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Small and specialised ships

Providing you with design, construction and in-service support

Small and specialised ships present unique technical and regulatory challenges that
demand flexible and practical solutions. Our small ship specialists can help assure
the safety, quality and performance of your next project, and your existing fleet.
We provide classification, certification and consulting services for all small ships
types and their equipment, from offshore and towage, to passenger, dredgers
and cargo. We work with clients worldwide, including the world’s largest tug
builder and operator.
Benefit from our experience
Our classification services – from
conceptual design support, through
design appraisal, construction and inservice survey – have been customised
to meet the specific needs of small
and specialised ships. They draw on
the knowledge we have gained from
countless surveys and designs, and
our own research and development.
We provide several sets of Rules,
Regulations, and Guidance Notes
spanning the wide range of small ship
types and operations that we work with.
Our class notation system allows for the
applicable Rules to be tailored to each
design, and provides flexibility in the
level of certification selected.
We work with flag authorities and
national regulatory bodies to undertake

certification on their behalf, and to help
our clients understand and meet the
requirements of statutory regulations.
New construction
New construction of small ships is
increasingly a global business and we
provide assistance to designers and
shipyards worldwide, through our
network of small ship technical support
offices. These are strategically located
in maritime areas and provide services
ranging from initial design support on
statutory and classification aspects to
plan approval services.
Design software
Our software enables designers to
rapidly assess compliance against the
Lloyd’s Register (LR) Rules. It also helps
speed up approvals as our plan appraisal
surveyors can check design files using the

same software tools. Separate software
products cover both our Ship and our
Special Service Craft Rules – contact
your local LR office to request a fully
functional trial version.
Machinery and equipment certification
LR certification, including Type Approval
and Product Verification, provides design
and/or production assurance for all types
of small ship systems, equipment, and
components. As well as being a statutory
or classification requirement for many
ship systems, certification by LR can assist
manufacturers and suppliers in accessing
new markets for new or existing products.
Photograph: Lloyd’s Register surveyors oversee
construction of a patrol boat at a shipyard in
Kattupalli, India

Working together
for a safer world

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