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..... Business strategy Tactics Strategic impact Core values 3....... Business model................................... Financial budgets and forecasts Profit and Loss forecast Cashflow forecast Balance sheet forecast Capital expenditure budget Break-even analysis 6..... Team and management structure Skills......................... training and retention 5....................Contents Page 1............3 Current position Competitive advantage Growth plan 2........ Marketing SWOT and critical success factors Market research Distribution channels Strategic alliances E-commerce and technology Tactical promotion plan Marketing budget Credibility and risk reduction 4.........3 Introduction....................... Summary Business plan prepared Month Year Page 2 ..... experience........................................

Business model overview (Keep this section brief) Introduction (Enter your text here) A brief history of your business (or of the idea that has prompted you to start it. Current position (Enter your text here) What have you achieved so far? Outline the current position of your business: where is your business in the business lifecycle (introductory phase. (An overview of your goals and future you plan for your business). What makes you confident your business will continue to grow and endure (longevity)? (Why is your business model effective? Growth plan (Enter your text here) Provide a brief overview here of what will be described in more detail in the rest of the plan Describe the current reach of your business and explain how this business plan will change that. mature.) The purpose of your business: what business you’re in and why you started it. Mature industry. Growth industry. declining)? Explain what industry you operate in and where it sits in the business lifecycle (Emerging Industry.) Competitive advantage (Enter your text here) What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competition? Explain your competitive advantage(s) and the market niche(s) you’ve identified. Note its location and explain if this is important (or a competitive advantage). Declining industry.1. Business plan prepared Month Year Page 3 . Describe your products and services. growth phase.

What extra resources will you need? Strategic impact (Enter your text here) Outline the external threats or opportunities that could impact on your business during your strategic horizon: The next year The next 3-5 years (or a horizon of your choice). Explain why these core values are crucial to your long-term business success.2. Core values (Enter your text here) Describe the core values that underpin your business. Cover the main practical steps you have to take to get your business from where it is now to where you want it to go. how they will affect customers (the benefits) and how they will help to motivate both you and your staff. Business strategy (Enter your text here) Outline here your business strategy for: The next year The next 3-5 years (choose your own strategic horizon) Describe your business objectives and goals (make sure they are specific and measurable). Business plan prepared Month Year Page 4 . Tactics (Enter your text here) Outline the gap between where you are now and where you want to be (as above).

build online sales. Credibility and risk reduction (Enter your text here) Business plan prepared Month Year Page 5 . Strategic alliances (Enter your text here) Explain what strategic alliances you have in place or are planning to increase your access to markets. leverage resources.3. access new markets. E-commerce and technology (Enter your text here) Explain how you’re using e-commerce and technology in your business to lower costs. (Complete more promotion plans for other targets for your own marketing purposes). product/service changes. international?). etc. Outline how on-going market research is built into your daily business operations. speed up business. Explain how intimately you understand these markets (how close you keep to your customers) and how this feeds back into your business (improvements. What are therefore the critical success factors for your business? Market research (Enter your text here) Explain what market you’ve done and methods you use. opportunities and threats. Explain how you will monitor it to manage and improve results. Marketing SWOT and critical success factors (Enter your text here) Outline briefly your marketing strengths. In terms of your strategy. Distribution channels (Enter your text here) Describe the current marketing reach of your business (local. What target market(s) has your market research (and trading experience) established. Marketing budget (Enter your text here) Detail your marketing budget for the year. weaknesses. etc. national. etc). what new markets do you plan to access: In the next year? In the next 3-5 years? Describe how you plan to accomplish this. Tactical promotion plan (Enter your text here) Attach the promotion plan you’ve completed earlier as an example of your marketing tactics for one targeted segment.

Business plan prepared Month Year Page 6 .Explain your tactics for increasing the credibility of your business and reducing the customer’s risk in doing business with you.

) What accounting software or systems do you use? How regularly can you produce financial reports and analyse key business ratios? Cover compliance issues too: how you prepare for and deal with payroll and employment issues. Advisors (Enter your text here) Describe your core team of advisors (lawyer. consultants. or you need extra staff to fulfil your short and longer term strategies. etc. outline the gaps here. Business plan prepared Month Year Page 7 . etc. business mentor or ‘guru’ you can access for advice. tax and GST obligations. business track record and experience of yourself and key members of your team. accountant. experience. etc. Explain the key staff.4. and who you need to fill those gaps. Describe the business systems you have in place to manage efficiently. Do you have written operations manuals in place? House Rules for staff (always wear name badges. training and retention (Enter your text here) Describe the skills. Team and management structure Skills. Describe your staff training programme and its budget. If there are gaps in your team. OSH. their positions and key responsibilities Briefly describe the incentives you’ve put in place (or are planning) to retain them and keep them motivated. Explain how new staff will be trained. Management systems (Enter your text here) Briefly outline the management structure of your business. Outline your team.

Pessimistic and Realistic versions of the first three. Financial budgets and forecasts (Enter your text here) Attach financial budgets and forecasts you are attaching to the business plan such as: Profit and Loss Forecast Cashflow forecast Balance sheet forecast Capital expenditure budget Break-even analysis Provide brief notes on each of these forecasts. explain how you plan to deal with these challenges. It’s a good idea to produce Optimistic. If the cashflow forecasts pinpoint future cashflow difficulties.5. Business plan prepared Month Year Page 8 .

outline when this plan will next be reviewed. Summary (Enter your text here) End with a brief summary of the main points of your plan: where you are now. where you want the plan to take your business. Write the date into the plan and diarise it! The more frequently it’s reviewed the better! Business plan prepared Month Year Page 9 . As the market and the world are always changing.6.