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HRMS Course Content

Core HR
?Date Tracking
?Flex fields (Key Flex Field and Descriptive Flex Field)
?Segments, Values and Value sets
?Defining Location
?Defining Business Groups and Organizations
?Define System Profiles
?Defining Jobs, Grades, Positions, Competencies
?Organization and Position Hierarchy
?Concurrent Programs, Request Groups
?Security Profiles
?SIT and EIT (Special Information and Extra Information Types)
?Creating Employees and Assignments and Secondary Assignments
?Terminations and Reverse Terminations and Rehire
?Task Flows

Self Service Human Resource

?Absence Management
?Approvals Management Engine (AME)
?Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service
?Employee and Manager Initiated Terminations
?Personalization's (OAF)

?iRecruitment Cycle
?iRecruitment Grants
?iRecruitment Responsibilities and user menus
?Creating and Maintaining Default Job Postings
?Vacancy Management
?Creating and Maintaining Recruiting Sites
?Self service menus and user access
?Candidate Search and Short listing
?Interview Management
?Offer Management - Defining and maintaining template for offer letter
?Creating Agencies
?Accessing to External site
?Maintaining External and Internal candidates

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HRMS Course Content

Oracle Learning Management:
?OLM Roles, Permission Sets, and Permissions

?Enrollment Basics
?Class and enrollment statuses
?Enrollment Updates

Catalog Management:
?Catalog Overview
?Catalog Requirements
?Catalog objects
?Learning Path
?Learning Certification
?Learner Access
?Evaluation for courses and Classes

?Test Assembly Tasks
?Question Bank Creation
?Test Creation
?Section Management
?Test Previews and Delivery
?Reviewing Test and Question Statistics

?Consolidations Set
?Payment Methods
?Defining Payroll
?Defining Elements
?Element Link
?Salary Basis
?Writing Fast Formula
?Formula Result
?Payroll Run
?Quick Pay
?Advance Pay
?Third Party

?Resource Requirement
?Resources: Training resource key flex field
?Resource Type Setup
?Resource Creation
?Suppliers and customers

Resource Booking:
?Resource booking
?Required Resource

Content Management:
?Content Structure
?Learning Object Management.
?Online Content Delivery.

Oracle Time & Labor

?Creating timecard building blocks
?Creating different flexible implementation
?Options that OTL provides
?Integrating OTL with Payroll by element
?Setup process for OTL
?Approval Periods and Approval Styles
?Time Entry Rules
?Time Entry Rule Groups
?Alternate Names
?Configure OTLR
?Transfer timecards to Batch Element Entry
?Time Keeper
?Automatic Time Card Generation

Extra Activities
1. Mock Test after completion of every module
2. Guidance for preparing functional documents (Requirement Documents, Functional Documents,
Testing Documents, UAT documents, PPT's).
3. Interview Questions & tips

#204, 2nd Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Ph: 040 6514 2345, 970 320 2345. E-mail: