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FlagBrowser v4.

Flag Catalog replacement by Richard Steventon (c)1994-1996.
1. Introduction
1.1 Copyright and Disclaimer
1.2 The FlagBrowser Program
1.2.1 Features
2. Installing and Removing the FlagBrowser program
2.1 Installing the program
2.2 Universal Font Library (UFL)
2.3 Bytes and Checksum
2.4 Removing the program
3. Usage
3.1 Explanation of Keys
4. Changing the Flag descriptions
4.1 How to Do it
4.2 Format of the FlagTab Libdat Object
5. Postcard-ware:
6. Acknowledgments
7. History
8. Resources and References

1. Introduction
--------------1.1 Copyright and Disclaimer
----------------------------All files in the FlagBrowser package are copyrighted by Richard
Steventon unless otherwise noted.
The software and any information contained herein are provided
"as is" and shall be subject to change without notice. The
author makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this program
and related documentation, including, but not limited to, the
implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose. The author shall not be liable for any errors or for
incidental or consequential damages in connection with the
furnishing, performance, or use of this software or documentation.
1.2 The FlagBrowser Program
--------------------------The FlagBrowser program is meant to be a fast replacement for the
built-in flag catalog. It is designed for those people who have

actually bothered to read the manual and as such. Either ufl1.lib or ufl3. install it now: a) b) c) d) send the library(ufl1. source provided) * stand alone program (not a library) * works from any port * Postcard-ware 2.2.1 Features -------------* fast * complete discriptions of built-in flags * all flag descriptions can be changed * Save/Abort changes * uses Universal Font Library * size under 5K * main program is 100% SASM (HP mnemonics. one of two libraries must be present. 0-2 SX) here is an example of the stack setup so far: -------------------------4: 3: 2: Library 257: UFL. press [STO] perform a warmstart with [ON][C] or turn on and off the HP48 erase the variable containing the library.1 Installing -------------a) send the program to the HP48 b) read the next section for the Universal Font Library (UFL) requirements 2. The FlagBrowser Program is ready for use. does not contain "choose boxes" or other frills. Installing and Removing the FlagBrowser Program -------------------------------------------------The FlagBrowser Program requires about 4... If you have not installed one of the UFL libraries. 2.5k to install and an auxiliary library called the Universal Font Library (UFL) must be present.lib or ufl3.lib and not ufl2. 1: 0 | | | | | | | e) f) g) h) at this point. .2 Universal Font Library (UFL) -------------------------------The FlagBrowser Program requires the UFL to be present.lib) to the HP48 put a copy of the library on the stack enter the port number to store the library (0-33 GX. 1.lib because the FlagBrowser Program requires FNT1. Read the UFL documentation from the UFL package (included) for more information From the UFL package.

Jazz is one hell of a library! On a PC: You will need to change the file fb_table.[PRG] help/info screen .3 Bytes and Checksum ---------------------Bytes: 4353. b) You may want to PURGE the UFL as well.1 How to Do it ---------------On the hp48: Included in this package is the source code and a file called flagtab. Usage -------3.RS + Up/DnArrow keys = Top/Bottom of flag list . because the main Code ob contains embedded System-RPL and data. ASSEMBLE CON(5) REL(5) =DOEXT0 endTab * Prolog : Library data * Length offset .[NXT] changes between user and system flags . NOTE: The ONLY logical choice of Ass/DissAssembler is Mika's JAZZ.2. 4. FlagTab is a flagtable (to be compiled on Jazz) that you can use to change FlagBrowsers' Flag descriptions.[0] to [6] jump to that flag base eg [2] sets flag 20 to the top. 3.s and recompile it with HPTOOLS or GNU-TOOLS. if you are not using it.[ATTN] exit and don't save changes .5 Checksum: # 2597h 2. so the resultant string will be quite large.Up and Down Arrow keys to scroll up and down . 4. See the UFL documentation for details. see your USER manual.2 Format of the FlagTab Libdat Object --------------------------------------This is the first Libdat object in the program.[ENTER] saves flag changes and exits .1 Explanation of Keys ----------------------.4 Removing the FlagBrowser Program ------------------------a) Use the PURGE command. For more information on the PURGE command.[+/-] toggles the flag highlighted by the scroll bar . Changing the Flag descriptions --------------------------------4. And besides.

96 Version Version Version Version 1. History ---------5 Oct. this saves memory! REL(5) SysFlag1 REL(5) SysFlag2 . Mozgy for friendship.0 3. Everybody on IRC channel #hp48 for comments. Dan Kirkland for the words "Mine WILL be better!" Bill Wickes and Raymond Hellstern for their flag browsers. . DB (without which. etc 7. 7800 South Africa 6.** Then 128 REL(5) statements. 94 24 Feb. ** After the jump table are the length of the strings and then the ** flag description strings (in that order) like so: ** The flag data consistes of a 2 nib length and then description eg: SysFlag1 CON(2) len1 NIBASC \Description in text format\ SysFlag2 CON(2) len2 NIBASC \Another Description in text\ endTab RPL * Marker for length offset 5. 95 20 Nov.0 2.0 released released released released 8. Postcard-ware ---------------Postcard-ware means that you *should* send me a postcard to say thanks if you find FlagBrowser v4. and his kind permission to use his keyhandler from ED. 64 Systems flag offsets & 64 User ** These form a jump table so you can use the same description for ** more than 1 flag eg: "User Flag". Arnold Moy for documentation assistance. . Here is my address again : Richard Steventon 7 Sun Valley Avenue Constantia.. Resources and References --------------------------- .. Acknowledgments -----------------The following are not in any particular order: Mika for Jazz.0 useful. Joe Horn for his patience and extensive testing.. I could not have done FlagBrowser).0 4. 94 Dec.

com/dist/ Jazz .Universal Font Library http://www.HPTools .hut.HP48 based System RPL and Assembly Language development tools Richard Steventon email : rsteven@engmlab.external.PC based System RPL and Assembly Language compiler UFL .za (valid 28-02-1997 to end 1998) IRC : EFFnet channel #hp48 with the nick: MindWalkr .engr.uvic.