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Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG

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Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.1
Super Fast
UPDATE: This tutorial will also work for Windows 8.1.

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Finally the wait is over. Many AskVG readers who have
started using Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8 were
requesting us since long time to post our exclusive master
tutorial to make Windows 8 super fast just like we posted
similar tutorials for previous Windows versions in past. You
can find them at following links:
Master Tutorial to Make Windows 7 Super Fast
Master Tutorial to Make Windows Vista Super Fast
Master Tutorial to Make Windows XP Super Fast
This exclusive master tutorial series is one of our best and
most popular articles and today in this article we are going
to add another tutorial to this series.
Today we are going to share a detailed guide which will
help you in making Windows 8 faster and improve your
system performance. It'll help you in disabling unnecessary
eye candy effects such as shadows, animations, etc. Also
you'll be able to disable unwanted programs and services

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So if you want to tweak Windows 8 and want to make it

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview
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super fast, check out following simple steps:
STEP 1: Apply Registry Tweaks
We are providing a ready‐made Registry script in this step
which will tweak some settings in Windows 8 Registry to­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/

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Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG

make Windows faster. It'll reduce timeout values, set
Windows to automatically end not responding tasks, make
menus to show faster upon clicking and tweak various
other settings.

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Preview Build 14366 Offline ISO
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Simply download the zip file given in following topic,
extract it and you'll get "Registry Tweaks to Make
Windows Faster.reg" file. Run the file and it'll ask for
confirmation, accept it:
Download Windows 8 Registry Tweaks Collection
The zip file also contains an uninstallation registry script to
restore all default settings.
STEP 2: Customize System Properties to Disable
Shadows and Animations
By default Windows shows many eye candy effects such as
animations, shadow effects, etc to enhance user interface.
You can turn off these kind of effects to speed up system
1. Press "Win+R" keys together to open RUN dialog box.
Now type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. It'll open System
Properties window.
2. Now go to "Advanced" tab and click on "Settings"
button present in "Performance" section.
3. It'll open a new window. Now uncheck following options:
Animate controls and elements inside windows
Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
Animations in the taskbar
Fade or slide menus into view
Fade or slide ToolTips into view
Fade out menu items after clicking
Save taskbar thumbnail previews
Show shadows under mouse pointer­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/


etc to improve Explorer functionality: 1.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Show shadows under windows Show translucent selection rectangle Slide open combo boxes Smooth‐scroll list boxes 4. STEP 3: Change Folder Options to Disable Unnecessary Features You can disable a few features of Windows Explorer such as tooltips.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Now click on "Options" button present at the end to open Folder Options­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 3/29 . Apply the changes and close the window. Go to "View" tab and uncheck following options: Display file size information in folder tips Hide empty drives in the Computer folder Hide extensions for known file types Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color Show pop‐up description for folder and desktop items http://www. 2. Open My Computer and click on "View" tab present in the Ribbon.askvg.

Apply changes and close the window. Many of those startup items are unnecessary and can be removed from startup list to http://www. Check out following tutorial to learn which services you should disable in Windows 8: Beginner's Guide to Configure Windows 8 / 8. You can disallow many unnecessary services to start automatically with Windows to improve system performance. STEP 4: Disallow Unnecessary Windows Services to Start Automatically There are many built‐in services in Windows which automatically start with Windows and always run in background even if the system doesn't need them.1 Services STEP 5: Disable Unnecessary Programs from Windows Startup Many 3rd party software add their entries in Windows startup list so that they can automatically run as soon as Windows starts.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 /­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 4/29 .askvg.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG 3.

Sometimes many of these sound notifications might cause a little bit slowness in your system. etc. Now go to "Startup" tab and here you can click on the unwanted item and click on "Disable" button to remove it from startup.askvg. Right‐click on Taskbar and select "Task Manager" option. device disconnect. Now it can be accessed using Task Manager. If you have a slow http://www. Now the disabled program will no longer run whenever you start Windows. In previous Windows versions the startup items list was present in system configuration manager which can be accessed using msconfig command. It'll only run if you launch it manually. device connect. STEP 6: Remove Sound Notifications of System Events By default Windows plays sounds for various system events such as error messages. you can directly open Task Manager by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" keys together. Follow these simple steps to disable unwanted startup items in Windows 8: 1. battery status. UAC prompt. But Microsoft has moved the startup items list in Windows 8.­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 5/29 . command success.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG speedup Windows.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. 2.

