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The experiment was done at the University of the Philippines Visayas,
School of Technology Analytical Laboratory last Septembre 23, 2016. The
ingredients were bought from the Municipality of Miagao Market, Miagao, Iloilo.
Materials and Ingredients used




Materials (Newtonian Fluid preparation)

Ostwald Viscometer
Hydrometer (light and heavy)
Thermometer (0-100◦C)


Salt (≤ 200 grams)
Sugar (≤ 200 grams)
Distilled water (≤ 3 L )
250 ml Erlenmeyer flask
250 ml Beaker
Stirring rod

Prior to the experiment, the students were taught how to use the viscometer
and hydrometer. Each group was made to pick a Newtonian fluid to prepare for
simultaneous gathering of data. Before the preparation of the Newtonian fluids, the
temperature of distilled water as reference liquid was measured. Using this data,
the specific gravity and density of the reference liquid at measured temperature
was determined.
Preparation of the Newtonian fluids
The first group chose 250 ml of water as their fixed volume for the fluids.
Using this volume, the group was able to determine the needed weight of salt for
the 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% w/v which are 12.5 g, 25 g, 37.5 g, 50 g and 62.5
g respectively. The salts were completely dissolved by stirring and after doing so,
the specific gravity of the sugar and salt solutions were determined.
Determination of specific gravity of the solution samples
The Newtonian fluids and the reference sample were placed in the 250-ml
cylinders for the determination of its specific gravity using the hydrometer. This was
done by immersing the hydrometer carefully into the solution and the specific
gravity was identified where the lower meniscus touches the line in the scale. This
procedure was repeated thrice in all the fluids to report the average specific gravity.

Steps were repeated to all the fluid samples thrice. . The viscometer was then allowed to drain. the sample was drawn into the smaller bulb by suction until the liquid was above the first mark. 2 ml of solution was placed into the viscometer.Determination of density of the solution samples Before the identification of the viscosity of the solutions. Using the aspirator. the viscometer was cleaned by using distilled water and aspirator to pump the excess water out the apparatus. the timer was started as the liquid reaches the first mark and was ended as the liquid reaches the second mark. The viscometer was cleansed before proceeding to the next solution. After doing so.