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Vassa was astonished when he saw these men, their skin complexion was
different and also they way they spoke was weird to him.
2. Once he saw all the other slaves, Vassa knew that this had no good end result.
3. Vassa had lost all hopes of ever seeing his native country.
4. They gave Vassa awful stench that would deprive him from eating, that is crazy.
5. Vassa was horrified by water.
6. Vassa finally encountered some of his people which gave him some relief.
7. Vassa never encountered such cruelty.
8. Vassa saw everything that was happening, he did not expect things to get any
better for him.
9. Vassa thought that the white people had no country that they lived in the boat.
10. He believed that there was no escape to this nightmare.
11. They were loaded onto a bigger ship, thinking that things would get better from
12. The whites killed so many fishes to satisfies themselves, it was so much yet they
did not give it to the slaves.
13. Instead of giving the remaining fish to the people, the whites instead threw it back
into the sea.
14. A lot of them wanted to face death rather than going through such horrific events
like starving and brutally beat.
15. They are prevented from killing themselves, the whites will not allow it to happen.
16. They would suffocate in the bottom of the ship, since there was not much air.
17. They were sold like sheep, anyone was able to buy them regardless of age.
18. Vassa was amazed by the people that were riding horses.
19. A lot of the slaves would end up not seeing each other ever again.
20. The whites did not care for the slaves who had family, they were just seen as
I find it amazing how some of these stories just go unseen to the people. People will never
understand the true horrors that slaves went through. I feel like I should appreciate what I have
more now since I do not know when something can go wrong.