Apart from these steps. select "No Sounds" from "Sound Scheme" drop‐down box. If you want to disable all sound notifications.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. you should be able to notice big improvement in your system performance. 2. Alternatively. Open Control Panel and click on Sound icon. you can disable some or all sound notifications in Windows 8 to speedup your computer system: 1.cpl command. go to "Sounds" tab. Here you can click on desired program event which you want to disable and then select "﴾None﴿" from "Sounds" drop‐down list. Once you open Sound window. you can directly open it using mmsys. you should also do following things regularly: http://www. STEP 7: A Few More Things to Do to Make Windows 8 Faster After following all above mentioned­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 6/29 .askvg.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG computer system. Apply the changes and close the window. 3.

7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Vista and 7 Taskbar using Taskbar Texturizer Hidden Secret Trick to Enable / Activate “Aero Glass” in Windows 8 “Aero Lite” Theme How to Retrieve Forgotten Email Account Password Stored in Your Desktop Email Client? http://www.1 Other similar articles that may interest you Texturize Windows XP.askvg.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Download and install latest updates using Windows Updates Use latest drivers for your computer hardware Install only necessary software Stay away from transformation packs! Install skins packs recommended by us only Use a good antivirus and keep it updated That's all for now. Also Check: Master Tutorial to Make Windows 10 Super Fast Share this article: Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Reddit | Tell a friend Posted in: Windows 8 / 8. If you have any suggestion or query. feel free to share it in your­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 7/29 ...

Ibrahim Thank you a lot. Thanks a lot.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG RunMe: Free and Portable Application Launcher for Windows Microsoft Cooking Windows Vista SP3 Add Shut Down.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.. Long live to "AskVG".VG for this wonderful article! I can finally enjoy Windows 8 to the fullest! Regards. I'll try it soon :﴿ Omega Man Awesome tutorial.askvg.. :D paul Finally. Restart. Paul from Philippines Kyle FINALLY ~ :D ﴾i still dont hav windows 8 yet﴿ :﴾ TONTHAT Thanks for your beautiful work along 2012. Lock and Log Off Options to Windows 7 Taskbar Using JumpControl Comments Asrin475 Thanks a lot VG~. I was eagerly waiting for this­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 8/29 . Sleep. the most anticipated article from Mr. I wish you a happy New Year.VG is here! Thanks Mr. I'll try this Tonight. Switch User. http://www.

askvg. my win8 is slow as hell. think some settings have been changed or a virus maybe? VG ^^ Please check following: http://www..7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Vroon Only VG can add castrol oil. Wishing you a very happy 2013 .askvg.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Best regards Pradeep Very nice tutorial‐8‐services‐configuration‐ turn‐off‐disable‐background‐services‐to‐improve‐system‐ performance/ Hrithik Thanks A lot VG!! It Works!! Thank You!!! Lim Does still guide still works with windows 8.nice tutorial.... :﴿ Wishing you and all askvg reader a very happy 2013 in advance!!!! sumeet very nice vg . Haseeb Khan Can you tell something about the services.1 or will you make a new one? VG­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 9/29 ..

com/master­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 10/29 .. please try again and let me know.. VG ^^ Thanks for the feedback... I have fixed the‐to‐skip‐metro‐start‐screen‐ and‐boot‐directly‐into‐desktop‐in‐windows‐8/ Addy Hey VG . Addy Yeah . VG ^^ I didnt understand. Dani Thanks so much! Totally helped :﴿ ramvignesh98 thanks! kebire Saleh thank a lot VG your article was informative I have a question for how can make windows 8 accesses directly to my desktop instead of start menu ? VG ^^ Please check following: http://www.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG ^^ Absolute same guide for Windows 8.. why is the homepage showing an article about "Speed Up Windows 8. :﴿ Anshul http://www..1.. Thanks..7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8..1". It seems you've fixed It now. No changes...askvg.askvg.. What do you mean? Did you get this Speedup Windows article page when you tried to open AskVG homepage? If yes.

instead of custom. Thanks Emmon Bach Thank you very much for these recommendations.askvg. TIP: In folder options you can select: Adjust for best performance. over all display visual effects­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 11/29 .1 Super Fast ­ AskVG can you tell me how to increase gaming performance Alberto‐your‐system‐infected‐with‐a‐ virus‐spyware‐adware‐trojan/ James Moore Thank you VG this has been a huge help. 15 minutes with your advice has made a huge difference in my use of Windows 8. but speed is good. thanks for the great work! I have one question: why does my win 8.1 and in my swearing rate! Vicky Nice but if my com is working best without it so if i do this even what would happens :﴿ http://www.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Alberto. very faster.askvg.1 laptop has HDD running at 100% freezing the computer for most of the time? Thanks for your reply. I liked it. yadi After all. VG ^^ Please post your HijackThis log file in following topic: http://www. I kept wondering why this thing was running sluggish.

and the maximum screen resolution of my notebook is not the‐of‐registry‐tweaks‐for‐ windows‐7/ Problem i am having a problem using windows 8. Now it is very unstable and slow.. do you know a way to fix the screen resolution problem in windows 8. and its working­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 12/29 .. so can anybody help me with this i am having aproblem with it i want to change the name and add a image to it Heri Sanjaya Whoa.VG..1.1 ?i am using a‐8‐1‐update‐1‐available‐ for‐download/ Nipuna Chathuranga Mr.askvg. it's working perfectly! Don Bendix Everything was going great until I upgraded to windows 8. What to do? VG ^^ Try to install Update 1 for Windows 8.1 .. http://www.1.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG rajiv i installed registry tweaks in windows 8.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.askvg. bt how do i uninstall it VG ^^ The downloaded ZIP file also contains uninstallation script: http://www. when i restarted the computer its shown that we have only one login screen and also its stated that its other users .

1 . kevin yes its work on my laptop windows 8. So far its good and I will apply step 1 soon. Lyka­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 13/29 . Your article was the first one that came up and I'm glad I found it.askvg.1 ﴾have been using linux for 3 years﴿ and I didn't really like the new features but what really bothered me is that its super slow. Thanks Mr. VG! Shady Hey.please help me. Just bought a new toshiba laptop with win 8. VG ^^ First make sure the graphics card drivers are up‐to‐ date.1 i hope that it takes long time use full hope that you find best way to works any program Antti http://www. Is it 100% safe to do that in registry? VG ^^ If you are talking about the Registry i can not run apps.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Also make sure you have installed Update 1 in your system. I have a slow PC. I use skype often and even the new version of Skype ﴾a Microsoft product﴿ is saying that my computer speed is slow. and I can't afford a system restore because i will make registry settings.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG optimum screen resolution for windows 8. and a lot of Photoshop resources﴾around 10 gb﴿ and much more stuffs. its 100% safe to use.1 and its super slow. I followed everything except step 1 as I wanted to try first the other settings. does the registry program affect the system in any bad way? I mean. It's my first time with windows 8.

What should I do to make them work smoothly? VG ^^ Which browser are you using? Try to use a different browser. Also try to uninstall and then reinstall Flash player add‐on.reg file but no zip file and no uninstallation instructions? I'm confused VG ^^ Please check "Download Ready‐made Registry Script" section at the link. The screen tells me that I have to get Flash Player. It's really speed up my computer :﴿ robin thank you very much for this :Dv http://www. The sounds are also sometimes delayed. pradeep nice tricks to improve the‐of‐registry‐tweaks‐for‐ windows‐7/ What zip file? When I went to this link you provided. thanks Didi Great tutorial. and thanks! Although the OS ﴾Win 8.1﴿ is fast now I've faced delays once I try to open up Youtube videos. video starts. even I already have­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 14/29 .7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.askvg.. noob ^^ The downloaded ZIP file also contains uninstallation script: http://www. By reloading the site.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Hi VG. I was given a .

1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Avto Useful Tip For My Windows 8. it has not been tested on XP. ever since I got my first computer. a Tandy 486SX‐33Mhz with no co‐processor and Win 3.1 with Bing Ccona.1.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.0 to 8. but as it is. and believe me. XP is­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 15/29 . I've always have been obsessed with tweaking MS Windows.askvg. I have tried everything on the internet and all the free and paid utilities. Remember These tweaks are for Desktop environments. It will working with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Let me tell you. Here are the registry tweaks as follows: Under the Folder: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControl Set\Control\SessionManager\MemoryManagement Change DisablePagingExecutive value ‐ click on decimal ad type: 1 Make sure that LargeSystemCache data value is set to 0 Change PagedPoolSize value ‐ click on Hexadecimal and type: ffffffff ﴾There are 8 F's﴿ Change SystemPages value ‐ click on Hexadecimal and type: ffffffff http://www.1.Colibry 64x :D Windows Surfs more Faster: Thanks and mostly that I like on This site are: Registry Tweaks christian THanks a lt for this bro :﴿ Edward Romo Hello. nothing has worked quite as good as the tweaks I have working for me right now.

