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When they arrived to the new land they saw new birds, trees, and other stuff that they did
not have in Spain. (1)
2. The new land was very different from what they were used to seeing in Spain. (1)
3. It was interesting to see how they reacted when they saw the land filled full with crops
that were being grown. (1)
4. As soon as they arrive to the new islands, they immediately want to turn all of the
indigenous people into christians. (1)
5. They were mind blown by the fact of how different the land and the people were
compared to what they were used to seeing in Spain.
6. As soon as Columbus arrives to the new islands, he takes complete power of everyone
and everything that was there. (2)
7. Columbus was surprised by how small the new islands were and how there was not much
to the islands, (2)
8. Columbus found mines that were full of wealth, wealth to the Spaniards, which contained
silver and gold. (2)
9. Columbus was stunned by how everyone was naked, he was not used to seeing how
casual the natives were with having no clothes on. (2)
10. He was fooling the natives from the first instant they ever had communication. He
wanted to convert all of them to being christian. (2)
11. The Indies were discovered in 1492. (2)
12. Everyone that went to the new islands went in with the intention of settling in the land for
themselves. (2)

13. I found it interesting after a while they knew that the people were not Indians, that they
were natives, but they still called them Indians. (2)
14. What satisfies a christian in food is enough to feed ten houses that is inhabited by ten
natives in one month. (2)
15. After all of this oppression, the natives soon realized that they are not from the heavens.
16. Columbus was being honored by the King and Queen for taking over the new islands. (3)
17. Columbus was gonna be known as the ruler of the new islands. (3)
18. Columbus was gonna be able to whatever he desired in the new islands. (3)
19. He can pretty much develop his own government. (3)
20. The King and Queen hailed him as a hero. (3)

I just found amazing on how people see Columbus as a hero. He was not even the first person to
discover the new islands. It is just crazy how we even have a holiday for a guy who wanted to
eliminate the people's belief for the sake of his good. I find this extremely insane.