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International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Pre-Election Monitoring of October 8, 2016 Parliamentary Elections

Fourth Interim Report
September 2 October 1

Publishing this report is made possible by the generous support of the American people, through the United States
Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The views
expressed in this report belong solely to ISFED and may not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID, the United
States Government and the NED.



The International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy has been monitoring October 8, 2016
elections of the Parliament of Georgia and Adjara Supreme Council since July 1, with support from the
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for
Democracy (NED). The fourth interim report of the pre-election monitoring covers the period from
September 2 to October 1, 2016, as well as developments that began to unfold before September 1 and
continued during the monitoring period.


Key Findings

During the reporting period campaigning moved into a particularly active phase. ISFED observers
monitored 643 meetings held by political subjects from September 1 to October 1.
Alongside the active pre-election campaign, election violation incidents grew considerably, jeopardizing
free and fair pre-election environment. During the reporting period ISFED detected 3 cases of alleged
political dismissals; 11 cases of intimidation/harassment; 12 cases of misuse of administrative
resources; 8 cases of interference with campaigning; 6 cases of physical violence; 4 cases of possible
vote buying; 2 cases of vandalizing party offices; 37 cases of destroying campaign materials; 4 cases
of using hate speech; 8 cases of campaigning by unauthorized individuals.
Alarming incidents of violence between political opponents and activists have been identified during the
period leading up to the elections. Activists and supporters of opposition parties as well as the ruling party
suffered injuries as a result of use of force and cold weapons. People have been hospitalized following
these incidents. Subsequent investigations have been launched.
As the election date approaches, acts of harassment/intimidation against opposition members and activists
on alleged political grounds are growing considerably. Mostly representatives of opposition electoral
subjects are targeted by various forms of harassment and intimidation. During the reporting period
representatives of opposition parties reported verbal threats, threatening by removal of social benefits, and
other forms of intimidation to ISFED observers.
ISFED detected instances of possible intimidation in relation to the process of election of precinct
electoral commission (PEC) leaders. In PECs where members appointed by opposition parties were
elected on key positions (PEC Chair, PEC Secretary), PEC members that participated in voting later
resigned. PEC protocol was doctored in one case to replace the name of elected PEC Secretary with the
name of another PEC member.
Interference with campaign events of competitors occurred often. Meetings of parties were mostly
attended by local self-government employees with opposing political views, trying to interfere with
campaigning using different methods. Notably, on September 14, the Inter-Agency Commission adopted
a recommendation to political parties and electoral subjects1, urging them to take all possible measures to
ensure that their activists and supporters refrain from attending pre-election meetings of rival political
parties or their supporters, as well as from staging a counter-rally against these meetings, in order to
eliminate all risks of verbal or physical confrontation on political grounds. In addition, upon the initiative
of the Minister of Justice, 11 political parties have joined a campaign against violence during pre-election
period and have condemned violence in a special video entitled Violence Harms Elections 2. Despite
these initiatives, acts of physical violence and interference with campaigning targeting political opponents
have grown.

Recommendations of the Inter-Agency Commission for Free and Fair Elections available at:
The video titled Violence Harms Elections, September 17, 2016, available at:

Incidents that involved damaging of campaign materials party flags, posters and banners have grown
considerably and mostly include tearing down of posters, and placing posters of an electoral subject over
posters of another electoral subject. With only a few exceptions, it was impossible to identify the
perpetrators. These incidents affected campaign materials of virtually every political party. The InterAgency Commission for Free and Fair Elections adopted a subsequent recommendation3 urging political
parties/electoral subjects to issue clear instructions that their activists and representatives are
categorically prohibited from removing, tearing down, covering, damaging or illegally interfering with
placement of campaign materials of a competitor (electoral subject).
The reporting period was marked by a growing trend of abuse of administrative resources, mostly by local
self-governments, in favor of the ruling party. ISFED detected production and free of charge distribution
of print materials for campaigning, use of buildings, campaigning during events funded from the State
budget by event organizers, which is prohibited under the Election Code. Some municipalities have been
using text-messaging service to keep individual citizens informed about status of certain projects. These
initiatives of local municipalities may amount to a form of influencing will of voters and contain signs of
misuse of administrative resources.
During the reporting period, the pre-election campaign by the electoral subject Davit Tarkhan Mouravi,
Irma Inashvili Alliance of Patriots of Georgia was marked by clear xenophobic calls. Some
majoritarian candidates and active members of the party were using hate speech during campaigning. The
party produced and released a pre-election advertisement where it made anti-Turkish remarks and urged
voters to assemble for expressing their anti-Turkish stance. The CEC is currently examining use of hate
speech in the campaign video.
Illegal wiretapping of politically active individuals continued during the pre-election period. An audio
recording of a conversation that allegedly took place between Mikheil Saakashvili, former president of
Georgia, and some UNM members was leaked on the Internet. The video recording suggests that these
individuals are debating a revolutionary scenario for the electoral processes. Leaking of the recording was
preceded by statements made by representatives of the ruling political party, alleging that the UNM was
planning to cause a destabilization and unrest for the elections. The investigative authorities should
launch an effective and impartial investigation for determining authenticity of the video recordings and
whether the alleged criminal intentions are real, as well as for combating the crime of illegal wiretapping.

Recommendation of the Inter-Agency Commission for Free and Fair Elections, dated September 22, 2016,
available at:

III. Recommendations
Electoral subjects/political parties should:

act responsibly and refrain from confrontation and violence, as well as from making any
statements that may incite violence and confrontation;
abide by ethical norms while on air on TV or in public space, refrain from manifesting any
aggression and engage in debates in a constructive manner;
stop mobilizing their supporters for public meetings of rival parties/electoral subjects and prevent
their supporters from attending these meetings;
while on air on TV, during their public speeches an campaign meetings refrain from forms of
expression directed against a certain individual or a group of individuals, on the account of their
social background, ethnicity, race, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender
identity, disability, language, ideology, social class, work, etc.;
during pre-election process refrain from forms of campaigning that contain signs of vote buying
and serve to have a negative impact on their free will; stop providing, promising or enticing
voters with money, gifts, services through their representatives or legal entities associated with

Local self-governments should:

refrain from amending their budgets before the end of elections, for launching new social and
infrastructural projects;
prevent campaigning during events funded from the State budget, in favor or against an electoral
prevent dismissals of local government employees on political grounds;
instruct local self-government employees about their rights and responsibilities during preelection period;
not abuse property of local self-government, including means of communication and
transportation, in favor of an electoral party or for participation in a campaign.

To ensure fulfillment of campaigning rules:

clergymen, aliens, members of the electoral administration and other individuals that are
prohibited from participating in a pre-election campaign, should refrain from participating in the
pre-election campaign.


Instances of Dismissals on Alleged Political Grounds


On September 5, local media reported that Telavi Municipality Gamgebeli Aleksandre Shatirishvili, based
on instructions received personally from a majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream for AkhmetaTelavi, Gela Samkharauli, who formerly served as a majoritarian MP of Telavi, sacked Trustee of
Vardisubani Village (Telavi Municipality) Levan Tushishvili. According to the source, Mr. Tushishvili
was dismissed for poor turnout of voters for a meeting with Gela Samkharauli in Vardisubani Village.
Because Tushishvili is not answering his phone, to verify the information ISFED contacted his family
friend. The latter confirmed the dismissal but categorically rejected the allegation that it had anything to
do with Gela Samkharauli. According to the source, Levan Tushishvili believed that he performed poorly
as the village trustee and decided to take a lower responsibility job.
In an interview with ISFED observer, Telavi Gamgebeli Aleksandre Shatirishvili stated that Tushishvili
had resigned for personal reasons and it has nothing to do with politics. He believed that he was not
performing well. We agreed and offered him a different job. He took the position of a specialist at the
Union of Libraries and will continue to work there.
During a phone conversation Gela Samkharauli denied any involvement with the above fact.
Levan Tushishvili had been selected as the village trustee through a competition and was appointed to the
office in 2015.


On September 2, Gori Sakrebulo Chair Ilia Metreveli dismissed Head of Sakrebulo Office Zakaria
Naskidashvili unexpectedly, without any warning. Ilia Metreveli is a supporter of Irakli Okruashvili.
According to the order of dismissal, on July 31, 2016, political union Georgian Dream held its party
event in Gori. Head of Sakrebulo Office Zakaria Naskidashvili was forcing Sakrebulo employees to
attend the event.
Zakaria Naskidashvili maintains that grounds for his dismissal are not true and states that he did not force
any of the employees to attend the party event.
Sakrebulo has not launched a probe into the allegations, despite the fact that the event in question was
over a month ago. In addition, the Georgian Dream presented its candidates in Gori on a Sunday, a nonworking day.
The same day Sakrebulo Member Tamar Tedliashvili (Free Democrats) held a briefing in connection to
Naskidashvilis dismissal and alleged that the order of dismissal was illegal. She stated that the order of
Sakrebulo Chair is illegal considering that Sakrebulo has not debated or raised the issue of the allegations
against Zakaria Naskidashvili. She believes that Naskidashvilis dismissal is connected to registration of
the motion to impeach Sakrebulo Chair the day before. As a person responsible for providing technical
support to Sakrebulo meetings, Naskidashvili was to invite Sakrebulo Members to a meeting for debating
the motion. In order to prevent Naskidashvili from notifying Sakrebulo Members of the date of the
meeting, Sakrebulo Chair decided to dismiss him from work.
Eventually, Gori Sakrebulo discussed the motion of impeachment during an extraordinary meeting on
September 5 and decided to remove Ilia Metreveli from his office, while Zakaria Naskidashvili was
reinstated to work.


