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Rikuzentakata Artist in Residency Program 2015 Sioned Huws / Wales / Choreographer and Dancer Odor-Dawns-Dance ‘An international dialogue through dance, Tohoku, Kansai and Kanto, July in Tokyo, an introduction with Joshibi Arts University students, opening 2 ‘conversation, our physical arts as communication traditional contemporary ‘dance and our everyday environment. Students later joined workshops in November and a presentation at Morishita Studios in December, where they ‘experienced frst hand a performing arts context based on participation, meeting two quests from Rikuzentaata and Sumita Town, Iwate, sharing thelr knowledge and experiences of local traditions and International arts ‘collaboration, Mikiko Sugawara ~Rikuzentakats-Ondo and Nobutaka Yoshida ~Kakinaizawa Shisht-Odor Deer Dance RBABT F< Xb ay LoF>RTO>L 2015 Dacky Beka 2/92 NRE P79 By orova—ren Ry eR COMMNTE HA, ACE, OIE, ) Rows, xFRRXPOPELORMERDI I, RADOBMMLOME, 222= Faved, GEM, 2VFLADI—I2, BAORADHOAKEMELTO. BAO7DZ2Ib RI-F9YA-TYR, WME ate, PRIMI, ATAITAT ON BO7-22 077k, QROTLEYT—vavceM, £2TREEAL, 2 FECEC EST, MRDEKI 42777 —YORMERBL, MNAN LOBES RLIAOTAN, WORERDEDLE LAMRENRORRA STE WHORE BROUE MODAL —PaYELT, SRERMERBLEOTH DE Summer in Rikuzentakata and Sunita Towa, late August to feo the humid heat of mountain and sea air a bi -sqeet smell f pine forests to experience the colour of lower fields, gardens and rice feds planted by ‘human care,to hear sound, tones, low an crickets, sem and frogs, th resembles that of the human voice, PUB streams ently touch the ear and as day turns into night the soundless glow of fireflies, intervals fading and appear ues of groen, a sea of fils fresh young 8 YYahagi and Otomo, the month of September, ripen toa golden shade; Otomo rice fields 20}. harvest since 2011, green becomes yellow, a recovery, a reason to celebrate, Hirota Golw Celebration) danced by Tomoshinokal, Folk Dance Group. = ‘Tomoshinokai -To keep aire burning. 9, RARE LOGON 4 21, 2% oe SAUL SOMLARESLS. RHOMELE. AUREL THSEME RBAUDTOELMY IAI, 2) Tiign 3 29 KOM RESORT, ROLE MIUREM., ROMOMEMUADRENTHINE, ARLCRERC. hy Pea op ELTRORAERDSE REG, BOR, HOERIRROESEBALINNEY Lit5, EROBKORCDRS VAL CISBCL, HOMEMRONEROES, NRT P XbS. HOB, HOW, RFLMEMORLE, 4 2015, 2011 FRET ORTH Of, OE DOEMAORRE LT, HLOMBE LT, MEKBALEDS. BWAHI2—-772% "elo, CLT RL, MERE, ae ELLOm —Toheep re barang Aringin gut ny fest expres of sane in Tohoku afer sight years of env cong ‘winters, the inspiration of Aomorl Tsugaru . wore 3 Teodor he my third visto Rkwrentkata 9 dancing reunion, during bon and Tanabata Festival a period when persons are quietly busy In preparation to weleome, streets and carts ‘decorated with lanterns, so the spirit can find its ‘way home, Loud calls “Voie Yote” tao (drum) nd flute encourages an incredible human effort, and at nighta glow oF colour, moving at the pace ‘of walking one tanabata meets another; notes and pitches of discord and harmony and everything in-between, ‘The natural world sings louder, shines brighter than the sound of hammering, the colour of echity carck the, celle IS orion. oo sae legit Vege ot Mibaie) dig eyed ay SAA Nera Ces) tool faaiad processed soln the making of false mountains. ‘Culture has lived inthis land fra very long time. Dancing with Kakinalzawa Shishi-Odor, Deer | ance, on the ground of Rikuzentakata near ‘Takekomashokudou ritual in repetition, passed eee yee sce ites ‘on from generation to generation, it belongs to n0 en Me Geen day of he vi . a Rec BI, ace ‘one person, yet relies onthe meeting of one with The Merwe calmer another. Two white sparrows, wing tps touching print on Kakinalzawa garment) ine hag ‘ed aged vieid ol ‘Suzume - Sparrow ee Mepis BALROU wees cHeto RLOROERE, DONKTET My cAyReL oa vee bn, GeRoReRENE ERD 820, IREORNRERELD > ky REEL OROMMD, — Lom ome. Kem B rR ORMTIELS LX SZOMR, ay rumgmsremens. 25, AvRMERDEZ> CHEZ RORETIE-v, ao eam eRe AeemmrS, ace, umokBeacenecma, o P2OMEOUMEHOLOCHE 3b tOMETTEMORTE RBS. HIM EDeTHEAL UmALUBL TAS. SOAMRY, TEREOM GRE AEVOUCMRE EYL mae ERD, AYMC. KEBCOLS EASUTDS, RNRBOON, AREOERTH EHAREH 0, ROM, RUST BROM ROLY 2 EREBT SLOT Liebe, BME LTR SRDS E Reno, EOwALERRENT U8. 2RORROREA, 8 RMMOREASS EVR. a Soonon iL eRoeR ‘When dance Sh Orta fil ess carved eer anders ti (ra) astra! bamboo ples erties HAREM T TheneeRan, TOMMSHOM= Lees, TEE deerme my pclae nevis htenensinthGhTE) 2 GAEATRR eWBOR/9twES. £LOMAORRER ACEC stefan cabaret) AIRS ESAGR/EAWERDESDRMSEME)OES somo. “stir — Wie ron of gtd vine Di ich tt oe rming ringing rin mn a vay inom arte ofappns SOR -ine he RMERHNS LES LC MMEROROS PINE ‘Sia bers areas meses toe a nto SEERSMMGgL RteeoRL Lconsnd. {Shs anymore etc eed “Ades RMP (LAL) EL THRO TOS. “aera sees ttn ak shape any fos \ ‘ar dalpitheo "o. onvm suexnseu. ¥ moten indy the dr pmeraion of dane tren mage of of ance we dicusinageas “AKERS EGE ARE LT. UOUBEERES EMRE. stadeat le relat totaday comma apdsnce nok - Fawn /OKUNO MYAMA ng) Ce se orereas pe prompt Legs Sesnce, ' Met All eee no-one) v Si POWLORBT ENTHIS ESIGRHA GoVETna aspera i i See — } ROMY FRM ELTURE RC, RREANE RHO BR. ENGRREU. Antero ere est onan tr ih adn digs cri PEReat OE ie oe | ee ht (ACRARUCRER, bs, GMORACMETRARORS, RO RAGUARLER. AOWELBMLEt soRIREECOUTRLE, =n suoTOOgRT. WnARNO NAAN RNEMRE. NEGRART, AANA REG MROLNDSTLAOTRE DEBUT RDS, Sioiinemeag = “meu 2onNo, LonRCLORMRHRE LEE. HHOH LH. oii “ARG, mROREaRPoes CEE S ‘See : Rarsernes(serseres eauemass + musumccat. scacancen *Q@ieraeca®, Siew alto ; Saicmcaegenietenr i mil(ostnjduroteme. Retecmy-ceaia., eeneRar, QE ee Shunpeosvpeneseaieecgrance artes, ook Cons cos ees ufscas mee wen. 70 Leoking down rom Azuma Mountai (East Pei towards Suma Town, grasses and forse asfarasthweycan HL. WARE SH F COMMIT, WARS MRSHINLS Mot it, RED SACS. ‘sce Tae natural word har says bent ge ome for my does taking chose falecktoweeiswhat BW TEOER, A2a=7—2 17 LUTON, SRROABAL LTO ready exists in ce nscap a costal eatin, aly be enn ep, sacareofcommaniyi seompleay, ETE GIs —AATARLSI GC. 7YALRADRIRE, OR ‘ure fom primtne rh mdionl oeaenporay, moreeccurloundion amen ompR D TERE, MEEMEL TE, Ueseaeen ere watt ‘stenotmy interes aa foreigner: have eaercedintssame way ny own ald caturaltacgromdand Ene p Sewatae see wbieaie ceomaem neh an “ordtarorran ina ote Whee ace olnavs Suet Oda Oe Dee, eparinathe % TREERENGLAPNTON, MIWARNMERSH, METORRO Crsoanee BAEMATU. ‘obia vib sake be POSES Caer oe Pe ‘Rikuzentakata-ondo (bon-odori dance) ‘The song words written sity years ago when the ight towns, Takekoma, Kesen, Osabe, Otomo, ‘Yonezaki, Hirota, Yahag and Yokota became one. Rikuzentakata-ond, has become my metaphor for accord in our world to bring these eight smaller communities closer together once again. Our dancing cree is becoming wider, concentric and ‘international, last year danced at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff UK, Danee