1 Super Fast ­ AskVG ﴾There are 8 F's﴿ Change PagingFiles to a fixed set number. You'll realize all other tweaks out there are just a wast of time.askvg. c:\pagefile. Thanks for reading. an error pops up whenever i try to open Excel files.. How do i go about addressing http://www. A good fixed amount for 6GB of virtual ram. You won't be disappointed. I've tried many of the tweak setting advice on the internet and they all seem to bog down my system. The error is "There was a problem sending the command to the program". for instance if the 2nd HDD installed was drive F: you would then edit the setting like this: f:\pagefile.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. If it works for you. This one works. If you have a 2nd Internal HDD installed move the virtual drive to the 2nd drive and of the OS­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 16/29 . If you don't like it. I'm betting you won't. hit me up and let me know your experience with these settings.sys 6144 6144 Then go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControl Set\Control\SessionManager\Executive Change AdditionalCriticalWorkerThreads to a decimal value of 4 Make sure that AdditionalDelayedWorkerThreads value is set to 0 Then Shut down and restart the system.sys 6144 6144 This prevents the OS from having to expand virtual memory requirements when needed. you can always change your setting back.. after tweaking my laptop running on Windows 8. Edward Romo Sujay Hey.1 single language. I will be posting a poll online soon with users experiences in the near future..

.I have 1 GB Ram so my PC was running slowly but now it s fast.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 /‐there‐was‐a‐problem‐sending‐ the‐command‐to‐the‐program‐error‐message‐in‐ windows/ David Lee Hey ! thanks for guide . thank you! http://www.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG this error? VG ^^ Check following: http://www.THANKS A LOT !!! Mani hey this really helped me out.. Now I didn't see it on my windows 8.1 thanks again nabil windows tablet running a lot smoother! bless you and thank you! Courtney Hey does it really work cause when I try it it still slow rock Thank you very much it help me. Thank u so much can u plz tell me how to update my win 8 laptop. My Laptop always freezes when I open any app then freezes ..askvg.? Ola Great help. Mr_Jiz Wow thats better SYSTEMS flying now all this extra animation slows down even a high spec­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 17/29 .

VG ^^ It might be possible that you disabled some required services.thanks GFJ @Edward Romo My man :﴿ Jon Hi thanks for the tutorial :﴿ Would anything i have done from the tutorial hindered my ability to access a remote desktop? I get this error message ‐ "Remote Desktop can't find the computer "XXXXX". This might mean that "XXXXX" does not belong to the specified network. Thanks..1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Anonymous Very helpful." Any help would be much appreciated.askvg. Try to set following services to automatic: Computer Browser Distributed Link Tracking Client Server TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper anonymos Boring you are very very very very idiot and bevekuf Just kidding it really just helped me a lot thans Ven http://www.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 /­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 18/29 . Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to.

you need to accept the confirmation.. accept it': In the first 'tweak' action. Thank u very much dalip helpful instruction for enhance my 2GB ram lapi Donna Thanks so much! I did everything you wrote about and it helped a lot!! I appreciate it very much! sai kumar thankyou askvg. it'll confirm your action by showing a message box.... I am personally using them since long time in all my home and work computers without any problem. These are simple settings and tricks which can never harm any computer. VG ^^ When you'll run the .1 Super Fast ­ AskVG what do you mean by: 'Run the file and it'll ask for confirmation..REG file.askvg. An Idiot its more the registry settings Avinash Really helped a lot. ﴾particularly the text﴿ Paul ^^ You are really an idiot who think that these things will break your computer. An Idiot I made the mistake of following this­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 19/29 . my works verry well now http://www. This has broken my computer..7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.

