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Aime O.

Humanities 2011
MWF 10-11 AM

October 1, 2016, that is the day that I am waiting for our field trip in humanities
2011. I woke up early in the morning in order for me to come to our departure area on
time. I am a little bit excited because it was a long time that I was there in Davao. Inside
the van we pray for our safety travel, I didn’t felt boring while traveling because some of
our classmates shared their experiences and have their funny jokes. While traveling I
observed and saw that there are some kinds of architecture and sculpture beside the
road such as houses, churches and statues in different forms and style. When we
arrived in Davao City the first destination that we visited is in the bay walk in Matina
where we find the nude statue of David. It is one of the two greatest priceless
masterpieces. We took some pictures with my friends not only in the statue but also in
the seashore. We stay there for fifteen minutes and proceed to the next destination
which is the Ponce Suites the Unconventional Center/Kublai Kafe and Bar. I was
amazed by the place because there are different kinds of art and sculpture there made
by the artist Kublai Ponce-Millan an advertising investor in Metro Manila during the
late1990s, woke up each morning to a sliver pricking his consciousness. He settled in
family-owned Ponce Suites in Davao. One of the sculpture that cathes my attention is
when you enter the suites in the information area there is a statue shows the owner,
manager and the worker. The worker is on the lower part carrying the manager and the
manager carrying the owner. For me these means that the owner the manager and the
worker should always go together because if one is absent the suite will not be
successful. I was also amazed by the place because of the different kinds of arts not
only outside but also inside the suite. But there are arts especially upstairs on the last
floor that are not suitable for children. I also took a picture in the said suite .After Ponce
Suites we drop by for how many minutes in a painting store which you can see the
different kinds of expensive painting. The staff introduces the kinds of medium being
used by the painter. And after that we proceed to Abreeza Mall stay and roam around
for how many minutes. Then after that we proceed to Gaisano Mall of Davao where we
ate our lunch. After eating we enjoy roaming around and buy “pasalubong” .Indeed it
was fun and enjoyable until we go back here in Mlang. Learning by observing and
appreciating the different kinds of arts and how important art is in our daily lives.Thank
you for the knowledge and experience. GOD BLESS!...