News agency Newspress reported that Nino Burjanadze Democratic Georgia coordinator in Terjola,
Dalina Khuchua was dismissed from work on the account of her political views.
Dalina Khuchua reported to ISFED that she was an activist of the Georgian Dream Democratic
Georgia, while also working in Terjola Kindergarten N2 from October 2015. She stated that she was
against nomination of Elguja Gotsiridze as a majoritarian candidate for Terjola-Tkibuli. As a result, she
had a disagreement with Terjola Municipality Gamgebeli, Teimurz Japaridze, who then threatened to
dismiss her from work. According to Dalina Khuchua, she was dismissed from work after she quit
working in the local office of the Georgian Dream in Terjola.
Terjola Municipality Gamgebeli Teimuraz Japaridze rejected the allegations of harassment. According to
him, Ms. Khuchua is mentally unbalanced and therefore, she cannot work with children. Japaridze
stated that Khuchua was dismissed because she was often absent from work.


Acts of Alleged Political Harassment/Intimidation


On September 23, majoritarian candidate of the United National Movement, Davit Mzhavanadze was
summoned to Ozurgeti Police. According to Mzhavanadze, he was questioned about the actions of the
Georgian Dream supporters during a visit of the UNM leader Davit Bakradze a day before, on September
22, and about the statement that he made during debates with the ruling party candidate on Guria Moambe
news program.
Mzhavanadze declared during the debates that shots had been fired in the shelter for the homeless in
Ozurgeti. Police arrived at the scene but left without taking any measures.
UNM majoritarian candidate in Ozurgeti, Davit Mzhavanadze believes that he was summoned by the
police in an attempt to blackmail and intimidate him.
According to Mzhavanadze, he was contacted by the Deputy Chief of Ozurgeti Police on his cell-phone
and summoned to the police station. He arrived there at 7 but was not registered in the visitor log and no
one asked him to leave the cell-phone; he stayed at the police station for 3 hours.
To verify the report, ISFED long-term observer contacted the public relations office of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs. After several hours of wait, the LTO was told that to receive the information, a formal
request for public information should be made.


On September 8, first meeting of Akhaltsikhe Precinct Electoral Commission no.44/37/20 was held. The
meeting was attended by 11 members of the PEC as well as the following DEC members: Giorgi
Ivanidze, Ketevan Ivanidze and Natia Devadze. During the meeting the PEC elected the chair, the deputy
chair and the secretary. The PEC voted for Natela Bibiluri as the secretary. She had been appointed to the
commission by the United National Movement. All members of the PEC present at the meeting supported
Bibiluris candidacy. A protocol was prepared to reflect outcomes of the PEC meeting. However, the
protocol taken to the district electoral commission no longer included the name of Natela Bibiluri as

elected secretary. Instead, it listed another member named Ekaterine Khaladze as the PEC chair.
Ekaterine Khaladze was a member of the PEC appointed by the district electoral commission.
Natela Bibiluri reported to ISFED that after the PEC members left the meeting, two individuals arrived at
the commission. One of them suggested that she resign from the position of the PEC Secretary but she
refused to. Although PEC never held a meeting for electing a new secretary, the protocol taken to the
District Electoral Commission listed a different PEC member as the secretary of the commission.
According to information available to ISFED, the person urging Natela Bibiluri to resign was the head of
the Georgian Dream local office, Giorgi Gvaramadze.
On September 8, the DEC examined the incident during a meeting also attended by members of Sviri
PEC no.44/37/20, and decided to suspend powers of the following PEC members: Bughuti Ghonghadze,
Chair of the PEC, and Ekaterine Khaladze, who was indicated as the PEC Chair in the PEC protocol in
violation of the law. Natela Bibiluri maintained her status of the PEC Chair.


On September 7, during the first meeting of the PEC no.52.51.26, Aleksandre Kvirikashvili, member of
the PEC appointed by the United National Movement, was unanimously elected as the PEC Chair. Gocha
Sirbiladze and Teona Lominadze, members appointed by the DEC, were elected as the deputy chair and
the secretary, respectively. There were no incidents during the meeting; however, the following day five
members of the PEC, including the PEC deputy chair and the secretary, resigned: Tengiz Dakhundaridze,
Gocha Sirbiladze, Teona Lomidze, Nana Manjavidze and Lana Svanidze. All five members had been
appointed by the DEC.
ISFED observer tried to find out the reason why the above members resigned. Tengiz Dakhundaridze
stated that he thought Aleksandre Kvirikashvili had been appointed by the DEC, and he was refusing to
work with a UNM-appointed member: I asked him: who appointed you? He [Kvirikashvili] said that he
was from the district [commission]. I thought because he was from the district commission, the
government supported him, so I voted for him. Dakhundaridze also said that he was a representative of
the Georgian Dream, appointed by the district commission.
Remaining four members of the commission cited different reasons for their resignation and said that they
had not been pressured into leaving.
On September 13, Baghdati DEC selected five new members of the precinct electoral commission.


On September 15, majoritarian candidate of the UNM in Kutaisi, Gigi Tsereteli reported to ISFED that
his supporter Mzevinar Mikadze was pressured. Mikadze, who lives in poverty, has a grandchild with a
disability and cannot afford to pay for his treatment. She petitioned to relevant bodies for a one-time
social assistance and was promised to receive it. After some time she was contacted from the City Hall
and told that unless she stopped roving with the UNM, she wouldnt get any help.
Following the phone call Ms. Mikadze turned to Gigi Tsereteli for help. After Gigi Tsereteli reported the
incident, Mikadze was summoned by the police for questioning. Investigation has been launched in
connection to alleged intimidation.
According to media reports, after the incident was made public Mikadze was contacted again and
threatened by an employee of the housing department at the City Hall, Aleko Tevdoradze.


On the first day of school year on September 15, the principal of Ninotsminda Public School was going to
classrooms and forcing teachers to promise in writing that they would attend a public meeting of the
Georgian Dream scheduled to be held later in the evening at 6pm in Ninotsminda Village.
On September 24, the Secretary General of the Georgian Dream Kakha Kaladze visited Sagarejo to meet
with voters. ISFED found out that the principal of Sagarejo School no.4 demanded that all teachers attend
Kalandzes meeting.
During the meeting with Kaladze on September 24, head of the Educational Resource Center in Sagarejo,
Manana Tsutskiridze was asking school principals how many teachers they had brought to the meeting.
Notably, there was a large number of teachers mobilized from schools in Sagarejo and nearby villages for
the meeting.


On September 13, at 10:00 am, as Manana Mindadze was waiting for a transport in the village center, Ilia
Mamaladze, member of Sakrebulo of Ozurgeti Municipality from the Georgian Dream Democratic
Georgia approached her and rebuked her for not attending a meeting of the Georgian Dreams
majoritarian candidate Archil Talakvadze in the village of Askana on September 11. According to
Mindadze, she explained that she could not attend because she was sick. In response, Ilia Mamaladze
threatened that he would follow her into the voting booth and wouldnt leave until she marked number 41
on the ballot. He also said that she would no longer receive any assistance. Mamaladze also wondered
how she was able to attend the meeting with a majoritarian candidate from Irakli Alasania Free
Democrats if she was having health problems.
Mindadzes family is categorized as a socially vulnerable; they live in a run-down building. According to
Manana Mindadze, they applied to the local self-government for help on numerous occasions only to
receive GEL 150 two times as assistance.
To verify the above report, ISFED observer contacted Ilia Mamaladze, Member of Ozugeti Sakrebulo
from Aksani. He refused to comment and stated that Manana Mindadze is an agent. The incident was
also reported by Guriis Moambe.4


On September 13, unidentified caller contacted Irina Butikashvili on her cell phone and told her to
remove a poster of the UNM majoritarian candidate Levan Bezhashvili from her balcony. Otherwise, they
threatened to physically destroy her and damage her home. Ms. Butikashvili lives at 2 Megobroba Street
in Dedoplistskaro. She removed the banner and reported the incident to representatives of the UNM
office. She asked them not to go to the police because her mother is a teacher and this may cause her
problems at work.


Independent majoritarian candidate in Chokhatauri Municipality, district no.60.62, Akaki Chkhaidze

signed a written agreement with director of Geno Ltd., Liana Giorgadze, for free of charge placement of

See Guria Moambes report at:

his poster on facade of the building located at 12 Dumbadze Street in Daba Chokhatauri, owned by the
company. According to the head of Akaki Chkhaidzes camaign office, Vakhtang Gachechiladze, an
employee of Chokhatauri Municipality Gamgeoba, Bacho Kacheishvili is intimidating director of Geno
Ltd. In particular, Chkhaidze stated that Kacheishvili told Giorgadze not to allow placement of the banner
or she was going to have a problem. Akaki Chkhaidzes banner was placed on the building nevertheless.


