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CE 421/621, Geotechnical Engineering Design

Braja Das, Principles of Foundation Engineering, Brooks/Cole, Thomson, 7th edition
Course outline:
Introduction & foundation performance requirements
Subsoil Exploration
Shallow foundations: Bearing capacity
Bearing capacity: Special cases
Allowable bearing capacity and settlement
Shallow foundations: Design
Lateral earth pressure & retaining walls
Sheet pile walls
Pile foundations
Drilled shaft foundations
Review of materials & preparation for final exam

Ch 2
Ch 3
Ch 4
Ch 5
Ch 7 &8
Ch 9
Ch 11
Ch 12

Grading scale:
Determination of Final Grade:
Final Exam

*Each homework/project is treated like a quiz and counts 6% (6 points). However, homework/project #1
and #7 each counts 12% (12 points). See class policies (below) for final exam.
**For CE 621 students: Extra readings/assignments/mini projects will be required. Final Exam problems
for CE 621 will be different.
Grade scale: A: >90%; B: 80-89%; C: 70-79%; D: 60-69%; F: <60%

Homework Guidelines


If you submit a homework/project paper past due date (always due midnight EST), you will lose 50% of
the credit automatically. If you do not submit a paper for a given homework/project, you will get zero
credit for that homework/project. No homework will be accepted after the due date of the next
homework. Remember that each homework/project is treated like a quiz.
Homework/project paper must be sent through email as an attachment to TA as instructed.
Questions regarding the course and material should be sent to the instructor, and questions regarding
homework should be sent to TA.
Each homework/project paper should begin with a title page, including the following information: date
(day/month/year), Homework/project No., students name, and number of pages in your paper. You must
also number all pages in your paper. You can submit as an attachment a Word document or a PDF
document. If your paper is hand-written, you must assure that it is legible, and then scan it into a PDF
document. You must submit your work in an electronic form (PDF document preferred), not hard copy.



All scanned pages should be submitted as one single document. You must ensure that each page is
numbered and legible and oriented correctly. It is the students responsibility to ensure that the
correct file is being submitted the first time. Multiple homework submission will not be allowed. In
fact, only the first submission will be graded.
Your submission will be verified with an email reply.
Homework will be graded before the due date of the next homework. The grade will be posted in the grade
book on Blackboard, and the solution will also be posted on Blackboard.