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1.Interesting to see how he points out the difference between society and the government.

2. Paine shows what is the positive and what is the negative between society and government.
3. I like who he calls out the government by showing that they are the reason why there is evil.
4 Paine says that people must sacrifice something in order to get protection but it is not worth it.
5. Interesting to see how Paine compares the first governments to the devil, by saying that the
kings are acts of the devil.
6.Paine calls out the names of the government as he says that these governments are not worthy
of having the names like republic.
7.Paine says how power can really corrupt someone because it takes away the good in them.
8.All the good that the republic once had is now gone.
9.If America stays dependent things will not get any better.
10.America once flourished with its past connection with England, I did not know that.
11.So many strict rules that apply when electing represenatives.
12.All the powers were separated since they did not want any power taking complete control.
13.All the three powers have their own rules when it comes to doing politics.
14.There are many different age requirements when it comes to being elected into the house.
15.Each senator and representative shall receive a compensation.
16.We must maintain a navy.
17.We have a right to form a militia if government gets out of control.
18.No states shall go into its own independency.
19.The executive power is trusted to the president,
20.The president has control but not to the max.

It is very interesting to see how Thomas Paine exposed the government. He did not one one
person just ruling everything. He wanted to separate the powers since it would not allow a
complete control of the powers.