Coordinator of the bloc Paata Burchuladze State for the People in the village of Kokhnari, Maka
Ormotsadze believes that her social benefits were revoked on the account of her political affiliation.
Ormotsadze had been a beneficiary of social assistance since 2015 but in August 2016, the Social Service
Agency canceled her social benefits.
According to Maka Ormotsadze, she applied to the Social Service Agency to find out why her benefits
were taken away. She was informed that it was due to the fact that her family owned a vehicle. Maka
Ormotsadze states that her family owned the vehicle even before they became beneficiaries of the social
assistance program. Therefore, she believes that she lost her social benefits largely due to the fact that she
serves as a coordinator of the party New Georgia.


According to the coordinator of the bloc Paata Burhculadze State for the People in the village of
Partskhma (Chokhatauri Municipality), Natia Trapaidze, the Social Service Agency cancelled her social
benefits that she was granted three months ago. Ms. Trapaidze reported to ISFED observer that the
Agency decided to review her case. Natia Trapaidze believes that the Agencys decision has to do with
her political activities.


A member of the local office of Paata Burchuladze State for the People, Natia Tavlabeishvili reported
to ISFED observer that head of the educational center Davit Tsuladze threatened her. In particular,
according to Tvalabeishvili, Tsuladze that visited her parents declared that because their daughter
supported Burchuladzes party, she would never be able to get a job. ISFED observer tried to reach the
director of the educational center many times but he is not answering his phone.


Misuse of Administrative Resources

Text-messaging Service in Municipalities

Lately, local municipality executive bodies in different regions of Georgia have been using textmessaging service to keep the population informed about completed infrastructural projects, including in
Zugdidi. In addition, Zugdidi City Hall published a newspaper titled City Hall News to provide detailed
information to voters about works carried out by the self-government over the recent years.
On September 19, population in Batumi started receiving text-messages from Batumi Info, which lasted
a few days. These messages provided information about projects implemented by Batumi City Hall.
Similar text-messages were also received by Tkibuli population.
We certainly welcome the use of the above means as an effective way to keep population informed about
local government activities; however, it is peculiar that city halls started using text-messaging service
during the pre-election period. Sending text-messages to inform population about local governments
projects ahead of the elections gives rise to suspicions about misuse of administrative resources.


On September 24, workers from the office of Kaspi improvements service were mobilized outside the
office of Georgian Dreams majoritarian candidate Irakli Mezurnishvili, together with special equipment,
for securing a banner knocked over by wind. According to an employee of the improvement service, he
was contacted by phone and asked to secure the banner.
A majoritarian candidate of Free Democrats, Vakhtang Bezhitashvili protested the fact and accused the
authorities of abusing administrative resources.
In a video material, an employee of the improvements service, Alika Zaridze states that he was contacted
by phone and asked to install the banner. He also says that they are working for free.5


On September 24, 2016, at 12:00, Deputy Gamgebeli of Khelvachauri Zviad Khalvashi drove to the
Georgian Dreams campaign office in a vehicle owned by Gamgeoba (vehicle license plate number
XHX-281). The fact was reported on Adjara TV by the UNM majoritarian candidate in Khelvachauri for
the parliament of Georgia, Misha Bolkvadze. Zviad Khalvashi explained that he stayed inside the party
office for only a few minutes, to pick up a friend. He said that he did not participate in campaign


Batumi City Hall submitted a budget amendment request to Sakrebulo for a GEL 2,225,000 increase to
rehabilitate infrastructure in the aftermath of natural disaster. Draft of a resolution on amendment to
Resolution No.35 of Sakrebulo on Approval of 2016 Budget for Batumi Municipality, dated December
25, 2015, states that the local self-government needs to take urgent actions for rehabilitating homes,
buildings, areas and infrastructure affected by natural disaster in Batumi. Batumi City Hall suggests
covering these expenses from the budget of the municipality.
The amendment was approved by Batumi Municipality Sakrebulo on September 27.
According to the explanatory memo attached to the draft, increase of budget expenses has been proposed
in consideration of heavy precipitations and natural disasters anticipated this fall and coming winter and
they are targeted at appropriate infrastructural work.

See the report prepared by Shida Kartli at:

ISFED believes that Batumi City Halls request for budget increase during the pre-election period violates
prohibitions imposed by the Election Code, with the aim of misusing administrative resources.
Under para.3, Article 49 of the Election Code of Georgia, from the 60th day before and including Election
Day, it is prohibited to implement such projects/programs that have not been previously included in the
State Budget of Georgia, the republic budget of any Autonomous Republic of Georgia, or the budget of
any local self-government unit, except when projects/programs are funded within the allocations provided
for by the respective program code of the respective budget and/or by the funds from such allocations, as
well as by the funds allocated by donors at least 60 days prior to Election Day.


On September 20, a sports palace was opened in Tkibuli. The celebratory event was attended by
representatives of the national and the local government, including Tariel Khechikashvili, Givi
Chichinadze, Robinzon Gvenetadze, Davit Lomtadze, Aleksandre Bibilashvili and others. Tkibuli
Municipality Gamgebeli Robinzon Gvenetadze made a speech to welcome the audience and congratulate
on opening of the sports palace. He also talked about the Georgian Dreams plans for the next few years
and said that these projects would not be possible without the governments support. At the end of his
speech he expressed his gratitude towards Giorgi Kvirikashvili.
According to ISFED long-term observer, opening of the sports palace was organized by the local selfgovernment. Article 45 para.7 of the Election Code prohibits carrying on election campaigning by the
organizer of the event at any event/presentation funded from the State Budget of Georgia/the budget of
local self-government unit. The action will be regarded as the use of administrative resources.


On September 19, the Georgian Dream youth wing in Kaspi organized an intellectual game What?
When? How? with participation of famous young members of the Funny and Clever Club. The game had
the audience of nearly 500 people. At the end of the game, majoritarian candidate Irakli Mezurnishvili
made a speech to thank members of the Funny and Clever Club and talk about his plans as a majoritarian
The same day, during school hours, representatives of the Georgian Dream youth wing Natia Iluridze and
Ilia Berianidze visited public schools no.2 and no.4 in Kaspi to invite schoolchildren to the event.
According to the principal of the public school no.2, Ilia Makharadze, the Georgian Dream
representatives visited classrooms of seniors and offered them to attend the intellectual game What?
When? How?


Front page of September 13, 2016 issue of Khoni newspaper (issue no.17(7431)) published by non-profit
(non-commercial) legal entity Khoni Information Center featured information about campaign meetings
of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majoritarian candidates with photos. The photos from
Georgian Dreams meetings showed supporters with the partys flags and t-shirts. Front page of the
August issue of Khoni newspaper featured a biography of the Georgian Dreams majoritarian candidate,
Grigol Liluashvili and his meetings with population.
The non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity is funded from the local municipal budget and has a total
annual budget of GEL 30,000. It employees 7 people.
Under Article 49(7) of the Election Code, it is prohibited, in the course of campaigning, to produce, by
funds from the State Budget/local self-government unit budget of Georgia, campaign materials where any
electoral subject/political party or its sequence number assigned during elections is displayed and/or
which comprise materials in support of/against any electoral subject/political party. Distribution of free
municipal newspapers in Khoni and Tkibuli municipalities during a campaign meeting and the fact that
Khoni Newspaper reported about meetings of the electoral subject with voters constitute violation of the
above norm.


In September 2016, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the local municipality sponsored a
wrestling tournament in Ptsa Village. The tournament was attended by the Georgian Dream Democratic
Georgia majoritarian candidate Giorgi Totladze. During the event numerous remarks were made in
support of the candidate, while at the end of the tournament winning participants were awarded by Giorgi
Article 45(7) of the Election Code prohibits carrying on election campaigning at any event/presentation
funded from the State Budget of Georgia/the budget of local self-government unit by the organizer of the
event. The action will be regarded as the use of administrative resources.


On September 9, conference hall in the building of Terjola Municipality Sakrebulo hosted a meet and
greet of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majortiarian candidate Elguja Gotsiridze with
principals of schools in Terjola Municipality. The meeting lasted over an hour and was attended by
ISFED coordinator.
The meeting took place in a conference hall on the third floor of Terjola Municipality Sakrebulo. Notably,
there is another meeting hall on the first floor of the building, allocated by the DEC for campaign
meetings. The hall used by the candidate is designated for members of Sakrebulo. None of the other
parties have held a campaign meeting there.
Under Article 45(9) of the Election Code, local self-government bodies must draw up, within five days
after commencement of election campaign, a list of premises where election campaign can be conducted
and submit it to the DEC. The DEC should make public the list of premises allocated by the local selfgovernment bodies within two days after the receipt thereof, ensure equal availability of the premises for
all political parties and electoral subjects, and draw up a schedule, in agreement with political parties and
electoral subjects, for the electoral events (if the events of different electoral subjects coincide and the
electoral subjects fail to come to an agreement, the sequence of events should be determined by casting
lots). The list of premises allocated by local self-government bodies should also be posted on the CEC


On September 7, the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majoritarian candidate Elguja Gotsiridze
held a meeting with local population in Mukhura Village, District of Tkibuli. The meeting was attended
by Sakrebulo Chair, Deputy Gamgebeli and reporters. During the meeting, August issue of Tkibuli
Newspaper was distributed free of charge.