Box, Kobe, Morishita Studies, Tokyo and Yonesaki Community Centre, simply the beauty of people dancing, To value local then global wil take care of itself. nace (amy) COR. nm, RU RA oe, HE RI Ro DONNO Loca EmCHORERORT, HmGMMls, cos soNeeMRE LIENERT RY Re, KeEO=-OMROMMOKBDIT77—E tof, RESON YOMIBE (228%. MHC, EL TCBII cs BE Chaper Ate Conve, Carat Us, 0 Dace Gon SHORT AIS, RBI Bd 4eY ITO IRE MORLEXMEN I emuNGases, UAGEneNDeT Sess. ben Rajat 2 24 Receies $ Thewes Des ie Formation Breen Carpenters Fujin Tore Ir you st Aka Shen, inside are the foo of Daimio Gioretsu Maia processional dance Bringing young men from mountain and sea together awa panting in Yoerakt 2013 ted tomany meetings and understandings. Last co) danced in 2008, tov ols passed through och and every hand of young mei who danced, a remembrance; something” = shouldbe let touche fo Lumitenne = Linnie mea xeGmRD Cy Bneres, ReUE), RACE TMEGLAM), mn ron@atasrser9—veomeReL TRC SAOIRRUCMREOROLE, MERE N SS ow wa ee tomRDY KE ERO RI, RAMBEMNRIDD—y>-TOL VORREH BOR RE MY 89 TIELRS MEUTOMLUTI MRATEOL ER 1, (REBREE 581m Lie 02%) Kuk EHH 2, EMI, HORBILE SHIELDS ERLE 4OOMLUBLEDLOOZ ELON, mmame conn, He wemeres, £02 70NMEEML, ELUKELEMERNT EIT —2LT OUCADEIUMDESAT CAE, RMOARG GLOFEE DIA RENT BOGLNEL, AECTHFO LOY MENS EME EOE RIISE CMLL MOAT ULL TMERTHS, F8C971 2G, BEOURIOMERAARE SEHBSHS2, EORFU, WURMETI, OF OOBMALRET ERE: MASH My, EM OMA, BERALBCAUTERELTHS, BB, OL Fomat, BAEMUELEES, Ted ends dente ‘aha Odort-Dawns-Dance { Kobe, Tokyo, Miyagi Morishita Studios, Joshibi Arts University, ance Box and Shiogama Sugimura | Jun Museum ofA { ‘Two weeks at Morishita Studios, Tokyo, a space to process accumulated experences with others, two Invited quests from late ahd parvepating audience; dancing without thinking, how ist passe gh from generations seneration? ue Teeha ~ Wings Coming Kuch shoga ‘ za aan zan zanzago--go7an 2an zanzanzanzago-lgezan jy | ‘Anew creation in process Volees of four dancers resonate as drum beats four figutesInotion, all was ‘oflife pas through ths pattern, one fot in rontof the other coitingBy ten {because when we are small we first learn to count up to ten), walking is familar, yet weal walk eiferenty. ‘Kuch shoga phonetiizes (that is foneically articulates) drum strokes using Japanese sound symbols, ach syllable conveys information about how the drummers to pay agitate (Wikipedia) Sin > ‘There pd tat unesean or Heard in Kakinaizawa Shish-odor contains many mysteries whieh slowly stpy sep Item to unravel one ts the"ech hogs etch dancer earns and rectes these sounds ienty by tnamory APNG Peis the dram ad aatng withoat cconting bot Imovemen ung ateton othe paces inbetween. An then there the story ofthe one white deer, tobe reveled in ime ‘now there are quite afew ‘human deer in Kobe, Tokyo and Shiogama, fyou ‘sten you’ I hear “zanzanzan zan zago‘ogozan* ‘The origin of Shish-odont how iteame into this world is un-known, one story {is that someone sa children playing with der antlers, (you can find many on the ground ofthe forest) and from what was perceived ofthis game, made a dance. At play, children form thelr oWyn sophisticated understanding ofthe ‘world around them, an open mind, ‘Words of Shsh-Odort, Play.le splay my frends Asobehey wag sure } ‘Thanks to Reina Kimura, shag Teppel Kuramoto, Megumi Kamimura, Kouta Nagy, Lisa Morita, Ak io Honam Shimiz, Mikko Saguvar, Nobutaka Yoshida, and wofefopParticipants, Jos Arts University and