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Lesson Plan


PHE Theory



Team Sports
Governing bodies in American Football

4 October 2016

Outcomes: Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to
identify what unit we will be doing.
1. Identify governing bodies in American football.

Outcom Communication with use of space and interaction in team sports.

Instructional Strategies:

Information stations
Notes handout

50 min.


Objective: By the end of this lesson students will be
able to identify how there are different governing
bodies in American football.

Accommodation /

Write on board: Wednesday we have class from 11-12. How long should each
quarter be for us to play a full game? Be aware it takes time to walk over to the
field, communication, warm up, set up field, pick teams, cool down, and walk
back. In groups of 3 can you come up with a plan to play a full game of American

Hand in homework.


Short intro PP on Governing bodies. (questions are on there)
Jigsaw: in partners, prearranged groups on sticky note made in
advance. Move when I tell them, set timer for 10 min. If they do
reading and answer question, they can research it as well on line
to have more detailed answer. Topic: Governing bodies, Health,
Anti-doping, Exercising. In groups of 3 read the section at that
station, answer question: write answer on hand out. Spend 10 min.
at each station. Read the papers, discuss with your partner, and
think about what we have been learning throughout the unit.

Spring 2016: Marynowski
Adapted from Wiggins and McTighe (2005)

Grade 7: work together,
take turns reading each
paragraph in each
section and discuss
question together. Work
in partners.


Discussion: Answer questions together

Self-Evaluation / Reflection:
This lesson went well. There were only 8 students instead of 9 today in grade 8, so I had
them work in partners. Having the 15 extra min. worked out well and the class was able to
come up with some solutions on playing a full game in PHE of American football. FC wanted
to write down the ideas, which I thought was fine because he would be busy and helping.
Having talked with the instructor observing, even though he was busy, he had checked out
and did not know what to do on the next task. He also had to leave class early. I need to be
aware to check that all students move on to the next task and understand what to do, when
we finish one we all move on to the next together. I also said ok a lot in this lesson, and my
pauses sometimes make me appear as less confident when I think. I need to be more
consistent and follow through. The activity of the jigsaw kept the students engaged through
the class, I even had time for closure to wrap it all up.
Grade 7: suggested warming up while picking teams, having the same teams instead of
changing them. I had them work in partners and complete two stations, then switched
partners and had them teach each other for the stations they had visited. Through
discussion I could tell what they had understood and what to expound a bit more on.

Spring 2016: Marynowski
Adapted from Wiggins and McTighe (2005)