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First solve and revise the chapter packages of your phase 2 or 3 times.
What if you can't even able to solve a single question? Ask teachers or on
quora see the solution now again try.
Then solve the compendium of those chapters and the quizzes. (In similar
Then solve the AITS questions of those chapters and BOOM ! BOOM !
what can I guarantee you that after following the above please
comment your marks and rank and I guess seeing that you will
not even bother to give me party yay. Do this rock in tests and get
IIT simple. All the best buddy may you rock soon.

Just do simple things. No need to do seemingly extraordinary things.
To ace the Reshuffling test , you must do these following things:
1. You must make consolidation notes of all 3 subjects. This shall help you
while you cram the night before the exam as well as on the few days before
the JEE Mains/Advanced.
2. Revise the chapters thoroughly. But, there are few chapters which may be
difficult for some students . So, concentrate on the chapters which you know
very well.
3. Make sure you have solved the questions from The Archives. Reshuffling test
will be tough and the model of questions are similar to those asked in the
past years.
4. In the exam solve all the easy questions and don't spend much time on the
difficult ones. Remember, acing in an exam is an art/skill.
5. Never try to guess in the examination. Don't be blind in the greed of more
marks. You must only focus on the question and it's answer.
Be thorough with the study materials provided by FIITJEE. Be it your package,
workbook, archives , GMP etc. Almost all the questions will be based on what they have
printed in their materials. Many times exact questions are asked or only the data is
Well, I am in the grooming batch, so I guess I am qualified to answer this.
First, revise your notes in Chemistry, the scoring subject.
Then, ace Physics, as this subject requires deep knowledge of concepts.
Last but definitely not the least, mathematics. This subject is intuitive, logical so you may
get to know the rhythm solving problems.
Repeating the answer, I have given some time back on another question for the benefit
of all of you.
Best Wishes at the outset.

Well, your target is JEE exams in 2018. So ideally you need to have
some targets for these exams.

WHY? In the last 2 years. Integral to this study strategy would be a Revision strategy as well. just as a measurement of where you are with respect to your final targets. I typically give a complete deck of some 40+ slides with inputs at a high level. memory jog) 3. Focus. they again had the same question. Please refer to my article JEE MAIN & JEE Advanced 2018 – Study Strategy and Planner and create your personalized study strategy first. you should definitely do some mock tests at home under time controls. Topic revision immediately after class or Self-Study (mental map. This strategy needs to be aligned with your coaching classes and school if any. then the phase tests should be used.        Then you need to have a study strategy for the 22 months left. One of the topics I cover is revision techniques. Your preparation is a continuous journey for these nearly 2 years. There is an article on why and when to revise at Revision – Revision – Revision: Secret to Improved Academic Performance! So if you are doing your study regularly and revision as per plan. do not mark the answer when you have negative marks. So do not develop this habit. Answer only the questions that you are absolutely clear. REVISION TECHNIQUES 1. is very detrimental in the real exam. I told about this concept of revision to a number of students preparing for JEE or AIPMT exams. This habit of marking all the answers on OMR sheet even if you are not sure. which help in preparing a detailed 2 year study roadmap. never attempt to darken all the OMR sheet bubbles. I give the following points in a slide and explain about the same. Because. Concentration in class or during Self-Study 2. a month back and asked them if they are doing revision as told. 30 min revision (memory jog/formal study) Every Morning 4. Never ever prepare only for a phase test and then wait for the next phase test to come and so on. Weekend Revision (Formal Study) . everyone had only 1 question – WHY 3 TIMES? I am not sure if anyone got convinced with the explanation I gave that time. who are in Class X now. in a student seminar for Class VIII students. when I met some of those students. In the phase test. In case of a small doubt also. Before the phase tests. when I spoke about the need for revising a topic 3 times. Revision – Revision – Revision: Secret to Improved Academic Performance! A little over 2 years ago.

the results talk for themselves. in the figure below. When eventually the results come out. To do this. Dear students. The forgetting curve. was one of the first to scientifically study forgetting. and after 1 week you may just remember some 25% of what was taught in a particular class. Monthly Revision (Formal Study) In these 2 years. So. I wanted to explain this need for revision and the theory behind the same at a very basic level. shows the decline of memory retention over time. the capacity would be above 75%. Not good at all. that he/she has completed 4 or 5 rounds of revision of a topic or a whole text book itself before an exam. Bruce Goldstein – 3rd Edition) So what do we do? This is where revising a topic comes to our aid. I feel thrilled when a student calls me and tells. As mentioned in the revision techniques above. in 1885. one can clearly see that the retention capacity keeps on increasing with every revision. if one can revise the retention capacity increases. Remembering Curve . Is It? Forgetting Curve (Source Credit: Cognitive Psychology by E. I am taking the help of Ebbinghaus’s curve of forgetting. the major portion of forgetting occurs in the first few hours after your class. German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus. after 1 week of study of any topic the retention is only some 25%. In this post. I am clearly seeing the difference between students who religiously follow this revision techniques and those who do not. In the remembering curve that is shown below. After 3 to 4 rounds of revision.5. Without going into the Maths that he has used. one can clearly see without revision.

would now appreciate the need for revising on a regular basis. CA-CPT. . if have clear as soon as possible  Study sincerely  Eat healthy  Make a fix time table  Practice question papers  discuss with your Studios friends You will never get prepared for exams if you will just read the points and tips from net. Please do create comprehensive revision strategies and plans in your 1 or 2 year study roadmaps. This is even more important for these students as the exams they write are based on the entire syllabus that they study for nearly 2 years. especially who are preparing for the competitive examinations like JEE. CLAT.  tudy regularly  Make sure you have no doubts. AIPMT.I presume that all the students. Asking questions and reading answers is very easy but to follow them needs a good dedication. My intention is not to demoralise you. All this are written in normal tone don't take it like scolding. You have to follow them strictly.

Believe me this will increase the chances of scoring well.Bad rank will lower your self confidence which is the worst sign for a student. Try focussing in practising more about your speed of solving questions and the way you approach a question. Always keep in mind these tests are just for your progress and practise but your main aim is iitjee exam so don’t be so stressed and worried. Phase tests are very depressing in 2 ways1. 2.Don’t be too stressed and just stick to basics and your notes. And yes try to not be be a bookworm just before the test.Expectations for the first test should not be much. .