Dance ox student Hana EAA Mog a, Zan ana, Yaya Toukahara, Takao Kaw Moshi Okada, Shirotama sua, Teh ‘Yamagata, Nato Teduka A Clara Fujiwara, an accumulating dlalog connecting up new eration tobe revealed further as Odor-Dawns-Danee conives vere lowing sin fp, Too Kans Kai) ‘tral and Europe wy roe x—7eR 2m Jk, Bm na EI ligt RRETAP YT TO 2M, HAE NLERERME LSE BOME LT 2BORFOS OFA NE MRED URRERMLE BABS EELEWY, EORIEERERRSH fearsumLtonson? Kie ee Ae@w» inline TS wf A Dy ‘ amecom oan ates 2 Ulosraconmrexnoycuewian wena «A. aneniecnsee Pe ong avone numeric, AACSUMCALG w EURAR Cone, Renee he facer ui Lyeccenarecs ome meocunn apes: che G Gotan o npsnwauotes: oe & aR (C5299) 21, —RORNCE TT, RRIMRT ome, ARONET ADT, Ae MEAL TRS IEROERERS. (Weost9) WAREME I MEE E. RUS LOL LOM RUA. MDEBATIT. HiDLT DENSERAMOES ERATE, EO0E VERT. HY FANT EMOACED FENTCROL, RIONECLNNTS, LOT, AMEMU TRIM, NET KBO? « D7 Cb 6, SOLE OHMERMEl TOS, £50, AUMOETEI. OSE PetoROR ots x FOR AIL AAMA (men deen GH, WE AMEBDLLPLEDEI 2 Bo PAPORI EK, MELLMUSTELREL, 20 FIFI HIe TH, LU SHE AmORMUTHT, TORIES TERONEA D> ToL FRIMOMTRSEER T (ROPCRUNDS= EHTS), COMTOSRMEA TRON, LOIRE, ROLL, PRIRGEOT, ROERIRORMAORWERERM IDS, amoRa Be Ab bina it vi ‘Anne. ana, MXM. HEE. REE, AGED. eae? nama. B27, Suan 77049 700ne aeRUNtoreE. bebe OBRLMTE- UEP). ¢ -0 chiki te iim mnme, nom nmin ewes uma smTwMoon weorec, |S aw ane © MEERAMD, BLUME VEL, Odor-Downs-Donce & fits 25M, Bak Cat, yet ores Moe fen me) 2—Rh9 97. Ba CeRMIITEE eno SRNEME, BME OIE Le mS Ss # Ye tomas x pkudl Dance From Tokyo returning to familar faces in Rwzentakata,Yonesaki Community Centre 27th December 2015 with Hikami Taiko, Tomoshinokal, Kel and Yasuyo Omura, Kakinaizawa Shish-Odori, Reina Kimura Kel Tanaka and guests; what an only deseribe as ance in its purest form, each and ‘every person in that room danced ‘without reservation, letting Ro of sol-consciousness, captivated by the sheer pleasure of being together, each Individual sharing what cannot be sad inwords Dance is related oie and ving i fl celebration Pa Anes, BAMMORANE AZ OUTS otk, MIG 2A ROME = SFCED IW, REAM, ES LOR AASERD. MRAM KOR HH EOWIAPEE bie Sa SORRLIE Emucomy eLTEAS= ECE SO ke EnienoMMcuRenent to Acie Rest, BREZ=mCRY Bu, REDS=LoMMeMOT, 2h ENHA, BREWTELUSLERAL REWACETAS, My RECS ONS, 2aeee= LemmLERUnor, ennh peepee Yoneenk Ritlnrendakate, ‘afe] 6 New Year 2016 ‘Gongen Sama - Lion Dance 1st fanuary _Azumane~ East Peale Shrine an Haksan- White Mountain Shrine Gongen mountain spin, visited each and every home to drive away vil spirit to bring protection and prosperity and came into direct contact with each person of ach Rouse to bless them directy by “bing thelr Reads na promise of protecuon, lacking Is golden te tk he comity Acne and Renta wo ah for welcoming friends, many dancers, artists, and sii hi BEES Deal locally, where dance continue tobe a way affe. SS Here in Yamazaki looking out of my window, far away mountain, bara hana ero, ‘Tanabata Festival, Rikwentakata~7 August ‘Obon Rikuzentakata and Sumita Town - 15-22 August Hanamaki Shishi Odori Festival -12 September ‘Gongen Sama New Year Celebration, Sumita Town 1 January om ‘mMM—Len ne et Janay AMKOUDIEATAREDN, BUDOLALKL, MRERREDRST. ENGENENDR, AOLEEMRD2TRT, 2OROOMENE AIMS PEMA LAAT HER LMM, ROAETE RURIRIE, KAP ZY POFARh, WOAAMEE DA, ROUAANTC NSIS) EMER, ROR WHR) OBDSAEANIL, t=eS0UNOML, 165%) anagtesy-eaTe nan EEsoRE—sAi-ze ReRRO He) -98I28 enmaae-18 16 Ee eae bere = Lene? eae Bileen