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SAP Connector for ABBYY FlexiCapture 10
Invoice Capture and Extraction for SAP

Product Overview
The ABBYY connector for SAP R/3 provides a powerful link between ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 and
SAP that will increase the efficiency of your invoice processing. The connector allows users to easily
and quickly upload document images of any format and meta data from invoices to a SAP system.
It enhances ABBYY’s invoice solution with an interface to SAP ERP systems and enables automation
of the accounts payable process. Organisations that need to integrate scanned paper, faxed
documents or emails into their business processes can do so by using the SAP Connector for
ABBYY FlexiCapture 10, even if they do not have deep knowledge of SAP itself.
During the processing stage users are able to validate any extracted data, even line-item
values, against information that is stored in SAP. Financial data can be downloaded from SAP for
validation purposes if, for example, line item data from an invoice can be matched against a
purchase order coming from SAP. This provides finance departments with the highest quality data
during validation and ensures that only accurate data is exported to the ERP system. Validated
meta data is then passed on to the transaction using a standard format, such as FB60 or MIRO.
With high quality data extraction accounting departments can completely automate the process
and are freed from time-consuming manual work.

Product Features
Document processing
Document and meta data export from invoices to an ERP system

Integrates with ABBYY’s invoice processing solution

Enables the export of document images and meta data into SAP

Integrates with other document-driven business processes e.g. sales order processing

Supports document input into SAP

Provides support for standard transactions for processing invoices like FB60, FV60, MIRO
and many other transactions for direct data input

Document archiving
Searchable PDF or document image export for archiving

Enables the export of document images to any SAP ArchiveLink® certified system

Supports every SAP ArchiveLink 4.5 certified backend system for archiving,
document management or enterprise content management

Allows late or early archiving with barcodes and storage of documents for subsequent
entry in SAP R/3 systems

Support for all ArchiveLink commands

Provides support for any document image format like multi-page TIFF files, or PDF files

Key Benefits
• High-quality recognition
accuracy when extracting
data from documents
• Extraction of information
from a variety of content
• Export of validated and
verified data into SAP
• Reduces turn-around time
for invoices
• Reduction of manual labor
• Better compliance for the
accounts payable process
• Enables measurement of
accounts payable
• Return-on-investment
in less than 12 months



SAP Connector for ABBYY FlexiCapture 10


Technical Requirements

ABBYY’s FlexiCapture SAP R/3 licences come in two versions and are sold via a network of
solution partners:

Full Version

Light Version

Licences are based on the number of documents processed per year. The connector
provides connectivity to SAP R/3 systems
for data validation against SAP and SAP
ArchiveLink 4.5 certified Archive systems. The
Full Version enables SAP R/3 to receive document images and meta-data for subsequent
validation and processing within SAP R/3.

Licences are based on the number of documents processed per year. The Connector
provides connectivity to the SAP R/3
ArchiveLink Interface and all SAP ArchiveLink
4.5 certified Archive systems. The Light
Version allows late or early archiving with
Barcodes and storage of documents for
subsequent entry in SAP R/3 systems.

• Requires ABBYY FlexiCapture
10 Distributed, Server or
• Available as COM (Windows)
and JAVA implementation
• Supports SAP business
• Powerful and well documented
API for integration into any
business application
(e.g. Scanning, OCR, Mail
or legacy system)
• No specific SAP knowledge
necessary for integration

Maintenance and Support
Maintenance and Support is calculated as 20% on top of the licence price for the corresponding version
of the ABBYY FlexiCapture SAP R/3 connector (Full or Light Version). With continuous improvements to
the software it is ensured that customer solutions are future ready and deliver maximum business value.
Maintenance and Support allows customers to access the latest software release and, in case of
problems, access technical support.

• Scales from very small
processing amounts up to
millions of documents a day

Software Maintenance and Support
Software updates

Minor release level updates (or maintenance releases), which may
include functionality improvements, bug fixes, or if SAP releases a new
version of SAP R/3

Software upgrades

Major release level upgrades to the next major product release


Basic technical support (2nd-Level) provided to resolve problems with
the software, bug fixing, etc.

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