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Personal Identification
Date of Birth/Place
Marital Status

: Farisa Rizki
: Indonesia
: Shengli-6 dormitory north building room
605, NCKU Tainan, Taiwan
: +889-984223209
: 25th April 1988 / Malang
: Female
: Single
: 530
: Traveling, Writing

Formal Education
1. Master Degree at Chemical Engineering Department, National Cheng Kung University
(NCKU) Taiwan (2nd Best Chemical Engineering Graduate School in Taiwan, 44th best
University in Asia) 2013-now (Expected graduate on July 2015) GPA : 83.65
2. Bachelor Degree at Chemical Engineering Department, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of
Technology (ITS) Indonesia. 2006-2010, GPA : 3.18
Language and Computer Skill
: Good command of written and spoken in English and Bahasa Indonesia,
Spoken Basic Chinese (Mandarin)
: Office, Sigma plot, Origin, Simulink, Matlab, Hysys, Aspen Plus, FOSS
Software (ISI-Scan, Win ISI, Vision, ISI-Nova, Mosaic, FOSS
Integrator,etc), NDC Software (Infralab-tools), Thermo TNTS Software
(Theus), etc
Organization Experience
 BEM FTI-ITS (Student Executive Board of Faculty)
o Position: Head Of Information Bureau
 Emissivity Magazine
o Position: Operational Manager
 HIMATEKK (Association of Chemical Engineering Student)
o Position: Staff of Research & Technology
 ITS Online (University's official news site)
o Position: Reporter internships


Seminar & Training  International Symposium on Bioengineering and Biotechnology (Outstanding presenter award) at Taiwan 2015 nd  Biotechnology and Green Energy Seminar (2 best poster award) at Taiwan 2015  Biotechnology joint conference.  Providing technical support for both sales and support Team. Japan. China. March 2011. PT Sabas Feed . etc.  As Presenter / Trainer / Callibrator for Instrument FOSS NIRS DS 2500 with ISI Software at PT Panca Patriot Sidoarjo. Responsibility:  Conduct customers training  Assisting customer in calibration development as well as application issue. PT Gudang Garam. Asianagri Group. Singapore. Comfeed Group. Application and Product Support. Customer Handle : Nestle. Wilmar Group. PT Pupuk Kaltim. at Taiwan 2014  Taiwan Chemical Engineering Conference at Taiwan 2014  NIRS Application Training by FOSS at Bangkok 2011  Win ISI Advance Training by FOSS at Jakarta 2012  Hysys Training 2010  Chemical Engineering National Seminar for Food & Energy Endurance 2010  Bright Idea. Entrepreneur Workshop 2008&2009  Leadership Training – Management of Organization (LOT 2) 2008  Scientific Writing Training 2007  Leadership Training – Even Organizer (LKMM TD&LOT1) 2007&2008  Emotional Quotient Training – Ary Ginanjar 2006 Working Experience  PT Haes Brothers. Musim Mas Group.Augusts 2013 PT Haes Bothers is a well-known analytical laboratory and process instruments distributor.  Develop training materials  Maintaining high level of customer satisfaction. PT Sinar Indochem Sidoarjo. Korea.  As Presenter / Trainer / Callibrator for Instrument FOSS NIRS XDS Solid Analyzer with ISI Software at PT Sinar Madani Feed Makasar. Pertamina. British American Tobacco. attend by lab manager and NIRS operator all Malindo branch in Indonesia. PT Japfa Suritani Gresik. Chiel Jedang Feed. Project / Achievement  As Presenter / Keynote Speaker on Win ISI Advance Training for PT Malindo Group at Jakarta. Dinas Peternakan Ungaran & PT Ultrajaya Bandung . Taiwan. Chiel Jedang Bio. Charoen Popkhan Group. PT Charoen Popkphan Feed Group & PT Panca Patriot Feed. PT PT Ultrajaya. PT Gelora Djaja.  Handle Demo Project for instrument NIRS DS 2500 with ISI Software in upgrading old NIRS system at PT Wonokoyo Gempol.

PT Musim Mas Belawan. PT Asianagro Marunda. Preliminary Plant Design Project : Manufacture of Sodium Hydroxide from Sodium Chloride using Membrane Process . On Job Training.Medan.  As Presenter / Trainer / Callibrator at PT Wilmar Padang. PT Petrokimia Gresik. PT Chiel Jedang Bio Pasuruan etc for Instrument FOSS NIRS XDS Liquid Analyzer with Vision Software  As Presenter / Keynote Speaker on One Day Seminar for Optimazion Near Infrared System For Palm Oil. PT Bintang Jaya Proteina Feed Mill. PT Musim Mas Batam. tbk  Handle Demo Project for Expansion NIRS DS 2500 to analyze NPK Fertilizer at PT Pupuk Kaltim. PT Miwon Gresik. Porously composite oxide with sulfate ion modification as heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production via esterification of free fatty acids. PT Asianagri Dumai. etc. PT Musim Mas Fuji Bekasi. PT Musim Mas Medan. & PT Sentana (Wilmar Group)  Handle Demo Project for XDS NIRS to analyze Pol & Brix in Sugar Cane as fast analyzer for Purchasing Cane at PTPN X Ngadirejo Kediri  As Presenter / Trainer / Callibrator at PT Pertamina Gresik for Thermo Total Nitrogen Analyzer   Laboratorium Chemical Engineer Reaction ITS. 2. 2009 o Project: Performance Analysis of Condensate Stripper Academic Writing     Methyl Ester Production from Palm Oil with Solid Catalyst 2010 ( Published at National Seminar by UPN Surabaya ) Energy kid's page as a media for children to learn about energy in effort to prevent energy crisis ( east java writing competition ) 2008 Utilization of weeds as a drug for kidney inflammation 2007 Diversification of staple foods in an effort to prevent food crisis 2006 Final Project/Research 1. PT Intibenua Perkasatama Dumai. at PT Musim Mas Medan. PT SMART Riau. Final Research : Study Of Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) Production from Palm Oil with Solid Catalyst CaO/-Al2O3 (Bachelor) 3. 2010 o Research Assistant of Doctoral Student PT Pupuk Kaltim Timur.  As Presenter / Keynote Speaker on One Day Workshop for Callibration and Optimazion NDC Infralab at PT Bentoel Malang (Group of British American Tobacco). PT Musim Mas Sampit. PT Chiel Jedang Feed. PT SMART Riau.  Handle Demo Project for NDC InfraLab to analyze sugar content in clove at PT Gudang Garam. PT Gudang Garam.