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Cornell Notes

Topic/Objective: Evolution

Name: Julie Loesch

Class/Period: 6th Gordon
Date: 9/24/16

Essential Question: How does the theory of evolution support the idea that all organisms developed from a
Common ancestor?


1)What is the
theory of

Evolution: Change over time (modern organisms come from

ancient organisms)
Occurs from mutations and sexual reproduction
All species evolve from a common ancestor

2) Identify and
Who Charles
Is and what he has
Do with the theory
Of evolution.

3) Create a chart to
Compare and
The different ways
Darwin and Lamark


Charles Darwin
-Scientist that studied in the Galapagos Islands and discovered
diversity and similar fossils and organisms
-Darwin believed that evolution is caused by natural selection
Natural Selection is the theory that states that organisms with
good traits will be able to survive and reproduce whereas the
organisms with bad traits will die off.




Environment Change

Natural Selections

New features develop

Best fit survives and reproduce

Passed to offspring

New species

New species



3) Compare and
The similarities and

Natural Selection:
-When the environment is the reason why an organism dies or
survives. The organism with more fit traits will be able to survive
and reproduce, and the one with bad traits will die off.

Natural and
Selection. Provide
Example for each.

Example: An example of natural selection is giraffes for example.

They eat leaves off of really tall trees so if there is a long neck
giraffe and a short neck giraffe trying to get the food, the tall neck
giraffe would be able to survive and reproduce.
Artificial Selection:
-Man-made selecting of organisms to reproduce based on the good
traits that they have.
Example: An example of artificial selection is when a human
breeds a two species to create a desired species. For example, if
the human wanted a fast but cute looking dog, he or she would
breed a dog with speed and a dog with adorable traits to created
one with both traits.

4) If you were a
And you had a tall
Tomato plant with
Tomatoes and
Plant with small

If I were a farmer and I had a large tomato plant and a small one, I
would choose to replant and grow the large one the following year.
This is because the large tomato plant is going to create bigger
sized tomatoes which most people like. This is an example of
artificial selection because a human is involved in the process of
choosing the species with better traits.

Tomatoes, which
Would you choose
Plant the following
Year and what is
An example of?
Summary: Overall, evolution is theory that states that all species come from a common
ancestor. The theory of natural selection, created by Charles Darwin, is the closest to
explaining evolution. Natural

Selection is saying that an organism with traits that are more fit in the environment it
lives in will be able to survive and reproduce successfully. Darwin figured this out by
studying species in the Galapagos Islands. Artificial selection is also a similar process.
The difference is that its created by humans. There
Are different types of evidence for natural selection such as; fossil records, geological
distributions, genetics, comparative anatomy, embryology, homologous structures, and
vestigial structures.