down-Stream. Valco Group France’s product range contains well-known and established valve brands mainly manufactured on-site as well as providing complementary parts & spares. Malbranque SAS & Valco Vales Services SAS) dedicated to service & MALBRANQUE SAS Member of Valco group Chemin du Treuil CS 40107 16700 Ruffec FRANCE Tel: +33 545 29 60 00 TM Dedication to delivery Valco group based in Ruffec. . We also provide valves which cover Sour Service as well as many types of special applications where quality product requirement matters. Australia & Malaysia + 1 Sales Office-Factory in South Africa.OUR FACTORY OUR SALES OFFICES OUR AGENTS SNRI SAS Member of Valco group Chemin du Treuil CS 40107 16700 Ruffec FRANCE Tel: +33 545 29 60 00 sales@snri. Valco Sales Offices in Abu VVS SAS Member of Valco group Chemin du Treuil CS 40107 16700 Ruffec FRANCE Tel: +33 545 29 60 21 executive@valco-valves-services. Our long experience has demonstrated our capability to integrate in our valve line the combination of high pressure with very low or high temperatures.