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1. What is the biggest Catholic school in Asia?

a.) University of Santo Tomas
c.) De la Salle University
b.) Kyoto Notre Dame University
Saint Joseph University
2. How many Pope's have visited UST?
a.) One
c.) Two
b.) Four
d.) Three
3. Odd one out: which of these UST titles is not granted?
a.) Catholic
c.) Royal
b.) Democratic
d.) Pontifical
4. What was the name of The Growling tigers before?
a.)Golden Nuggets
c.) Glowing Goldies
b.)Golden Feline
d.) Yellow Jackets
5. When did UST accepted female enrolees?
a.) 1920's
c.) 1930's
b.) 2000's
d.) 1990's
6. True or False: UST is the biggest school in the city of Manila?
a.) True
b.) False
7. The Varsitarian is the oldest student publication in the Philippines?
a.) True
b.) False


c 5.) True c.a 7.) False 9.a 9.b 4.) True b.8. Before the proclamation of the new Dominican Rector.)False 10. a 2.a 10.a 6.a 8.)False Answers: 1. UST publishing house (UST Press) is older than the university itself a.d 3. The UST Health service used to be a restaurant? a.) True c. It still needs the blessing of the Pope from Vatican before formally seating as the head of UST.a . a.