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Bookkeeper Handover Checklist


therefore recommend to utilise this checklist to ensure no issues are forgotten and the new bookkeeper is equipped for the client.Moving on from a Client It is important to stay professional when moving on from a client. Checklist Details Data/Paperwork Filed?  Business and People Business Type of Business? Owner of Business? Number of Staff? Primary Staff to Bookkeeper? Liquidity State of Business Cash Flow? State of Debtors and Creditors? State of Superannuation? Relationships Accountant? IT Consultant? BAS Agent (if required)? Bank Manager? Software Used Accounting File Software Used: Users Access: Software Subscription: Software Subscription Billing Process: Last Backup Last Point in Time Backup ____/____/____ Prior Years Backup Prior Years Backup For 20__ to 20__ Stored Folder On Drive: Reconciliations To Date Reconciliations Bank – XXXX Bank Loan .XXXX Credit Card XXXX Credit Card XXXX PAYGW: Superannuation: Clearing Accounts: Undeposited Funds: Petty Cash: Owners Cash: ____/___/___ ___/___/___ ___/___/___ ___/___/___ ___/___/___ ___/___/___ Zero? Zero? ___/___/___ Zero? ________________________________________________________________________________ .

Status of Lodgements BAS Lodgement Last BAS Quarter Lodged ___/___/___ PDF Copy Stored BAS Documents Tax Returned Lodged 20XX With Accountant – Not Lodged Financial Documents – Filing Cabinet Payroll Lodgements Frequency of Pays Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Last Pay Run? ___/___/___ Payroll Tax ___/___/___ PAYG Withholding ___ /___/___ Superannuation ___ /___/___ SGC Charge Statement (If Applicable) Bookkeeping Tasks Bookkeeping Tasks and Client Information See Attached Bookkeepers Task Report  Details of Business  Details of Accountant  Details of Lodgements  Details of Bookkeeping Tasks  Details of Requirements for Business Owner  Details of Reports for Accountant  Business Policies (if any) Outstanding Issues Examples Debtors Bad debts required to be written off Superannuation Q3 superannuation to be paid Creditors Outstanding debits to be taken off future invoices Petty Cash Waiting on client to produce cash expenses Employee Timesheets Waiting on 2 employees to enter timesheets for week ________________________________________________________________________________ .