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by Abie Baker
This document will show how to use the ETA file and its associated MPHDIR

Load both the ETA directory and the MPHDIR directory into your 48.


Load "Beeper" into the HOME directory.

The MPHDIR can be ORDERed to the end of your directory if you would
as it is the actual running programs and data storage buffers.
Press the ETA directory key. "TRIP" "DISPL" "ODO" "ET" STOP" "STRTD"
come up one page one. Press NXT and on page two will be "STPDS"

TRIP, is used to input miles traveled thus far, via a trip odometer,
known distance.
DISPL, puts the latest TRIP or ODO screen on the display.
ODO, this works the same as "trip", except you input your distance

as an
odometer reading. This is usually done if you have an older
that does not have a trip odometer.
ET, press this at any time to get the current Elapsed Time since you
the Start button.
STOP, this is pressed when you reach your destination. Input of
odometer reading is required.
STRTD, this simply displays again, the very first starting screen.
STPDS, this simply displays the Stop screen again, if Stop has been
SETBE, this asks for an input in minutes, and then sets a repeating
so that reading can be taken at a constant interval.
INI, this is the cautious one. This Initializes everything. Press
just before starting your trip.

then press "TRIP". this Clears the interval Beeper set with SETBE. Input that value and press ENTER. Pressing the ON key. 9. 7. If you have one of the IR printers for the 48. 8.CLRBE. 6. Input this value. You will now see a "START or ABORT" screen and the softkeys will also show START or ABORT. LSTPR. You will then be asked to input your PRESENT ODOMETER READING. Of course this should be as precise as possible. if you would like but it is not necessary. & STARTING ODO:. As soon as START is pressed you will see another screen that shows your START TIME:. change in MPH (a positive value is an increase and a negative . to the best of your knowledge. As you are ready to start your actual trip. START DATE:. You will now be asked your APPROX. You will now return to your original stack screen. or ATTN key will clear this screen. At this time you may use any of the keys you would like on page one. Pressing "ET" will give you the Elapsed time since you started your trip. If you do not have a printer. ABORT will abort the program from here. At the bottom the softkeys will ask for you to press "PRINT" or "DONE". Use the "TRIP" key by first putting the miles traveled thus far according to your TRIP ODOMETER if you have one. 5. Start ETA by pushing the "INI" key on page two. 9b. This will print all the readings you took and the StopDisplay. Press ENTER. DO NOT push STOP until you are at your destination. except STOP. Simply press and the interval is deleted. press START. 9a. Notice though that the softkeys will display page one of the ETA directory. press "DONE". 4. this is used after your trip and if you were unable to print your reading as you input them. You will then get a new screen with your present MPH. MILES TO DESTINATION. aim the 48 at the printer and press "PRINT".

This is a total of time so far and time remaining. This is for SETBEEP. This is done same as 9b except you input your current odometer reading and press "ODO". You will now be asked to input your final or ending . use the "ODO" key. date. The current date and time will be logged as soon as the STOP key is pressed. If you are going on a rather long trip and would like to take ETA reading at a consistent interval. it will also be automatically cleared when STOP is pressed. Or your remaining driving time. It will ask you the interval. The fifth line is your Miles traveled thus far. If you do not have a printer or not with you press "QUIT" to quit this screen. Press this precisely when you arrive at your destination. You may go back at any time and press the "DISP" key to review the last "TRIP" or "ODO" screen. Good to keep a printed record. At this point you are asked to press a softkey. it would be nice to print a copy. 9c. If you would like to shut the beeper off. Everything else will be the same as 9b. the If you do not have a trip odometer. 9d. This is the STOP key. as long as you do NOT do another INIT. in minutes. If you do not have a printer with you. At the end of each interval you will hear the 48 beep you and ask for input. "PRINT" or "QUIT".value is a decrease). if you make no stops and speed does not change. Eighth is the current date and time that you took this reading. next will be your ETA with day. Fourth will be the Estimated time yet to travel. The setbeep will be automatically cleared. and time. Sixth is the miles YET to travel. Last is the estimated Total travel time. 9e. press the "CLRBE" softkey. your data is saved in the "lststo" buffer for later printing. If any of this changes. Seventh is the Elapsed time since you started your trip or at least stared this program. use the "SETBE" key. This is the clearbeep key. then it will be reflected the next time you input a new TRIP or ODO reading. If you have SETBEEP turned on. If you have a printer. that you would like to be beeped. When you get to your destination you will be able to look at all the data and see how you've done.

A buffer containing your most recent displays are now also saved for later printing. or driving to slow or an incorrect estimated destination mileage. and follow the directions. so feel free to make comments and changes. 10. ELAPSED TIME. then press ENTER. The only thing that must be as precise. Once this is input. But you will now have the actual mileage from your start point to your end point now. Only by the ETA directory. Do so. ** This is a first pass and a quick one at that. Your last ETA and the error. else press DONE. It would always be nice to have a second party with you to help input the data for you and print each screen as you travel. ***** Please use care when operating this program and driving.odometer reading.Once again the default to print is to the IR printer. the ET key will now show not only Elapsed time the trip. but total elapsed time since last starting this program. you will get a STOPDISPLAY screen. There is NO hurry here as your ending date and time are already logged. "DONE" will be displayed when the buffer is fully printed. 11. Note that the MPHDIR is never needed by the user. besides the actual pressing of the STOP key is you ending odometer reading. SPEED. due to driving to fast. for Once STOP is pressed. This could be hundreds of hours. When you are have "STOPed" simply press the "LSTPR" key on page two. * A special thanks to James Donnelly for his TOOL KIT and in particular his TOOL LIBRARY without which this program could not display each screen so very nicely. Feel free to add more output to this buffer. STARTING DATE. Just be sure to input the correct ENDING ODOMETER reading. AVE. This way quick edit changes can be made if desired. It will show your STARTING TIME. STOP TIME. DISTANCE TRAVELED. Print this screen if you have a printer. since this is portable. It is written entirely in normal user code on the 48. STOP DATE. It is very straight forward. There are a lot of . 12.

likes. There is nothing fancy in here.variables. ** Please note: Use at your own risk. Lawndale. Ca. 90260 Comments. Abie Baker 4746 W. feel free. This is so that data can be as accurate as possible. FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF FLAGS USED IN ETA & MPHDIR 1 5 20 21 22 23 25 SET ET ODO & TRIP INIT STOP INIT LSTDISP DOALL 1 5 20 21 22 23 25 CLEAR DISP & STOPDSPY & STRTDSPY DISPY INIT STOP STOP STOPDSPY INIT . 170th St. Though I have never had any problems. &/or dislikes. both now and at a later date.