Director of Vakhtang Blagidze Guria Sports Palace, Gocha Kvantaliani has a flag of the Georgian Dream
on his office table alongside the flag of Georgia. According to Kvantaliani, he was appointed to the office
ten months ago and he believes there is nothing wrong with displaying the Georgian Dream flag in his


August issue of Tkibuli Newspaper featured a lengthy interview with Elguja Gotsiridze, a majoritarian
candidate of the Georgian Dream.
The newspaper is published by the non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity Tkibuli Information Center
and is distributed throughout the municipality. The newspaper is also available online. 6

See the material at:


Interference with Election Campaigning


On September 24, as reported by head of the UNM local office Simon Parunashvili, Levan
Varshalomidze visited Adigeni and met with population in Sairme, Chela and Mokhe. During his meeting
with voters in Sairme Village, UNM representatives were tailed by a car with the following individuals
inside: employee of Georgian Dream office Mishiko Bochorishvili, Deputy Representative of Abastumani
Territorial Body, Giorgi Gedevanidze and Sakrebulo Member Shmagi Gaasheli. They tried to interfere
with the meeting and used obscene words. They followed UNM representatives in other villages too.
According to Parunashvili, these individuals insulted him in Mokhe Village during a meeting with voters.
ISFED observer spoke with Giorgi Gedevanidze over the phone. He stated that he accidentally came
across the meeting of UNM representatives with voters in Sairme Village as he was driving to Mokhe for
business. He said that he stopped to find out what the purpose of the meeting was. Shmagi Gavasheli
confirmed that he was at the meeting too. He stated that he wanted to see how many people attended the
meeting. Both individuals rejected allegations about a confrontation.
Mishiko Bochorishvili said that he never went to those meetings.


On September 17, UNM representatives were placing campaign materials in Village Plavismani and
meeting with voters as part of the pre-election campaign. According to representatives of the campaign
office, local population had consented to placement of posters on fences and walls of their homes but they
soon recanted their consent. Then residents of Plavismani Village insulted the UNM candidate and other
supporters. Representative of the UNM PR office stated that as they entered the village, two vehicles
started tailing them with the following individuals inside: coordinators of the Georgian Dream - Vakhtang
Giunashvili, Lasha Azaladze, Kakha Midelashvili; Trustee of Tkviavi Village, Malkhaz Metreveli;
coordinator of the Georgian Dream in Plavi Village Archil Lapachi. Eventually, they verbally insulted
the UNM majoritarian candidate and his supporters.
Shida Kartli Police Department has launched subsequent investigation.


Majoritarian candidate of the Alliance of Patriots, Nino Oniani reported an act of interference with her
campaign to ISFED observer. In particular, it was reported that on September 13, majoritarian candidate
of the Alliance of Patriots, Nino Oniani met with population of Zeda Chognari Village. The meeting
started around 9pm; by 9:30pm Village Trustee Tengo Basiladze and Sakrebulo Member Giorgi
Berekashvili arrived at the meeting venue. They behaved and spoke in an aggressive manner; they were
under the influence of alcohol. They started talking to Nino Oniani and spoke loudly. Oniani declared that
they wanted to disrupt the meeting. Eventually, local population demanded that Basiladze and
Berekashvili leave the area and allow them to carry on the meeting. They soon left and Oniani continued
her meeting.
Tengo Basiladze declined having information about Nino Onianis meeting and said that he was on his
way to a spring together with Berikashvili when they accidentally came across with a group of people. As
leaders of the village, they wanted to know what the meeting was about, so they approached the people.
They said that they never argued or said as much as a single loud word. They never attempted to disrupt
the meeting.


On September 6, the UNM majoritarian candidate in Zugdidi, Sandra Roelofs was having a meeting with
local voters in Jikhashkari Village when several persons invaded the area and urged the people there to
leave the meeting. Their actions irritated the people that had gathered there for the meeting; a verbal
confrontation ensued. Following the demand of UNM representatives, the group got inside vehicles and
drove away from the scene of the incident.
On September 7, ISFED observer met with the UNM representative, Ani Tsitlidze. She identified
aggressive participants of the incident as Berdia Kukava - an employee of Gamgeoba, Tengo Abuladze
former employee of Gamgeoba, Temur Jojua coordinator of the sixth district, and Levan Davitaia a
member of the Georgian Dream youth organization.
Representative of the Georgian Dream local office, Mary Shengelaia informed ISFED observer that
Tengo Abuladze used to work for Gamgeoba a year ago, while Berdia Kukava is current employee of
Gamgeoba but he was on a paid leave. According to Shengelaia, it is impossible for them to control who
goes where to express their opinion. She said that she does not have any information about other
individuals from the video footage and states that they are not Georgian Dream activists.


On September 5, in Kavtiskhevi Village of Kaspi, UNM majoritarian candidate Nugzar Noniashvili was
meeting with local population within his election campaign. Before the meeting, four men approached
him and his fellow UNM members and verbally insulted the candidate. They did not allow Noniashvili to
speak with the local population. He was unable to continue the meeting and had to leave the area.7


On September 5, majoritarian candidate of Paata Burchuladze State for the People in Gori District,
Medea Abashidze, was meeting local population of Kitsnisi in the center of the village. According to a
representative of the party, Zurab Tetruashvili, they knew that the Georgian Dream majoritarian
candidate, Tengiz Khubuluri was planning to have his meeting with voters in Kitsnisi the same day, two
hours later.
According to Zurab Tetruashvili, they were talking to local population during the campaign event.
Witnesses have stated that nearly 20 men were standing nearby, some of them were drunk. Suddenly, in
about 10-15 minutes, there was a commotion at the scene and the candidates son, Avtandil Chkheidze
was attacked. Those men were yelling: You need to leave, we are waiting for the Georgian Dream
here. Representatives of Paata Burchuladze State for the People left to avoid escalation.
According to Tetruashvili, subsequent investigation has been launched and participants of the meeting
have been questioned.


Batumi City Hall Supervisory Service removed a campaign banner of an independent candidate in District
no.69, installed on Chavchavadze Street in Batumi three days earlier.

See the report prepared by Shida Kartli News Agency, available at:

The independent candidate filed in Batumi City Court seeking annulment of some paragraphs of the
Order no.28 adopted by Batumi Sakrebulo on July 6, prohibiting placement of campaign materials in
certain areas.
On September 19, Batumi City Court examined and granted part of Armaz Akhvledianis claim. In
particular, it annulled part of the Order that the City Hall relied on for removal of the campaign banner,
causing harm to the independent candidate.
On September 23, Armaz Akhvledianis campaign banner was restored on Chavchavadze Street because
the area in question no longer fell under the category of buildings where placement of campaign materials
was prohibited.


On September 1, majoritarian candidate of Free Democrats in Kvareli-Lagodekhi, Vakhtang Mchedlidze

had a meeting with voters in Balgojiani Village, Kvareli Municipality. An employee of Kvareli
Gamgeoba, Akaki Kekenadze was at the meeting; he was intoxicated. Kekenadze was asking provocative
questions to the candidate and was trying to disrupt the meeting. Mchedlidze remained calm as he
answered Kekenadzes questions, while the latter was refusing to stop. Soon two participants of the
meeting got Kekenadze away from the area and the meeting continued.8

VIII. Acts of Violence


Several representatives of the Georgian Dream youth wing were physically assaulted in Didinedzi
Village, Zugdidi Municipality. The confrontation occurred between representatives of the United
National Movement and the Georgian Dream, while the Georgian Dream representatives were
distributing campaign materials. As a result of the confrontation, three representatives of the Georgian
Dream suffered injuries. According to a physician at Zugdidi Hospital, interviewed by reporters, two
have sustained a concussion, one has sustained a superficial injury on his head.
The Georgian Dream alleges that former Gamgebeli of Didinedzi Village and the head of the UNM local
office Papuna Kukava was involved in the incident, along with current member of the Municipality
Sakrebulo Kakha Kiria (UNM) and several other supporters of the opposition party. The UNM has
dismissed allegations about Kakha Kirias involvement and has accused the Georgian Dream
representatives of inciting the confrontation.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched subsequent investigation under Article 125 of the Criminal
Code (battery). 9


On October 1, during live election debates on Hereti Radio, a voter invaded the studio and assaulted
majoritarian candidate of Paata Burchuladze State for the People, Lasha Dvalishvili, verbally and
physically. Subsequent criminal investigation has been launched and the following individuals have been

See the video:

See Statement of NGOs, available at:

questioned as witnesses: Head of Hereti Newsroom Giorgi Aladashvili, and founder of AriliNewsTV
Company, Journalist Tornike Mchedlidze. In an interview with ISFED, both individuals stated that they
did not know the assailant. They believe that the assault was motivated by personal reasons and had
nothing to do with politics and elections.
Dvalishvili himself believes it was a misunderstanding. According to him, the perpetrator should not be
punished. Part of the technical equipment of Hereti Radio has been damaged. The investigation is


On September 26, while on Portrait, a program on Iberia TV, representative of the bloc Paata
Burchuladze State for the People, Irakli Ghlonti and a member of the bloc Topadze-Industrialists, Zaza
Agladze engaged in a physical confrontation. 10
The program was about Russian propaganda. Irakli Ghlonti referred to pro-Russian parties as political
Kikus. In response, Agladze threw a glass at him, which led to a physical clash.


