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Assignment 1

Due Oct. 6th

1. What are the purposes of this document?
2. What are the IEC 62351 series, and what is the target of each document of the series?
Differentiate the documents depending on the target of each document.
3. Read the chap 5 of this document. Suppose the following components consist of the IEC 61350
communication system:
 master station
 control center
 field devices: MU, PT, CT, etc.
 customer substation
Now based on your knowledge of the substation operation and IEC 61850, do the following works.
 Draw the communication networks which comprise these components.
 And show the possible operation scenario. For this purpose, explain what kinds of messages
and how these messages would be exchanged between these components.
 List no less than 10 possible cyber attacks for this operation scenario. When you answer this
question, try to organize the attacks in category and not to scatter them randomly.
4. As for the GOOSE and SMV message, how different are these messages from MMS messages from
the point of security requirements and measures? Why is that? Then which security measures is
applied to achieve these security requirements for the GOOSE and SMV messages?