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Human Resources Manager.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Attached herewith is my Curriculum Vitae for your kind perusal and consideration for
any Vacant Position that suits my qualifications and experience.
I am a hard working, fast learner, ambitious, team spirited, and able to adapt to new
environments quickly. I have great interest in performing duties and responsibilities and looking
forward for a challenging job in any department in your Company such as E-marketing, IT,
Helpdesk, or Purchasing Department.
I hold British Higher National Diploma in Computer Business Information Technology,
(Microsoft Certified Professional-MCP). Also I had attended some other Professional Courses
such as Microsoft Certified System Engineering MCSE2000, 2003, Cisco CCNA, A+ Computer
Hardware and ITIL Fundamentals and some other management courses.
During the last years I have worked for number of institutions in IT, Sales, Customer Relation,
Cash Department, E-marketing, Online Sales, E-comers and social networking, whereby I
gained different knowledge and experience.
At the Present I am working for National Motor Company as IT Helpdesk Supervisor and SR. IT
Administrator and I am responsible of all the IT Purchases and Inventory, Supervision of the IT
Helpdesk and some of the IT Plans and Solutions, I have worked on automobiles Application
(Kerr/ADP) Autoline. For some time for the Accounts and System administration Modules,
(Further Information is in the C.V.). Also I can be Adapt to any other Fields or Departments
very easily.
Please give me the opportunity of an interview so that I can brief your good selves with more
details of my experience and qualifications. Thank you for giving your time to read my letter
and hope its gains your kind attention and consideration.


Thamer Jawad Nasser Jawad

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details :
Date of Birth
CPR & Passport
Marriage Status
Mobile & Tel.


Thamer Jawad Nasser Jawad

1st of Jan, 1978
780108370 / 1182150
(+973) 39667554 / (+973) 17552552 /
Villa 932, Road 2419, Jidhafs 424, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Professional and career objective

An enthusiastic team player possessing a strong work ethic and who works well with all levels of staff, I
am proficient in strategizing, developing, and implementing productive and profitable plans and tools to
the advantage of my employer.
My majors are in; IT Helpdesk management (ManageEngine ServiceDesk Software ITIL), IT Inventory,
Networking, hardware and Software, IT related training and awareness, IT Purchases management,
assisting in IT Management, Planning, and Software Analysis.
In Addition, I have been involved in social media networking, ecommerce websites, and e-media
advertising and sales as I got a power seller and outstanding performance reword on eBay as a seller,
managing ecommerce online sales website which all makes me able to be involved in other then IT
department such as e-marketing very easily.

Certificates :
Jul 1994 - Aug 1994 : Intermediate English Course.
(The International School Of Choueifat, Bath City, UK).
Sep 1992 - Jun 1995 : Secondary Science Certificate.
(Shaikh Abdulaziz Secondary School).
Sep 1995 - Jul 1996 : BTEC First Diploma In Engineering. (1 Year).
(Bahrain Training Institute).
Oct 1996 - Jul 1998 : BTEC National Diploma In Computer Studies. (2 Years).
(Bahrain Training Institute).
Sep 1998 - Jul 1999 : BTEC Higher National Diploma In Computer Business Information Technology.

(Bahrain Training Institute).

Sep 2002 - Jul 2003

(2 Years In Total). (Bahrain Training Institute).

May 2001 - Jul 2001 : 2 MCPs: in Installing, Configuring, and Administering Ms Windows 2000
Professional & Server, Windows 2000 Server and Networking Infrastructure.
(Online Exams Attended in New Horizon Institute).
Dec 2003 - Jan 2004 : UNIX Fundamental. (NIIT).
7th 8th March 2012

: ManageEngine ServiceDesk (IT Help Desk Software) (ITIL) (Dubai - By Zoho

Course and Examination Attended For Desktop Central and IT Helpdesk.

Courses Attended and others:

Feb 2001 - Sep 2001 : Microsoft Certified System Engineering (MCSE) 2000.
(New Horizon Institute).
Jun 2001 - Feb 2001 : A+ Hardware Course. (New Horizon Institute ).
Jul 2005 - Aug 2005 : Cisco Certified Network Associate Course (CCNA).
(New Horizon Institute).
March 2006

: Outstanding Employee Of the year 2006 (National Motor Company).

Jun 2007 - Jun 2007 : Effective Communication Skills Course. (Horizons HRD).
Sep 2008 - Jun 2009 : Microsoft Certified System Engineering (MCSE) 2003.
1. Managing MS Windows Server 2003 Environment.
2. Maintaining MS Windows Servers 2003 Environment..
3. Implementing MS Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure.
4. Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining MS Windows Server 2003
Network Infrastructure and MS Windows Server 2003 Environment.
5. Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining MS Windows Server 2003 Active
Directory Infrastructure.
6. Installing, Configuring and Administering MS Windows XP Professional.
7. Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
8. Designing Security for MS Network.
(New Horizon Institute).
21 to 25 Nov 2010

: Managing Information Technology, Talent Management Workshop

(BIRD and Wilson Learning).