On September 21, majoritarian candidates for Marneuli, Vepkhia Gurgenishvili and Polad Khalilovi
engaged in a physical confrontation during a live program on Kvemo Kartli TV. Vepkhia Gurgenishvili of
Nino Burjanadze Democratic Georgia verbally insulted Polad Khalilov of Topadze Industrialists,
who then threw a pen at him. Gurgenishvili assaulted him in return. Subsequent investigation has been
launched. According to Polad Khalilov, he was already questioned within the investigation.11


On September 16, at 16:30, in the yard of the campaign office of the UNM majoritarian candidate in
Tetritskaro, Nugzar Tsiklauri, the Georgian Dream activists - Lasha Khachvani and Giuli Chilashvili
attacked UNM campaign office members, Nika Mchedlidze and Natia Mchedlidze. The Georgian Dream
activist, Lasha Khachvani wounded Nika Mchedlidze with a cold weapon and beat him; Natia
Mchedlidze was also beaten. An ambulance and police were called on the scene. According to the UNM
representative, Tamar Dalakishvili, on September 15 supporters of Nugzar Tsiklauri captured Khachvani
and Chilashvili on camera as they were placing posters of the Georgian Dream candidate over posters of
Nugzar Tsiklauri. Tamar Dalakishvili alleges that the Georgian Dream activists attacked representatives
of the UNM campaign office as an attempt to retaliate for the video footage.


On September 14, around 14:30, Acting Gamgebeli of Khelvachauri Nodar Khalvashi had a meeting in
Tkhilnari Village, where he was confronted by local population. In an interview with ISFED observer
Nodar Khalvashi stated that he was meeting local population of Tkhilnari for solving the problem of
potable water; apparently, the UNM leader in Ajara, Levan Varshalomidze had a campaign meeting in the
same village, several minutes earlier. He believes that it was UNM supporters that confronted him, some
of them intoxicated, and insulted him verbally.


See the recording of the program at:

See recording of the program at:

According to the Acting Gamgebeli, at the meeting he was accompanied by the head of the infrastructure
office and the deputy director of Khelvachauri Tskalkanali Ltd., Vakhtang Abashidze, who was
physically assaulted by one of the UNM activists.
The UNM majoritarian candidate for the parliament, Misha Bolkvadze stated that UNM activists did not
ambush representatives of the local government; however, he thinks that supporters of the UNM may
have been at the meeting. According to Bolkvadze, local population of Tkhilnari confronted the
authorities for their failure to live up promises that they had made.


Possible Vote Buying


On September 18, at 18:00, under the initiative of the youth organization of the political union National
Forum, Poti Central Park hosted a festival of colors. Nearly 1500 young people participated in the
festival. Young people wearing t-shirts inscribed with the partys sequence number 26 were distributing
colorful balloons, color powder, paper confetti and fireworks (about 50 units each).
Majoritarian candidate of the National Forum, Otar Kharshilava welcomed the youth to the festival and
promised to have a bigger and a more colorful festival of colors next year, if he was elected. In his speech
Otar Kharchilava addressed the self-government and said that after winning the elections, he plans to get
rid of old employees of the City Hall and hire young people following a competitive selection process.
ISFED long-term observer learned from the Georgian Dream office in Poti that the National Forum did
not have a permit from the local government for organizing the festival. The Georgian Dream office also
reported that the youth organization of the National Forum had distributed invitations offering free
participation in field trips, hikes and different entertainment programs to the youth between the ages of
17-30. ISFED long-term observer attended the event but did not see any invitations being distributed.
They may have been distributed in a narrow circle of individuals or the day before. In an interview with
ISFED, majoritarian candidate of the political union National Forum, Otar Kharchilava said that the
report about distribution of invitations is not true and stated that those invitations do not belong to his


In Kvitiri Village, ISFED observer received anonymous report about coordinator of the Georgian Dream,
Koba Cheishvili offering employment to population of Village Kvitiri in a sewing shop at Nikea Street in
Kutaisi and a salary of GEL 300.
To verify the report, ISFED observer contacted the Georgian Dream office in Tskaltubo. Representative
of the office Kakha Pantskhava stated that the sewing shop is a private entity, which is currently hiring,
and it has nothing to do with the election campaign.


On August 18, majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia, Davit Songulashvili
met with population of Vachnadziani Village to hear local problems. With regards to bringing gas into the
village, he told voters that as far as he knew, Vachnadziani would be connected to the gas supply network
in the near future.

On September 8, the candidate had another meeting in the village. Gurjaani TV prepared a report about
the meeting and interviewed the candidate.12 In the initial report Davit Songulashvili said that he had
promised to bring gas into the village and he lived up to that promise. However, later the interview was
edited to remove the above statement. In the video report local residents expressed their concern about the
gas supply problem while the reporter stated that Songulashvili acted as an intermediary [between the
local population and the government], and soon Vachnadziani would be connected to the gas supply
network. In the report local residents state that the candidate lived up to his promises and works are
underway for bringing gas into the village.


On September 18, majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia, Irakli
Shiolashvili held a meeting with residents of Gamarjveba Village. Dedoplistskaro Municipality
Gamgebeli Nikoloz Janiashvili, Georgian Dream activists and local population attended the meeting. At
the meeting, Municipality Gamgebeli promised L.G., a person from the audience, to help her reclaim her
social welfare benefits.


Vandalizing Party Offices


On October 1, local office of Paata Burchuladze State for the People located at 19a Gamsakhurdia
Street in Kutaisi, was attacked. According to the majoritarian candidate of the party in Kutaisi, Zviad
Baghdavadze, they found the office vandalized in the morning. Windows had been smashed, equipment
had been damaged and thrown on the ground, and most importantly, lists of their supporters had been
taken. The party believes that the attack had political motive. Subsequent investigation has been launched.


On September 1-2, at night, unidentified individuals attacked campaign office of the UNM majoritarian
candidate in Vake, Elene Khoshtaria, and smashed its windows.
Subsequent investigation has been launched
(damaging/destroying someone elses property).



See the report at:








Damaging of Campaign Materials

The reporting period was marked by frequent cases of damaging campaign materials. These incidents
affected almost every electoral subject and majoritarian candidate.


In the morning of September 28, in Village of Geguti, activists of the Free Democrats found a campaign
banner of the partys majoritarian candidate Valeri Chechelashvili (an outdoor billboard measuring 3m X
2m) slashed. In addition, several posters of the Free Democrats candidate has been torn down.


On September 27, at Gamsakhurdia Street in Tkibuli, campaign posters of the UNM, United Democratic
Movement and an independent candidate, Kakhi Kvataia placed on a bus station located across the Notary
Bureau, were torn down by unidentified individual and the pieces there thrown on the ground. In a few
days the Georgian Dream campaign materials were placed in the very same spot but no one has touched


In the morning of September 25, campaign posters of the Alliance of Patriots majoritarian candidate,
Konstantine Gamsakhurdia were torn down in almost every village. The party filed subsequent complaint
with the DEC. Konstantine Gamsakhurdia filed a police report in Martvili.


Sergo Ratianis billboard installed on a bridge between the 3rd and the 4th micro districts of Gldani were
vandalized by unknown individuals with black paint. They threw the paint at the candidates face on the
billboard. Posters of the candidate placed in odd-numbered micro districts of Gldani were also vandalized
with black paint. Posters of another UNM majoritarian candidate, Giorgi Baramidze placed on the new
road between Gldani and Mukhiani as well as outside school no.181 in the fourth micro-district of
Mukhiani were vandalized and torn down. Subsequent investigation was launched under Article 187 of
the Criminal Code of Georgia (damaging someone elses property on purpose).


On September 25, in Village Lemshveniera, campaign posters of the Labor Party majoritarian candidate
Nino Metreveli were covered by posters of the Georgian Dream.


On September 23, in Village Nigoeti, campaign posters of the Alliance of Patriots majoritarian candidate
Guranda Managadze, placed on a building near a school for incomplete secondary education, were
covered by posters of the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate Nino Tsilosani. Guranda Managadze
filed a complaint with the DEC on September 24.


On September 23, in Vachnadziani Village, unknown individuals covered posters of an independent

majoritarian candidate, Elguja Giorgadze, placed by Tbilisi-Telavi Highway with posters of the Georgian
Dream majoritarian candidate in Gurjaani, Davit Songulashvili.


On September 22, in Kalauri Village, posters of the UNM majoritarian candidate, Giorgi Ghviniashvili,
placed by Tbilisi-Telavi Highway, were covered by posters of the Alliance of Patriots majoritarian
candidate, Natia Giorgadze.


On September 21, near electoral precinct no.7 in Village Kalauri and electoral precinct no.19 in Chumlaki
Village, activists of the UNM campaign office in Gurjaani found that majority of posters of the UNM
majoritarian candidate - Giorgi Ghviniashvili, the Republican Party majoritarian candidate Zviad
Kviralashvili, and the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate - Davit Songhulashvili had been largely
destroyed and covered by posters of an independent candidate nominated by the initiative group, Elguja


On September 19, in Matani Village, unidentified individuals knocked the banner of the Georgian Dream
majoritarian candidate in Akhmeta, Gela Samkharauli down on the ground. Subsequent investigation has
been launched under Article 197 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.


On September 19, representative of the Georgian Dream campaign office in Kumisi, Tornike Arjakneli
contacted ISFED observer to report that young UNM activists were allegedly tearing down the Georgian
Dream campaign posters in Kumisi Village.


Near school no.2 in Tkibuli, posters of the UNM majoritarian candidate were covered up by the Georgian
Dream posters. According to the chair of the UNM office in Tkibuli, Davit Katamadze, he immediately
contacted the Georgian Dream representatives and told them not to do it again.