Nikos It looks faster..7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8..i think!!! but the text is strange. please give me your‐5‐best‐free‐antivirus‐and‐anti‐ http://www.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG sai kumar my laptop* works very well now thankyou verymuch Constantine Thank you guys! Roger. Did you install any 3rd party software or theme? Which text are you talking about? nimish srivastava zillion of thanks to you i lappy works smoothly due to your guide thanks thank thanks Ali Dear sir please help to select a best antivirus for my laptop. This tutorial has nothing to do with font appearance. VG ^^ Check following: http://www. kadafi Yo VG.askvg. VG ^^ Please provide more details.. how do i turn back to my original text? The font looks weird like 1984 text.Dude thanks much! It works absolutely awesome as I expected. my w8 just got extremely­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 20/29 . Which one is the best antivirus near you..

askvg. which is slightly faster than Vista ﴾on the same hardware﴿.0 on same­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 21/29 .1 Super Fast ­ AskVG spyware‐software‐for‐windows/ Zero Thanks the tweaks really made a difference in how windows 8 runs. I do have Win 8. Even though both of your computers are i5's. win8. Even startups are a lot faster now. ron Asmaa So why is your work computer "faster". The "type" of Win has some effect.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Dell﴿ in my work and another one i5 ﴾laptop.1 is SLIGHTLY faster than 8. Also uninstall unnecessary programs. WHY? VG ^^ Type of OS definitely affects the performance of computer. win8. Hp﴿ in my home but the speed of computer in my work is better than the computer in my home. You should try to disable unnecessary startup items and services as mentioned in the tutorial to improve performance. There are probably a dozen different possible reasons. I hear that 8. praveesh Thanks V G Thanks for your post :‐﴿﴿ Asmaa does the type of win effect on the speed of computer? because I have a computer i5 ﴾desktop.1. 7 and Vista all installed on the same 10 year old laptop. they are http://www. but the basic hardware has more effect.0. Win 8 is slightly faster than Win 7.

video processors ﴾built in vs addon cards﴿ and HD that can significantly affect perceived performance. Finally. your work probably has computer technicians who have spent some time tweaking and tuning your work computer for performance. then I shut down and booted up and windows 8 is SIGNIFICANTLY much MUCH faster! I only wish the script fixed the issues that prevent me from running windows updates or even customizing this laptop. RAM. The laptop started running sluggish even after running Ccleaner. Different builders install different "additional" software that can affect performance. RAM has one of the most visible effects on speed if you get into the 4GB or less­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 22/29 . Builders use different hardware.1 and like most brand new devices.askvg. I just ran your script and restarted. RAM has different speeds.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG different builders and different versions of Win 8 ﴾8 vs 8. http://www. and what's worse is windows settings like checking for windows updates and anything that has something to do with system adjustments processes hang.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.1﴿. Laptops are normally slightly slower than desktop computers due to size limitations. the first two weeks were perfect. it failed on restart. They have done tuning things which you have not done to your home computer. I would expect that the desktop has more RAM than the laptop. like motherboards. like a long honeymoon I guess. For the average user. to a point that even "End Task" doesn't work. Jay S. Thank you Vishal for your hardwork and contribution! I just purchased a brand new toshiba satellite S55 with 12gb of ram running windows 8. There are various versions of i5 chips that have different base CPU speeds.

7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. as what Microsoft imagined it in their‐to‐enable‐missing‐hibernate‐ option‐in‐windows‐8‐power‐menu/ SuperTroll I like this­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 23/29 ... Reshma Bhayya. Jay Reshma VG bhayya Where do I find SLEEP option in win 8. thank you so much..askvg. well. What should I do to make clock appear on the desktop? VG http://www. you'll not be able to use Sleep option. One more doubt!. VG ^^ Have you installed graphics card drivers? If graphics card drivers are not installed. there is no SLEEP option in the power options.1? VG ^^ Make sure the option is enabled in power options: http://www....askvg. Reshma Nope.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG Before I found your post and script I was thinking about downgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate... but the improvements prove that windows 8 can be customized further to run better. Regards and thank you again. its very good.

It actually improves performance and reliability of Windows OS and your computer by fixing bugs and issues. slow down the system? VG ^^ Never. I keep rebooting just to measure it again again.. So you can search for them on Google.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Reshma Would you mind explaining it? VG ^^ There are many software available to show clock/calendars/etc on Desktop. PHC Indonesi nice share.. but i still use windows 7. hehehehe.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG ^^ You can use 3rd party software to show clock on Desktop.askvg. Reshma thank you K christopherson I try and keep my laptop running in peak performance. and after using you helpful hints. I went 42 second startups to around 30. Hugh Jorgenn Why install another AntiVirus app?Isn't that what Defender is? I would imagine that's a good way to slow the system down! murray­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 24/29 . Akhil Does installing windows updates.