24th Nov 2010

: Young Arab Leaders Entrepreneurship Workshop.

(By Tamkeen).


8th 12 Apr 2012

: ITIL 2011 Foundation Course, Aptech Computer Education.

16th to 20th Jun 2013 : The 5 Day MBA Course. (By IIR Middle East Training)

Work Experience ( Training, Projects, and Permanent Jobs ) :

Feb 2003 - up to date

National Motor Company (NMC). As IT Support and Helpdesk / IT

Administrator / then SR. IT Administrator and Helpdesk Supervisor.

SR. IT Administrator

(Main) IT Helpdesk Team and Software. (ManageEngine ServiceDesk

Software ITIL), Managing, Reporting Setup and Configuration,
responsible for a team of 4 Tech. (Full Helpdesk Project
Implementation and setup)
Responsible of IT Purchases, Inventory, Contracts and AMCs
Planning and managing for the backup for the servers and users data
and shared folders.
Managing Users and Emails on Active Directory and Exchange server.
In charge of documentation and configuration of the systems and
Managing IT security implementation and IT quality assurance.
Responsible of Managers supporting and complains. (GM Office,
Admin, Accounts Dep).
Implementing and managing IT projects.
Internal and External Auditing Co-Ordinate.
Preparing IT Awareness Training Plans.

Maintaining SonicWall Firewall Router and Internet Access.

Installing and configuring new workstations, hardware, software, and

Managing backups of the systems, Servers and users data.
Applying operating system updates, setup, and configuration for all
Windows platforms.
Managing firewalls, switches, routers, wireless, and other LAN
Managing and Creating User account information.
Troubleshooting any reported problems.
Responsible of the IT Purchases and Inventory.
Managing Servers (Exchange, Active Directory, Proxy, SMS).
Managing and supporting IT Helpdesk Program (ManageEngine).
Responsible of managers supporting and complains.
Assisting Accounts Department (Month end, Year end Acc. Closing
Kerridge/Autoline/ADP). . (Intermediate Administration level).

and Helpdesk

IT Support Then IT

Apr 2002 - Feb 2003

May 1999 - Apr 2002

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, as Teller.

Ahmadi Industries. As a Customer Services In charge, Computer Programmer,
and System Analyses. (Worked and designed a Project for Coolers

Aug 1998 - Oct 1998

Coordinating and Customers Complains).

Credit Agricol Indosuez Bank (London). As IT Helpdesk, Program Analyses,

Oct 2001 (Project)

and Networking (Dealing and Treasurer Room).

Developed a Network with 1 Domain Controller Server, 3 Win Pro 2000 and 1

Apr 2005 (Project)

Win 98 + Internet sharing connection.

Worked with NMC Vendor to fix LAN Wireless Network and WAN Point to Point

Sep 2006 Nov 2006

IT Sales and Technician (Training), Almajal Advanced Technology Computer

1998 - 2007 (Project)

Assembling and fixing Computers, making IT Related Assignments and
projects for Student of Universities. Designing Art Works, websites.

Skills :

Good Typing Skills.

Working on Automobile Software Kerr/Autoline/ADP. Modules: Accounts

Month end and System administration Module Only) (Intermediate Level)
Very basic knowledge on UNIX.

Fair Knowledge in Programming MS Access, Excel, VB, HTML, PHP.

Working on most of the Programs very fast adapting to learn it.

Web Page Designing and hosting

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting, Assembling and Installation

Working on all Up to Date Windows OS Networks.

Designing and implementing Networks Plan, Cabling and Installation

(Wired and Wireless).
Good in Computer Art Designing.

Very good in working on MS Office (Up To date Ver).

Very good Internet Browsing and Searching Techniques.

Working on Exchange Mail System and Proxy Server (SonicWall).

Working on Active Directory 2000, 2003 and 2008 Server.

Working On Policies and Security.

Very good in software analyzing.

Implementing computer and network security

Internet E-Marketing and Online Advertisements.

Social Media Networking, Online Business and Sales


Fluent in Arabic. English. Persian (Read, Write & Speak).


Good in Accounting, Sales, Customers Care Related & Marketing Plans.

Good in Presentation and Office Works.

Good analyzing skills.

Proven analytical and planning skills, Team player.

Have the ability to learn fast and the willingness to develop.

Have a good leadership skill.

Racing and GP Moto Sport Ridding.

Wood Art / Designing and making Electric Guitar.

Photography and Digital Art designing.



Reference :
Mr. Mahmood Qanati, Marketing Manager, HSBC Dubai.
Mr. Nabeel Almukharag, Premium Brand Manager, National Motor C.
Mr. Hussein Hallak, Associate Facilitator, Writer & Presenter, Ideas Group (UAE)
Mr. Nader Ebrahim, IT and Finance Manager, National Motor Company
Mr Ali Ahmed Sabkar, Bahrain Internet social Networking President

Tel : +971 555084506

Tel : +973 36999511
Tel : +971 558834278
Tel : +973 17457100
Tel : +973 36030411