On September 18, at Era Square in Batumi, someone tore down several posters of the Georgian Dream
majoritarian candidate in Batumi District no.69, Levan (Nukri) Bezhanidze, from a stand for campaign
materials. The stand featured posters of different parties and candidates but only the Georgian Dreams
materials were torn down.


On September 17, at Saakadze Street in Khashuri, posters of the Paata Burchuladze State for the People
majoritarian candidate, Giorgi Mosiashvili were covered up by posters of the Georgian Dream
majoritarian candidate Valeri Gelashvili.


On September 17, UNM member Irakli Dundua contacted ISFED and reported tearing down of posters of
the UNM majoritarian candidate. According to Dundua, posters of the UNM majoritarian candidate were
covered up by the Georgian Dream activists with posters of the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate.
ISFED long-term observer interviewed representatives of the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidates
campaign office in connection to the incident. They dismissed the allegations as not true and stated that it
is the UNM that is removing newly placed posters of the Georgian Dream candidates and covering UNM
posters with them to create the impression of damage to their campaign materials.


On September 17, in Kitskhi Village, during the period from 16:00 to 20:00, posters of the Free
Democrats majoritarian candidate Zurab Machavariani were torn down from fences of private houses,
including an empty house. ISFED observer detected the fact but it is unknown who tore down the
campaign materials.


On September 15, supporters of Nugzar Tsiklauri recorded a video of an instance of damaging Nugzar
Tsiklauris posters. The video shows that posters of the UNM candidate are being covered by posters of
the Georgian Dream candidate.13


On September 15, members of the Labor Party found that two flags mounted on facade of the party office
in Gardabani had been stolen.


On September 14, in Khornabuji Village, a clash occurred between supporters of the UNM and the
Georgian Dream, who are neighbors. Supporter of the Georgian Dream, Edvard Charkandian, tore down
posters of the UNM majoritarian candidate, Levan Bezhashvili from the fence of Vartanush Adamianis
house. Charkandian was intoxicated at that time. This led to a verbal confrontation and a clash between
the neighbors.
The following day, Vartanush Adamian filed a police report and demanded investigation of the incident.
Both individuals have been questioned.


On September 14, on Rustaveli Street in Dedoplistskaro, janitors Marina Janiashvili and Lali Tsiklauri
tore down campaign posters of the Alliance of Patriots. The incident was witnessed by supporters of the
Alliance of Patriots, Negro Aleksidze and Avto Albutashvili. They rebuked the janitors for violating the
law. In response, Marina Janiashvili made aggressive remarks and threatened with violence. On
September 15, Chair of the local office of the Alliance of Patriots, Shota Chincharauli, filed a police
report. On September 18, police summoned the janitors for questioning. On September 18, the police
questioned Lali Tsiklauri, while Marina Janiashvili did not appear.


On September 13, the UNM majoritarian candidate Otar Siradze held a briefing to announce that on
September 12, at 4:00am, his campaign banner was removed by Ambrolauri City Hall Supervisory
Earlier the party had received a letter from the City Hall saying that the banner was illegal, because the
local self-government had not signed any agreement with the company that owns the
construction for placement of advertising. According to the chair of the campaign office, the party has
signed a contract with and they have all the right to use the companys constructions.
According to Ambrolauri Mayor Rati Namgaladze, interviewed by ISFED observer, the City Hall sent
formal letters to campaign offices of the UNM and the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia to notify
that their banners had been placed illegally. Both banners, hanging side by side, were later removed by
the City Hall.
The City Hall explained that the reason why the banners were removed at night was because the technical
equipment was not available during the day.


On September 13, ISFED long-term observer witnessed damaging of campaign posters of the Georgian
Dream majoritarian candidate on Kostava Street.


On September 13, activists of the Alliance of Patriots found their burnt flags at the door of their office in
Kvitiri. According to a member of the party, Beka Giorbelidze, these flags had been installed on fences of
Babunashvili Hall and a store in Kvitiri Village, in agreement with their owners. They think that the
incident occurred at night, because the flags were intact when members of the party left the office in the


On September 13, activists of the Alliance of Patriots found that their flags displayed outside their office
in Kvitiri Village had been burnt.


In the morning of September 12, members of the Georgian Dream found that campaign posters of the
partys majoritarian candidate in Gldani District no.22, Levan Koberidze placed in Mukhiani previous
evening had been torn down and replaced with posters of the UNM majoritarian candidate.


On September 19, in the 3rd micro district of Gldani in Tbilisi, UNM members found that the campaign
billboard of the UNM majoritarian candidate in Gldani District no.21, Sergo Ratiani, had been torn down.
UNM members filed a police report. Subsequent investigation has been launched.


Campaign materials of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majoritarian candidate in District
no.28, Gela Samikharauli were damaged and destroyed in villages of Kvemo Khodasheni and Kistauri,


On September 5, the UNM banner was set on fire in the entrance of Oni. The UNM candidate filed a
police report about the incident.


On Ekvtime Takaishvili Street in Ozurgeti, posters of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia
majoritarian candidate placed on lights post were torn down.


According to the majoritarian candidate of Paata Burchuladze State for the People, Mikheil Bekauri,
most of his campaign posters near his house and on the facade of Girchi Office have been torn down and
damaged. Perpetrator is yet to be identified.


Posters of the Free Democrats majoritarian candidate, Vakhtan Bezhitashvili placed throughout the city
have been damaged or covered up by posters of an independent majoritarian candidate, Giorgi
Kvrivishvili. According to Vakhtang Bezhitashvili, damaging and destroying of his posters started
immediately after appearance of Giorgi Kvrivishvilis posters. He plans to file a complaint with the DEC.


In Gurjaani, near Akhtala, campaign poster of Davit Songulashvili has been covered with a poster of the
UNM majoritarian candidate Giorgi Ghviniashvili. Songulashvilis posters have also been damaged in
villages of Velistsikhe and Chanadari.


In village of Moedani and Chochkhati, campaign posters of the Alliance of Patriots majoritarian
candidate, Guranda Managadze placed on wooden posts have been damaged. According to the candidate,
her face has been cut out from the posters.


Campaign materials of the UNM majoritarian candidate Nino Kvitaishvili, placed on trees outside the
DEC in Lanckhuti, have been removed and damaged by an unidentified individual.


In Village of Kolagi, campaign posters of Zviad Kviralashvili placed by Telavi-Tbilisi Highway have
been damaged.


Campaign posters of the Georgian Dream have been damaged in the city of Tsnori and Vakiri village.
According to the Georgian Dream representative, Ilia Khatiashvili, the UNM representatives paid
underage persons GEL 5 each for damaging posters of the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate, Irakli


On September 3, the Georgian Dream youth organization placed campaign posters of the majoritarian
candidate, Gela Samkharauli throughout Akhmeta Municipality. The following day, they found that
posters in villages of Zemo Alvani, Ozhio and Duisi had been damaged.


Use of Hate Speech

Election Ad of the Alliance of Patriots

On September 23, 2016, an election ad of the political union Davit Tarkhan Mouravi Irma Inashvili
Alliance of Patriots of Georgia was released.14
In their campaign video, the Alliance of Patriots is inviting voters to Era Square in Batumi for an
Assembly of Georgians on October 1. The video features one of the party leaders, Davit TarkhanMouravi and his following statement: we shouldnt forget that Saakashvilis regime created a favorable
environment for Turks. Saakashvili was getting Batumi ready for its transfer to the Turks and continues to
do so ... therefore, on October 1, at 3:00pm, we need to assemble at Era Square in Batumi, because
today the front-line is in Adjara. We need to assemble because today Adjara is defending Georgia ...
We will win the elections and we will rejoice in our country. No one will be able to take Adjara or
Georgia away from us.
These statements demonstrate hate against the Turks and Turkey, and serve to incite ethnic strife between
Georgian and Turkish people.
By virtue of Article 45(3) of the Election Code, election ad of political subjects should fulfill certain
requirements. In particular, the ad should not contain propaganda for war or violence, appeal for change

See the video at::

or overthrow of the existing state and social order by violence, for violation of the territorial integrity of
Georgia, for national strife and enmity, or for religious and ethnic confrontation.

Majoritarian Candidate of the Alliance of Patriots - Zaza Mamaladze

On August 23, majoritarian candidate of the Alliance of Patriots, Zaza Mamaladze used hate speech while
on air on Obiektivi TV. He said: I dont want to go near Saburtalo and you know why? Because of the
Medical Institute, all black people of the world are there ... It is unacceptable They are admitted [to the
Institute] without tests. How do they do this?! I dont want to go near that place and so, I ... there used to
be a song, what stinks, stinks ... This is the situation now in Saburtalo. We will take care of that but not
like ... I wish everyone well in their own [countries of] Iraq and India, but they should leave my city and
my country to me! Ill manage to take care of it somehow!