.﴿ elan does not work for Windows 10... Then another doubt that is " click on to start button opened and search any files or apps but not show any options please solve my problem............1 Super Fast ­ AskVG I disabled scripting Adeel Shahzad After registry of speed up‐tutorial‐to‐make‐windows‐ 10‐super‐fast/ Sherif Thanks a lot fo that awesome and effective Guide:﴿ It's really helped me to get rid of slowing . There might be cone other reasons behind your problem.. Reply. when i used to open a computer tab then open search option but not search my files..7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. You can safely use the script. my avast has stopped working. Waiting.. i have a problem with my laptop.. Mr7Beans Are going to make a tutorial for Windows 10? VG ^^ Here you go: u have one file for http://www.........askvg. VG ^^ The registry script has nothing to do with avast..askvg... yernaidu­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 25/29 ..

i just can't do it ‐_‐ reuben How can I reverse what the registry editor did ? I cant see the bookmarks favicons in my google chrome anymore.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. there is another file included in the ZIP file to restore default settings in Registry. Try to clear cache and cookies in your browser.. Gaurav Verma thanks for sharing this great article.. I will speed up my pc 10% faster with this guide Hamida Hello brother. Asad Thank you so so much! This is amazing! My system works so much better now! Thank you again so so much for this! ^_^ Nicky i extracted it then i don't know the next move.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG it? Merwin A really good one.. VG ^^ The Registry tweaks have nothing to do with Google Chrome... Regarding Registry script. My 10 years old rig now runs­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 26/29 . Thank u soooooooo much.... Wow. I have suffered from my Win 8. I even cannot doing multi tasking or even play solitaire or light pc http://www. It may be some other problem in your computer.. how can i perform the "win+R" .askvg. It works slowly and using 99% of RAM even I DONT OPEN ANY PROGRAM.

1 Super Fast ­ AskVG games is laging. My laptop build with win 8. but do you have any thoughts? Matt VG ^^ The Registry tweak has nothing to do with your problem. it helps me even the RAM still big in process but it little bit smooth now.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. Also try to temporary disable your antivirus. After I applied the registry tweaks. except that the browsers open but will not connect to any­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 27/29 . I want to downgrade to win XP or win 7 but it is hard. If you have another way to reduce my big problem in using RAM. I will really thanks. there are my setting I have to set up. works like a pro :D Gamelettro Why can I not disable anything from task manager? Is it because I am not an administrator? In that case. Double‐check the services list and enable any service which you disabled or set to Manual. my computer worked fine but now it is very fast.askvg. Monster Tnx. :﴿ Thanks Hamida Matt Hi. I don't know how that would relate to the registry changes. Any way thanks for the article. how do I input the password? VG ^^ You can try CCleaner if you are having problems: http://www.

in one of its functions. 2. Some registry keys are user‐specific. which specifically is Ashampoo win optimizer. should these registry tweaks be applied‐freeware‐system‐ optimization‐and‐privacy‐tool/ chandu it's really working great Eru Thank you so much AVG for sharing this. like the same function in many optimizer programs. reverse the change I applied to the registry with your trick? If so. I never recommend using any Registry optimization software as these software can harm the Registry by deleting essential keys. Eru Thank you for the answer.1 Super Fast ­ AskVG http://www. VG ^^ Here are the answers: 1. actually the function is more like Registry Cleaner. but if my computer has multi accounts. just one more thing. I run this function whenever I have a full scan on my computer. is it safe to delete http://www.askvg. but I have a question about the Registry tweak: I have a win optimization app. May I ask if this­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 28/29 . it lists out a lot of entries and prompt me to delete them.askvg.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8. there is a function call Registry optimize. should I disable it? Thank you Eru Sorry I'm quite amateur about this stuffs. since all of them are administrators. So you should apply the Registry script in all desired accounts.

.. do you have any choice of your own? Sourabh Srivastva Thank. Shuvam Ghosh VERY‐VERY‐VERY.askvg.VERY GOOD.. Dont delete Registry entries which you are not sure | about | contact | privacy | copyright policy | sitemap | best of http://www. its really helpful VG @Eru As I said earlier I never recommend Registry optimization software and Registry cleaner is a part of it.. dev best bhai Leave a Comment Name ﴾required﴿ Email ﴾will not be published﴿ ﴾required﴿ Website or Blog Submit Comment go to home | back to top © 2016 askvg..1 Super Fast ­ AskVG these entries? My friend recommends using CCleaner as a popular windows optimization­tutorial­to­make­your­windows­8­super­fast/ 29/29 ..THANK YOU.7/7/2016 Master Tutorial to Make Windows 8 / 8.