Majoritarian Candidate of the Alliance of Patriots for Kareli District Bondo


On September 1, majoritarian candidate of the Alliance of Patriots for Kareli District, Bondo
Mdzinarashvili made an anti-Turkish statement while on Barrier, a television-program on Kavkazia TV:
I believe that Russia is not the only occupant. It is possible that after 95 years there will be people in
Georgia who will say that Russia is not an occupant, just like there are people that say after 95 years that
Turkey is our friend, not an occupant. 15

Majoritarian Candidate of the Alliance of Patriots in Batumi - Mamuli Zhgenti

On September 8, while on air on Obiektivi TV prime time, majoritarian candidate of the Alliance of
Patriots in Batumi, Mamuli Zhgenti made an anti-Turkish statement: Historically, Turkey was always
our enemy and continues to be one. The fact that Turkey is your partner and you have some trade
[relationships] with it is a different matter but it needs to be examined what the interests of Turkey and
the Turks are. When you walk down Kutaisi Street and Khulo Street, you wont hear any Georgian, and
they have their own restaurants where they dont let Georgians in. If you go inside, youll be in trouble,
so we try to stay away from those places. Lets take a look at a borderline area, Gonio, there are so many
restaurants and cafes ... women from Central Asia... I was there and everyone I saw was pregnant, I think
from Turks, they have no ties with Georgians and [these children] will be born in Georgia and become
citizens of Georgia, right?! This is a slow, crawling takeover, this is how I see it... A Turk is renting a
barbers shop in downtown area; he told me he pays 500 dollars [for rent]. I asked him: how is that
possible, you dont have many clients. He said that the government was paying the rent. Clearly, the
government wants the Turks to work here, come here, get married, get a job and have children. The
government should create a plan that will prevent this. 16


See the video at:

See the video at:


Participation of Unauthorized Individuals in Campaigning

The present chapter summarizes cases of participation of unauthorized individuals in election

campaigning in violation of requirements of Article 45(4) of the Election Code. Three of these cases
concern participation of the election administration representatives in campaign events, and one case
concerns violation of campaign rules by a clergyman.


On September 19, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Gia Getsadze participated in a campaign
meeting of the UNM majoritarian candidate Gia Tevdoradze. While talking to the local population, he
himself was also campaigning in favor of the United National Movement, as clearly evidenced in the
video material. 17
By virtue of Article 45(4f) of the Election Code of Georgia, aliens are prohibited from participating in
election campaigning.


On September 19, around 11:00, Deputy Chair of Senaki PEC no.63.64.33, Abel Buskadze attended a
campaign meeting of the Paata Burchuladze State for the People majoritarian candidate for Senaki,
Guram Misabishvili in Ushapati Community. A representative of NGO New Generation Democratic
Elections filed a subsequent complaint with the DEC.
By virtue of Article 45(4a) of the Election Code of Georgia, members of electoral commissions are
prohibited from engaging in campaigning.


On September 16, in Tkibuli, a meeting of the United Democratic Movement with voters was attended by
Monk Davit (Rizhamadze) and Mother Giorgia (Markehi), leader of the Saint George Monastery in
Okribe. They gave Nino Burjanadze an icon as a gift. Monk David made a speech to openly support Nino
Burjanadze and her party. The Father has said to Nino many times that we will be destroyed without
Russia, and the evidence is clear. I am not afraid of anyone, I want good for my people. I havent
approached to any party but I believe in Nino because she is a very smart person... We wont be
destroyed but God gave us a chance not to suffer again. God bless Nino, make her strong... Five years
ago I told her that I was worried about emigrant Georgians because they are suffering so much. She told
me not worry because the God is with us and we are going to win.
Notably, on August 25Monk Davit (Rizhamadze) also participated in a campaign meeting of the
Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate for Terjola and Tkibuli, Elguja Gotsiridze.18
By virtue of Article 45(4) of the Election Code, representatives of religious and charity organizations are
prohibited from participating in campaigning. This action amounts to a violation of law and is punishable
by fine of GEL 2,000 under the election legislation.

See ISFEDs third interim report, page 20, available at:


On September 14, the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate in the majoritarian district no.50, Elguja
Gotsiridze had a meeting with population of Tuzi Village (Vardigori Community).
The meeting was attended by the Chair of Zeda Sazano PEC N50.49.29, Tengiz Giorgadze. Additionally,
he gave an interview to Tkibuli Information Center in support of the Georgian Dream majoritarian
candidate, Elguja Gotsiridze. 19
By virtue of Article 45(4a) of the Election Code of Georgia, members of electoral commissions are
prohibited from campaigning or participating in campaigning.


Employees of Ozurgeti Municipality Gamgeoba and Ozurgeti City Hall continue to share campaign
materials in support of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia in a social network during working

On September 12, at 10:21, Khatuna Surguladze, head of Ozurgeti Municipality Gamgeoba

Administrative Office shared a post of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majoritarian
candidate for Ozurgeti, Archil Talakvadze, about the candidates campaign.
On September 23, at 14:48, head of Ozurgeti City Hall Administration Service, Besik Melua shared a
post of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia majoritarian candidate for Ozurgeti, Archil
Talakvadze, published on and featuring the candidates statement about the
election campaign. The post also features a photo of the candidate against the background of the
party flag.
On September 21, at 5:34, Assistant/Specialist of Representative of Ozurgeti Municipality
Gamgebeli in Chanieti Village, Irakli Ramishvili shared an album of the Georgian Dream
Democratic Georgia majoritarian candidate for Ozurgeti, Archil Talakvadze featuring photos from a
campaign event in Chanieti Village.
On September 12 and 13, Assistant/Specialist of Representative of Ozurgeti Municipality Gamgebeli
in Mtisiri Village, Roman Vanadze shared campaign photos of majoritarian candidate Archil
Talakvadze in a social network two times during working hours.


On September 14, at 19:00, the Georgian Dream majoritarian candidate, Guram Machashvili had a
meeting with teachers in Lagodekhi, in Cinema Movie House, and published photos from the meeting in a
social network. One of these photos shows a member of Lagodekhi DEC no.15, the CEC representative in
Lagodekhi District and the principal of Kabali Village Public School no.1, Lamara Tabatadze.
By virtue of Article 45(4a) of the Election Code of Georgia, members of electoral commissions are
prohibited from campaigning or participating in campaigning. Local offices of the UNM and the Free
Democrats filed subsequent complaints in Lagodekhi DEC no.15. According to the DEC Chair, Marika
Giorgadze, hearing about the issue was held on September 25. A protocol of Administrative Offence was
prepared to impose an administrative fine of GEL 2,000 on Lamara Tabatadze. According to the Chair,
the protocol will be referred to the city court for final decision.


On September 7, the UNM office in Poti organized a briefing to release information about instances of
illegal participation of local self-government officials in election campaign. They presented a video

featuring civil servants, PEC members selected by the district electoral commission and appointed by the
party Industrialists.20
According to a representative of the local UNM office, Giga Gvasalia, on September 5, from 12:00pm to
late in the evening, Head of the City Hall Administration Zviad Shubitidze, Executive Secretary of the
Georgian Dream local office in Poti Zaal Kuchukidze, Deputy Head of the Infrastructure Service Nika
Korshia and Lead Specialist of Architecture Service Tengiz Dundua were meeting with PEC members
appointed by the district electoral commission and by the political union Industrialists. The meeting took
place in Womens Gynecological Center at 47 Aghmashenebeli Street.
According to Gvasalia, 17 members that attended the meeting are members of PEC, including 14
members selected by the district electoral commission (five of them are civil servants) and 3 members
appointed by the political union Industrialists.
ISFED long-term observer interviewed all 17 members of the PEC about the meeting. Some of them
rejected the report, while others stated that they stayed in the building for personal reason.
ISFE could not reach Head of the City Hall Administration Zviad Shubitidze for his comment, because he
was away and did not answer his phone. According to information requested by ISFED, four of the above
civil servants were on a leave.
The DEC examined the UNM complaint seeking that the above PEC members be replaced but rejected it
for lack of ground.


On September 6-12, 2016, series of trainings for PEC Chairs, secretaries and members were conducted in
Chokhatauri DEC no.62.
ISFED found out that deputy PEC chairs from 38 precincts did not attend the training organized by
Chokhatauri DEC no.62. On September 12, ISFED found that only PEC Deputy Chairs were present at
several electoral precincts. According to them, they did not go to the DEC training because they planned
to participate in training for Deputy PEC Chairs in the campaign office of the Georgian DreamDemocratic Georgia September 13, at 11:00.
On September 13, at 11:00, members of PECs in Chokhatauri District started gathering outside the office
of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia. ISFED identified several women outside the Georgian
Dream office as a member of PEC no.60.62.18, Lela Keshelava (from Georgian Dream Democratic
Georgia) and Deputy Chair of PEC no.62.14, Ketevan Zakradze (Conservative Party of Georgia).
In the office of the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia, trainer stated that the training was meant for
PEC members from the Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia and the Conservative Party of Georgia.
The training had 18-20 participants, including PEC members from electoral precincts no.62.18 and 62.14,
as well as other electoral precincts within the DEC no.62, representing the Georgian Dream and the
Conservative Party mostly PEC Deputy Chairs. The training organized by the DEC was attended by 12
members from each PEC; 13th members of the PECs attended the training organized by the Georgian



Public Meetings and Promises of Electoral Subjects

ISFED long-term observers monitored pre-election campaign of political parties in all electoral districts.
ISFED statistically records only the meetings that observers attended personally. Compared to the
previous reporting period, number of meetings with voters has doubled.
ISFED observers attended a total of 643 public meetings of electoral subjects with voters, held from
September 1 through September 30, 2016.
Below is a statistical distribution of the meetings by political parties:

Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia 307;

The United National Movement - 124;
Paata Burchuladze State for the People 56:
Irakli Alasania Free Democrats - 43;
Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi, Irma Inashvili, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia - 37;
Usupashvili the Republicans - 22;
Independent candidates 16;
Nino Burjanadze Democratic Movement 16;
Topadze Industrialists, Our Homeland 9;
National Forum 7;
Shalva Natelashvili Georgian Labor Party - 6;

ISFED long-term observers also recorded promises made by candidates and/or political parties during
these public meetings. Below is a thoroughly accurate list of election promises made during meetings
with voters:

Georgian Dream Democratic Georgia

Completing infrastructure projects and initiating new ones:

providing Internet to 2000 villages by 2020;

building Nurkiani-Sighnaghi-Tsnori cableway;
rehabilitating Batumi-Akhaltsikhe highway;
rehabilitating Sairme Road;
building Akhmeta-Tianeti road with a transit function;
rehabilitating Abastumani;
high-speed train on the route Tbilisi-Sighnaghi-Lagodekhi;
building a road between Zemo Svaneti and Racha Lechkhumi;
restoring the road connecting Mamisoni Pass to Russia.

Development of agriculture:
providing credits on concessionary terms;
flexible system of agricultural insurance;
free of charge registration of lands.
Solving social and economic problems:
tackling the problem of unemployment;
granting Rustavi the status of a free economic/industrial zone;
exempting small businesses from taxes;
reducing income tax to 10%;
opening a branch of a university of new technologies in Rustavi for scientific research;
supporting farmers and small businesses;

employment program for pensioners life goes on;

providing free medication for pensioners and chronic patients from 2017;
implementing pension reform.

Education reform
introducing German model of vocational training;
increasing teacher salaries to GEL 800;
improving quality of vocational education;
introducing new school programs and textbooks from 2017.

United National Movement

Healthcare/social/economic policy
abolishing business income tax for small enterprises;
increasing pension by GEL 50; increasing base salary for teachers to GEL 650;
improving healthcare;
building social housing;
restoring social benefits that have been cancelled;
increasing pension by GEL 50;
providing free medication within social assistance programs;
promoting development of agriculture.
Infrastructural projects:
implementing infrastructural projects that have been stalled;
finishing Tbilisi railway bypass project;
improving rural roads and infrastructure;
solving the problem of potable water.

Strengthening Georgias aspirations towards EU and NATO

Irakli Alasania Free Democrats

Directing Georgias foreign policy path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration;

Supporting education, sports and arts;

Overcoming unemployment;

Overcoming social and economic hardships by increasing pension to GEL 300, minimum wage to
GEL 500 and subsistence minimum to GEL 250;

Lowering drug costs;

Loan and mortgage interest tax relief;

Establishing a free industrial zone in Gldani that will create more jobs;

Improving squares, entrances to buildings and addressing other local problems;

Introducing regulations for gambling business;

Solving key problems that affect IDPs lack of arable land and social hardships;

Including the Dadiani Complex on UNESCO list of world heritage sites;

Developing sports infrastructure;

Promoting small and medium businesses and opening of enterprises;

Helping restructure and postpone mortgage and other bank loans;

Ensuring fair judiciary;

Promoting the land reform;

Effective drug policy reform;

Promoting development of agriculture;

Paata Burchuladze State for the People

Providing medication for pensioners; guaranteed social benefits for four years;

50% increase of social benefits;

Developing infrastructure;

Promoting economic projects;

Reviving and developing sports;

Improving healthcare programs and developing the field of healthcare;

Creating 250,000 new jobs after four years;

Tackling problems of environmental migrants and IDPs;

Increasing salaries and pensions, overcoming poverty in Georgia;

Abolishing property and import tax;

Helping students whose status has been suspended;

Simplifying land registration procedures.

Shalva Natelashvili the Labor Party of Georgia

Pension reform:
- providing merit-based pensions;
- reducing retirement age to 55 years for women and 60 for men;
- providing 13th payment (supplemental pay) for pensioners on their birthdays;
- providing supplemental pay of GEL 100 every year for pensioners above the age of 80, and a
pension of GEL 2000 for pensioners that reach 100 years of age.
Education Policy
Universally accessible education;
Restoring status for all students whose status has been suspended for lack of funds.

Protecting voter rights, acting in their best interests and addressing their concerns;
Creating a fruit and vegetable processing factory in Kareli Region;
Increasing state funding in the field of healthcare;
Returning bank deposits lost after the dissolution of the soviet Union;
Prohibiting Internet loans and moving casinos away from urban areas.

Davit Tarkhan Mouravi, Irma Inashvili the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia

Developing programs for support of small enterprises and farmers;
Overcoming the problem of unemployment;
Creating field corporations;
Setting up a special fund to provide assistance to individual citizens free of charge, for
implementing their ideas and businesses, from a special fund
Funding about 8000 projects per year;
Promoting small and medium businesses.
Healthcare and Social Policy
Reducing retirement age to 55 for women and 60 for men; fixing retirement age in general at 80,
so that everyone will be able to work for as long as they would like;
Preparing a plan for overcoming poverty;
Introducing medical benefits;

Creating a family fund to provide assistance for single people to start a family.

Changing the education system to be based on national values;
Introducing additional stage of education a three-year long higher education course; along with
school-level education, the course will be free and mandatory for everyone;
Increasing funding for education;
Students programs study abroad for honor students;
Accessibility to student exchange programs.

Liberating Georgia from covert annexation by Turkey.

Kakha Dzagania, Soso Shatberashvili, Paata Jibladze, Archil Benidze Left-Wing Alliance

Increasing salaries for nursery and school teachers;

Promoting import of electric cars;

Allocating funds for unemployment compensation from the budget;

Extending universal insurance to drugs;

Promoting local production.

Usupashvili the Republicans

Addressing problems that affect the population;

Attracting foreign investments;

Integration with Europe;

Promoting agricultural programs;

Providing long-term low-interest rates for purchasing agricultural equipment;

Increasing the level of responsibility of local self-governments;

Building a democratic state based on justice, law and labor.

Nino Burjanadze Democratic Movement

Tax relief for enterprises with annual turnover less than 200 000;
Accessing Russian markets;
Prohibiting loans in US dollars;
Creating 67,500 new jobs;
Ensuring energy independence;
Development of oil-refining plant.
Foreign policy
Improving relations with Russia
Abolishing visa regime with Russia;
Declaring non-bloc status for Georgia;
Refusal to join NATO and other military alliances.
Social policy
Providing unemployment assistance to youth for 6 months;
Providing assistance to young families for buying an apartment;
Maternal salary mothers will receive a salary for three years after having a child; the three year
period will be counted towards work experience;
Increasing minimum pension to GEL 250 and providing merit-based supplements;

Providing free medication for the socially vulnerable, persons with disabilities, veterans and
families with many children.
Free higher education;
Increasing minimum teacher salary to GEL 1300
Topadze Industrialists, Our Homeland

Tackling the problem of taxis in Tbilisi;

Promoting small and medium enterprises;

Attracting investments;

Controlling local governments and budgets;

Control of imported food;

Promoting local production;

Opening free treatment facilities for drug dependents in regions of Georgia;

Restoring relations with Russians, Ossetians and Abkhazians, and establishing trade relations.
National Forum

Development of economy by promoting agriculture;

Introducing program budgeting;

Differentiated tax policy for stimulating economic development in the regions;

Program for supporting small and medium enterprises One Chance: providing long-term
interest-free three-to-five-year loans on concessionary terms for 5,000 individuals a year; amount of these
loans will range from 20,000 to 150,000;

Exporting potable water to Iran and importing natural gas in return;

Solving gas and water problems;

Implementing infrastructure projects;

Fulfilling the national idea in the process of governance of the country.

Independent majoritarian candidate Salome Zurabishvili:

Creating a fund for health and social affairs in Mtatsminda District;

Providing protection for children and single mothers;

Safe city, protection of property, general plan for development of Mtatsminda;

Environmental protection mandatory vehicle inspection.

Independent majoritarian candidate Ilia Kokaia

Solving ecological problems;

Imposing effective sanctions on enterprises that violate environmental standards;

Providing compensation to population that live in high-risk zones;

Increasing local budget and improving infrastructure.

Independent majoritarian candidate Akaki Chkhaidze

Sending the honorary students from the district to Germany to study;

Building a new football base in Grigoleti;

Establishing a football school in Lanchkhuti.


About the Monitoring Mission

ISFED performs monitoring of the pre-election environment in all electoral districts of Georgia through
its 68 long-term observers.
ISFEDs pre-election monitoring covers the following important areas:

Election administration activities;

Public meetings of electoral subjects and their political activities;
Promises made by electoral subjects to voters;
Cases of harassment/intimidation or alleged politically motivated dismissals;
Possible instances of vote buying;
Misuse of public resources;
Formation of voter lists, etc.

During the monitoring ISFED relies on public information requested from administrative agencies, as
well as information provided by electoral subjects, media, NGOs and individual citizens. ISFED verifies
each report by interviewing witnesses and all sides of the incident.
In addition to monitoring, ISFED reports violations during meetings of the Inter-Agency Commission for
Free and Fair Elections, to ensure that further actions are taken in a timely manner.
ISFED periodically informs the public about pre-election incidents and trends through its statements and
ISFED maps all reports of pre-election incidents and possible violations on the interactive incident map
available at the Georgian Elections Portal:
Anyone can report a possible violation to the Elections Portal by sending a text to a toll-free number
90039 or by going to

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